Welcome to your body and to planet Earth. You have been planning this adventure for a long time. During the preplanning with your higher self, your guides and angels, and the fellow travelers who have agreed to incarnate with you and play major roles in your story—you set things up to encourage the likelihood of you realizing your ascension. You gave yourself certain attributes and skills that you had developed in previous lifetimes. You knew that you would forget the truth of your divinity when you entered the physical realm. That is what happens.

So, you planted some time capsules along the way, events that might trigger your awareness. You also created a special map to help you understand the plan you have created. I call this map “a love letter from your higher self”. It can also be called your numerology chart. You will recognize the “you” that emerges from your chart. That recognition supports you in accepting, and then, in being yourself. It also helps you accept what you are drawing into your life.

The Ascended Master Lao Tzu said that the Way that can be explained is not the true Way.  Words can only approximate truth.  However, numbers don’t lie.  Numbers are truth, but, the words used to explain those numbers are not. Words can attempt to focus your verbal understanding of that essence, but ultimately it is a truth that is felt.  The same is true of the various positions that a numeric vibration might manifest in a personal numerology chart.  The real truth of the number in that position can only be intuited, as can the relationships between vibrations in different positions.

Why is all of this important?  It is valuable because it is a way that divine wisdom, your higher self, or universal guidance can speak directly to you. Your chart is a coded message reminding you of the plans that you had for this incarnation. This is not predestination. This is the planet of free choice, but there are no accidents in the universe.

Your chart is divided into two sections comprised of various positions. The first group is called the name numbers, which are derived from the letters of your name. The name you were given at birth represents the truth of who you are in this incarnation and what you came to do.  These vibration talk about who you feel yourself to be. The second group is called the birth numbers, and are calculated from your date of birth. Your birthday tells about the events that your higher self is creating so that you can realize your purpose here. These numbers talk about what is happening in your life, seemingly outside of your control.

There is no such thing as having a good or bad chart. Yours is perfectly in line with your pre-life intention. The information is not always comfortable to receive, but it is rarely truly surprising.  Know yourself through numerology and you can open yourself to a realization of your divinity.

Motivation - the inner you

Your MOTIVATION POSITION represents the primary way that you view the world. It is through the MOTIVATION that your higher self speaks to you. It represents what you most want, how you deeply wish to be, and what types of people or situations you are drawn to.

Personality - the outer you

Your PERSONALITY POSITION represents how you automatically act and respond to the world, without conscious intention. This is the OUTER shell of you that others see and react to. You see yourself more from the perspective of your MOTIVATION, but you operate and are perceived more from the perspective of your PERSONALITY.

Life path - what is happening to you

The LIFE PATH POSITION represents the major way that life seems to act upon you. It often feels to you as if this is an outside force that is neither part of you nor controllable by you. The truth is that you and your higher self planned these experiences and this energy before your birth in order to encourage a certain type of soul development.