Spiritual Alchemy

In the Middle Ages, alchemists were those who attempted to transmute the base metals into gold. The ascended master Sanhia uses the term Spiritual Alchemy to describe the process of transmuting problems, challenges, and fears into spiritual gold, or love. He has developed the five-step process to accomplish this. Spiritual Alchemy helps us lessen the time it takes to realize our divinity.

We are literally of two minds. One of these Sanhia calls the brain-mind.  It does our thinking, is connected with male/yang energy, and is located in our head. We might think it is the only mind we have. Our other mind he calls our belly-mind. It is our intuitive center, is connected with female/yin energy, and is located in our abdomen. The unconditionally loving belly-mind is intended to take the lead as we unravel our spiritual path in a body. Spiritual Alchemy is a process whereby we fully experience our fears that are connected to the beliefs of our brain-minds. As our belly-minds face these fears that are held as uncomfortable feelings in our bodies, they slowly transform into love. This happens because only love is true and is of God. When looked directly at, fears dissolve, because they are always only illusions.