Balance feminine & Masculine energies

Joint Spiritual Alchemy session

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Balance your Feminine & Masculine Energies

Spiritual Alchemy session

Ulla Lindgren

"Balance your Feminine and Masculine Energies"
with Ulla

A session may focus on:

  • embracing, harmonizing, and bringing unity to your two faces
  • true forgiveness; “let go and let God”
  • transforming fear to love
  • bringing messages of love and light
  • nurturing your inner strength and spiritual power

Any of the following tools might be utilized:

  • channeling the divine presence of love (spiritual/ascension guidance)
  • the five-step process (for transforming fear into love)
  • guided meditation
  • toning

Sessions can be conducted in Swedish or English

Michael & Ulla 4

"Balance your Feminine and Masculine Energies"
with Michael/Sanhia and Ulla

An joint reading may also include:

  • a beautifully balanced base of feminine and masculine energy
  • Sanhia’s spiritual perspective
  • ascension numerology

Michael/Sanhia will:

  • give the bigger picture through numerology and focus on life purpose and divine nature

Ulla will:

  • deal with the emotional blocks and moving the energy

How is a reading conducted and scheduled?

Sessions are conducted in English over Skype or Zoom (select “Online session” in your reservation). If you are in Järna, Sweden, you can see me in person (select “Järna/Sweden session” in your reservation). If you want a joint session, (Michael/Sanhia together with Ulla) select the service “Joint session” and session type “Balance Feminine & Masculine energies”. You will occasionally be able to see us in person when we are traveling the world. See World Schedule. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Whenever we do a session then we also make your numerology chart so please provide your birth and name data needed to calculate your chart as a reference for the session. It is crucial that you fill in the correct data. A numerology chart always looks at your data at birth – ie your birth date and the full name that your parents gave you (the one that is on your birth certificate). If in doubt, enter a question in the appointment form when you order a session.

Reserve your appointment in the calendar. The calendar is set for Central European Time. Click on Europa/Stockholm to set your own time zone. The times presented are for the selected time zone.