Is it helpful to honor the feminine energy?

It is no coincidence that women are beginning to assume positions of power on the planet. Not only are they being elected to office in increasing numbers, but the future will continue to see an expansion of feminine power in all areas. In the United States a significant majority of college students, law students and medical students are women. It is no coincidence that this is occurring as the planet has been moving into ascension status. Since the dawning of the Neolithic Age when farming, permanent homes, and cities became the new thing in human life on earth; masculine energy has dominated. This was not a bad thing; everything is perfect, but it was out of balance. Religion was dominated by masculine energy. This made ascension a particular challenge. In order to ascend, individuals found it important to step outside of the religious teachings and the models of male power and find their feminine center. It is no coincidence that the spiritual explosion that has taken place over the past fifty years has been accompanied by the feminist movement.

Feminine power is rooted in the physical: in the body, in the emotions, and in Mother Earth. Loving yourself unconditionally includes loving your physical-ness. Masculine power is rooted in the mind. When masculine power is the dominant energy there can tend to be a judgment of the physical, or at least a denial of the body. The rational is valued over the physical and the emotional, not only by men, but by women. Women have a deeper, more innate connection to the physical – certainly physical existence begins within the woman; there would be no physical life without her. The nurturance of that life again comes predominantly from the feminine energy. This is not meant in any way to be read as a denigration of masculine energy; it is simply the recognition that the two are to be in balance. For millennia, women have been treated as second class citizens. They have been judged and have been blamed for dragging men down. They have often taken this blame and guilt upon themselves. But, women have usually been closer to ultimate truth; they have on the whole been more spiritually mature than men.

The spiritual leaders, however, have most likely been men. These leaders have taught others to follow certain rules, which often involved a denial of the body. They have excluded women from spiritual leadership. I chose to appear as a masculine energy through a masculine channel because most women are not ready to be taught by a feminine energy. My message has been to not follow rules, to trust your own self, and to love and honor your body and all passions that you have without judgment, which is a message of honoring the feminine within you. However, both women and men have needed a masculine voice to give this permission. This is a time of transition. In the future, there will be a balance of masculine and feminine voices to listen to. You chose to manifest a physical body in order to have a certain quality of experience. Ultimately you wish to realize the truth that you are divinity housed in a physical form. You cannot judge one part without judging the other. You cannot fully experience your divinity without fully loving the physical being.

There is a difference between loving the physical and being attached to the physical. Attachment is a false belief that something is needed. You don’t need this body; your spirit is immortal. But you do require a body in order to explore the physical world and in order to ascend. You love your body as you love your spirit. You honor your body as you honor your spirit. You honor the emotions that you feel as you honor the ideas that you have. Women tend to be in closer contact with the physical and the emotional. When they choose to honor their feminine side while choosing an ascension path, their way may appear to be easier. There are more female humans that have ascended over the ages than males. Most of them accomplished this in a more private way or in a way that was ignored or denied by others. Most of them are working in support of your ascension now in subtler, less public ways. The large majority of people who come to talk with me are in a feminine body. This is true worldwide for those on a conscious ascension path. It is not more difficult for a man to ascend, it is simply less likely that he makes that choice. It is less likely that he is able to surrender to his feminine nature. Women have been learning how to pay attention to the masculine for eons.

Let me conclude by reminding you that there is no intention to show any judgment of the masculine or the feminine here. If you are hearing that, please take some time to heal that judgment within yourself. Your spirit is neither masculine nor feminine. You have spent lifetimes in both forms as well as with different sexual orientations. You have chosen your current physical nature. No matter which gender you have picked, you came in with an energetic tendency to believe that masculine energy was superior. It is in your cellular memory. It is not the time to move to a place of believing that feminine energy is superior; it is time to bring them into balance, to honor them equally. In the short term that might look like giving more attention to your feminine side so that she can take her rightful position of sharing the throne. I once concluded my messages by saying ”Goddess Bless You”. This was not intended as a denigration of ”God”, but as a reminder to honor Mother Earth as well as a subliminal message that the Creator energy is neither masculine nor feminine, but that for many of you the word ”God” is felt as a masculine (and probably judging) energy. Know that God blesses you.

God Blesses You,


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