How do I deal with power out of balance?

Confusion about the nature, purpose, and use of power is one of the greatest challenges on the planet today, both personally and collectively. The best way that you can help to bring power into balance in the world is to balance it in your own life.

Let’s start with a numerological look at power. it is represented by the number 8.  Look at 8’s shape, as above so below. The plane at the bottom of the 8 represents the physical; the plane at the top symbolizes the spiritual. In the center are the mental and emotional planes. The circle, which stands for the totality of all that is and all that can be, exists first on the spiritual. It is generated from thought and powered by emotion. This spiritual creation is then manifested in the physical. There is no limit to what can be created. Notice that the 8 turned on its side is the symbol for infinity.

How does this work? What you think about is what you manifest. You create it first in spirit form; then your guides, your angels, bring it into physical reality. If you think about something you don’t want, the thought is accompanied by a fear emotion such as worry, anger, or helplessness. This negative emotion propels the undesired thought into physical reality. On the contrary, if you visualize something that you desire and surrender to a feeling of unconditional love, your thought becomes physical reality and something that you desire with all your being.

You have been doing this all of your life. It can be no other way. When you do not allow power to be in balance in your life, you are likely to experience the fear of scarcity. It feels like there is not enough time, money, love, and on and on. These thoughts are, of course, insane. Are you not the child of God, made in the image of your creator? Is there a limit to the power of the creative force of God? Because you are denying your heritage and your inheritance, you believe that you either do not have the power to manifest or you do not have the right to do so. In your belief in scarcity, more for you would mean less for others. If the universe is finite rather than infinite, you are left with the choice of denying yourself or denying others. This is a choice based on illusion, not reality.

Look at how this plays out on a global level. A capitalistic economic system has been created where there are necessarily winners and losers. In order to have enough energy to create the comforts we desire in our lives, we think that the environment must be sacrificed. In order to attract the money that we want, we feel we must surrender our true heart’s desire. In order to be safe, we choose to fight wars.

Manifestation is not a zero-sum game. It is not an either/or situation. Unconditional love is not about trade-offs. Your opportunity is simple. Focus your mind only upon what you truly want, with no qualifications (other than asking for the best possible outcome for every soul on the planet). If your mind is wandering into territory that you do not wish to see manifesting, turn it off. Focus on love. Focus on the four Ho’oponopono statements: I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, and thank you. Breathe deeply; do guided (or self-guided) visualizations such as the five-step process. Do whatever it takes to get your emotional body out of fear and back into a state of love and grace. Then visualize your perfect world. Do this every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Don’t let your mind hang out in hell.

You are the power in your world. Why not create peace and abundance right here, right now? It is your birthright.

God Blesses You,


December 1, 2011   582    Creation, Fear, Love, Power, Reality, Sanhia Message  

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