Ascension means the experiencing of your divinity. It is the full conscious realization that you are the creator of everything you experience, that you cannot be a victim, that you always exist, and that nothing outside of love is real. It is knowing that you are one with God and with Spirit. The possibility of realizing your ascension is the major reason for your present incarnation.

There is much confusion among those on spiritual paths about how to achieve ascension.  There are no easy answers. Here are some thoughts about what ascension is and about what it isn’t.

Ascension is about:

  1.   Knowing the truth about who you are
  2.   Realizing your unity with your higher self
  3.   Experiencing on a cellular level the unity of all life
  4.   Living in love rather than fear
  5.   Having no judgment about anything (no concepts of right and wrong)
  6.   Surrendering all attachments
  7.   Trusting the perfection of each moment
  8.   Listening to and following your inner guidance
  9.   Finding out and doing what you came here to do

Ascension is not about:

  1.   Eating correctly (or fasting correctly)
  2.   Breathing correctly
  3.   Meditating correctly
  4.   Communicating with extraterrestrials
  5.   Pleasing God
  6.   Being perfect (or even good)
  7.   Following the instructions of a spiritual leader or guru
  8.   Getting it right
  9.   Correct spiritual beliefs
Ascension point


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