The five-step process

5-Step Process

The unvarnished truth from Sanhia

You are a divine being. Your divine power created this universe and your body. From your present point of view this may all be difficult to accept. Ascended beings have fully realized these truths. You, too, can give intention for your ascension. Your inner divinity knows that there are no accidents, that you could never be a victim, and that you have created every event in your life. The purpose for all of these events has always been a loving one. The goal has  been the conscious realization of your divinity. Spiritual Alchemy is a process for transforming the fear that you hold as a human  into the unconditional love of the divine.

The method offered here to perform Spiritual Alchemy is called the five-step process. The steps are outlined to the right.


Define the area in your life that is causing you emotional, spiritual, mental, and/or physical pain. This will be referred to as your old story. State it succinctly in, preferably, a single sentence. Saying it out loud is good. Your old story is what your brain-mind thinks is true. Sometimes you are carrying uncomfortable energy in your body, but don’t know what old story it is connected to. In such cases your old story is that you have this pain in your body. Then go on to the second step.


Focus on where you feel the discomfort in your body when you think of your old story. Close your eyes, relax, breathe slowly and deeply, and turn off your brain-mind. You can do this by imagining you have a switch on the side of your head. See yourself flipping it to the off position. Now, watch the discomfort from your belly-mind. Do not judge, label, or try to to get rid of the feeling. Simply accept it, let it be, and let it do whatever it wishes to do. Become one with the sensation and embrace it with love. Stay with the energy until you notice the nature of it changing. When the feeling becomes calm, perhaps warmer and lighter; move the energy to your heart chakra. Then, on your exhales, see it move slowly out of your heart chakra through a laser-like beam out into the universe. Continue breathing until the energy is largely dissipated.


Take full responsibility for having created your old story, knowing that as you are a divine being it could be no other way. Taking responsibility out loud is good. Even though you may not yet understand why, remind yourself that the creation came out of love, by choosing the best way for you to realize your divinity.


From the depth of your heart hear your new story. State it positively and in the present tense. Don’t require any individual to play a certain role in your story. If you want another to be involved, describe the role without naming the actor. Trust Spirit to find the one who will fit. Your job is to express your story. Spirit’s job is to bring it into your life. State this new story succinctly in, preferably, a single sentence. Saying it out loud is good. It should fill you with feelings of love, peace, and joy. If it doesn’t, find a way to restate until it does.



You aren’t always able to get to the deepest level of your story at once. Therefore, your old story could come back at some point in the future. If so, congratulate yourself for noticing it and as soon as possible begin the five-step process over again. Know that the energy that has been transformed from fear into love is permanent, while your pain is finite. Eventually there will be no reason for repetition.

You may attempt to lead yourself through the five-step process. This might prove to be difficult for you at first. Therefore, the process has been recorded. Be advised that there are often gaps of time to allow you to work. If the gaps are not long enough, feel free to pause the recording until you are ready to continue. Congratulations, in advance, on doing a wonderful work of Spiritual Alchemy.

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Five-step process

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