Our Passion is Ascension

Explore your Divine Nature

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Ascension is realizing our divine natures.

 To transform fear to love, we surrendering our lives fully to Spirit. 

Sanhia calls this process Spiritual Alchemy.

We ask Spirit to guide all our work.

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God Blesses You

Ascension Messages from Sanhia

God Blesses You - Ascension Messages from Sanhia

published September 2017

250 SEK = $23 / €22

Shipping included

Good Now

Ascension Messages from Sanhia Volume II

9789186613419-Perfect ikon

published March 2022

250 SEK = $23 / €22

Shipping included

Ascension Numerology

a love letter from your higher self

Ascension Numerology

published August 2016

525 SEK = $49 / €45

Shipping included