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Explore your Divine Nature the Love Letter from your Higher Self

What Is a Numerology Session?

A numerology reading with Michael and the ascended master Sanhia will give you information about your life path and the energies that you brought with you when you incarnated. A clarifying session for all that are on a development path to their true essence and purpose. A numerology session will focus on your Love Letter from Your Higher Self. Michael channels Sanhia to interpret your chart.

Michael Hersey

Numerology Session with Michael/Sanhia

An initial reading will include:

  • evaluating your strengths and talents
  • investigating your purpose for this incarnation
  • looking at karmic liabilities from former life times
  • balancing the stresses you face
  • flowing with the timing and events of your life
  • receiving spiritual guidance from Sanhia

Subsequent readings can include:

  • a deeper look at your chart
  • current timing situations
  • relationship readings (romantic, familial, friendship, or work)

Joint Numerology Session with
Michael/Sanhia and Ulla

An joint reading may also include:

  • a balanced base of feminine and masculine energy
  • intuitive and spiritual guidance to connect to your Higher Self
  • the use of pictures that speak directly to the right brain
  • guided meditation for a more intuitive grasp of your chart
  • Swedish interpretation
Michael & Ulla 4

How is a session conducted and scheduled?

Sessions are conducted in English over Skype or Zoom (select “Online session” in your reservation). If you are in Järna, Sweden, you can see me in person (select “Järna/Sweden session” in your reservation). If you want a joint session, (Michael/Sanhia together with Ulla) select the service “Numerology joint session”. You will also occasionally be able to see us in person when we are traveling. See Travel Schedule. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Reserve your appointment in the calendar below.

When you make an appointment you will provide your birth and name data needed to calculate your chart. You will receive your chart prior to the meeting so that you can have it as a reference during our dialogue. It is crucial that you fill in the correct data. A numerology chart always looks at your data at birth – ie your birth date and the full name that your parents gave you (the one that is on your birth certificate). If in doubt, enter a question in the appointment form when you order a session.


Make your booking and pay directly online. Select if you want an online session (skype or zoom) or if you wish to come to visit us in Järna (Sweden). If you are booking a session from the traveling page, then you will see the venue address in the schedule.


All our prices are in Swedish Krona and we provide you with an approximate translation to dollars and euros. Your payment is processed securely through Stripe.

Individual Session: 

SEK 1400 / $132 / €123

Joint Session: 

SEK 2100 / $198 / €184

Additional cost for chart in first time numerology session is 250 SEK ($24 / € 22)