How can numerology support me on my ascension path?

Many of you have received numerology readings from Michael or from me. I would like to tell you more about numerology. Lao Tzu said that the Way that can be explained is not the true Way. Words can only approximate truth. Numbers are truth. The words used to explain those numbers are not truth, but the numbers themselves cannot lie.

Each number vibration has an essence about it. Words can attempt to narrow your mental understanding of that essence, but ultimately it is a truth that is felt. The same is true of the various positions that a numeric vibration might hold in a personal numerology chart. The true meaning of that position can be implied, but never fully explained. The real truth of the number in that position can also only be intuited, as can the relationships between vibrations in different positions.

Why is all of this important? It is valuable because it is a way that divine wisdom, your higher self, Spirit can speak directly to you. There are no accidents in the universe. Your name is not the truth of who you are, but it represents the truth of what you came to do. Your birthday tells about the events that your higher self is creating so that you can realize your purpose here.

This information is not always comfortable to receive, but it is rarely truly surprising.   Seek the truth, for it shall set you free. Receiving a reading is like being fed the proverbial fish. It will feed your spiritual growth for today. Become conversant in the numerological dialogue and you can feed yourself forever. There are many paths to truth and they are all blessed. This one I love because of its simplicity: nine vibrations, twelve major positions.

The energy is not written in stone; it is written in flesh. It does not command – this is still the planet of free choice – it only informs. The wise pay attention and learn from all that they create. Your wisdom will lead you to peace.

God Blesses You,


June 1, 2011   848    Creation, Purpose, Reality, Sanhia Message  

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