What spiritual practices should I be doing? (Part 1)

Many of you wonder about what spiritual practices you should be doing. What is necessary? What is important if you wish to realize your divine self, if you want to ascend? What should you do to help let go of the illusion?  I will start with the short answer. The short answer is, “Nothing is required”. To elaborate on this response, if you think that something is required, that is the ego speaking. If you think that you cannot possibly ascend without practicing a specific physical discipline – such as yoga or meditation – that is from the ego. If you think a perfect diet must be followed – such as vegan, macrobiotic, fruitarian, or breatharian – that what you eat will determine what happens to your soul, again you are listening to the ego. Jesus was quoted fairly accurately in the New Testament when he said that man is not defiled by what goes into his mouth, but by what comes out of it. You create impurity in your life through your expressions, not through what you eat. If you fear that something you are about to consume is not good for you, give it to Spirit to purify. That is the true purpose of praying before you eat.

Does this mean that it makes no difference what you do? Can you live at McDonald’s and never lift a finger? This is not what I wish for you to understand. Your body is an illusion. Ascension is about letting go of the illusion. If you think that taking care of your body is what is most important, then taking care of the illusion becomes your goal. You can succeed at taking care of your illusion so well that you could live forever or until you realize that the body has no meaning in and of itself. Its purpose is to help you understand that it has no purpose. It is merely a vehicle, so you take care of it like you would any vehicle. If you don’t listen to it and provide for what it is asking, it may not get you to your destination. Any other function you might give to your body gives it a reality which substitutes the illusion of the temporary for the immortal truth of you. In the meantime while you are experiencing this body, take care of it. If you are hungry – eat. Listen to what it wants. If it later communicates that it wishes you had not made that choice, perhaps you will choose differently the next time. But, ultimately it doesn’t matter what you eat. If your choice brings you discomfort, accept it as a gift and do the five-step process. When you have chosen ascension, everything that comes into your life has the purpose of guiding you to that realization. It is not your diet that is to be a constant, but your listening to the divine, your acceptance, and your trust. Have faith in the guidance you receive in each moment. If a book or a person suggests to you what you should eat, smile and let it go. Spirit never speaks in “shoulds”, that is the domain of the ego. The same thing is true with physical activity. If you come away from this saying you are not going to exercise your body because Sanhia said you don’t have to, you have missed my message. Basing what you do on what you think I have said is another way of placing your power outside of yourself.  There is no particular physical activity that is required, but if your body is asking for movement – listen to it and move in a way that it desires.

We have been focusing on the body because it is the most obvious part of the illusion. That physicalness that you can see in the mirror and touch – and that others react to – seems to be you. But there are other aspects of you that may seem to demand correct spiritual practice. There is the mental focus where you may believe that you need to think the right thoughts, that you should only think positively, and that your choices must be aligned with the highest truth. It is good to be wary when the mind uses words like “should”, “need to”, or “must”. That is the language of the ego. If your desire is to always manifest things in the world that please you, then choosing the highest thought is a “must”. But choosing goals in the physical world, again, puts the focus upon the illusion, not on your divine nature. If you are afraid to think wrongly, fear will run your life. There is a larger scope to this picture around spiritual correctness with your thinking. It assumes that you know. I want to be the first to let you know, in case nobody else already has done so, that you don’t know. You haven’t got a clue. If you knew, you would not be here in a body. If you think you know, you are being guided by illusion – also known as the ego. The only thing you can do is to give your mind to Spirit. Whatever response you then receive is your message for the moment, but not the truth for all time. It may not be your message a week from now, and is certainly not anybody else’s message. Your mind may find this a tough assignment. How can you know the truth if it keeps shifting and we are not all sharing the same one? It is not the truth that changes, truth is the only thing that never changes, but the words used can never express the full truth. The question then becomes one of which “half-truth” serves you best in this moment. All you can receive is a piece of the truth, which always contains its own contradictions. The guidance for you in this moment may be total insanity for another to follow. Each person receives only the guidance that is appropriate for them at that moment. When you are ready for the full truth, you will be beyond words, and likely beyond any need for a body.

We wish to also deal with the emotional and spiritual/intuitive planes, but I think you have plenty to work with for now, so we will continue in the next message. The bottom line for now is that if you are feeling any fears or pressures around performing as you “should” with your spiritual practice, you can let all of that go. There is no right way. There is just your way, and nobody else can truly tell you what that is. So, follow your guidance and trust what comes back to you. It is all perfect. It is better than you could ever plan. It is divine and so are you.

God Blesses You,


June 1, 2018 1654Ascension, Divine Nature, Ego, Illusion, Physical Body, Reality, Sanhia Message, Trust And Faith