How can I get more joy in my life?

This will reach many of you on New Year’s Day. Some of you will be making resolutions, so let me jump on that bandwagon. I want to encourage you to make a resolution to commit to joy.

“What does this mean, Sanhia?” you may be thinking. Remember, it is your passion that connects you to your God-self and it is following your desires that brings you happiness. At the micro-level in each moment, choose the action or the thought that brings you more pleasure. This cannot be predicted in advance; that is, you can’t make a schedule for yourself and trust that it will adhere to the guideline of following your passion. You may have a loose idea of what you would like to accomplish today, but committing to joy may require you to be eternally vigilant to what is burning within you in the moment, and then flow through the day from one thing to another.

In a given moment you may be conscious of feeling a need to attend to something that you do not have excitement for. Simply be aware that you are making that choice. Ask Spirit that the action be experienced as pleasurably as possible and that it lead you in a serendipitous way to increased bliss.

By starting with small choices, you can gradually work your way to the larger choices that will increase your joy. You don’t need to quit your job or leave your relationship today. If it is truly time to do something like that, you will know. In the meantime, find the small actions throughout the day that make the job or the relationship more enjoyable.

Be conscious also about how you are spending money. How many purchases are habit based rather than joy based? Check to see if you truly have passion in that moment for the purchase you are making.  Credit can sometimes numb your ability to perceive what your desires truly are. If you are having credit problems, you might want to try buying only with cash (or check or debit card). See what you want most with the funds you actually have.

Commit to joy. Commit to passion. Commit to ascension. Who would want to live in a joyless eternity?  Your commitment to joy will prepare you well for whatever awaits you.

God Blesses You,


January 1, 2011 1804Commitment, Passion, Sanhia Message

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