How does manifestation take place?

You planned this incarnation. You designed your physical type and your gender. You arranged to connect with other souls and to play significant roles in each other’s lives. You came in with the goal of completion. When I say completion, I mean that you plotted things with the intention that you would come into a full conscious awareness of the truth of who you are, the truth of your divinity. This was your greatest hope for this lifetime. You would not be reading this now, were that not your intent. You set things up for yourself as you came into this incarnation so that ascension was a distinct possibility. You still have absolute freedom of choice and you can always decide differently, yet your choices have led you to be reading this now. You have had lifetimes where you didn’t choose the ascension path. In still other lifetimes, you have been conscious of this desire to experience your divinity, but have thought that you couldn’t do it, that you would come back and try again. You may choose such a course again this time and there is no problem with that.

The only thing that is absolutely inevitable is that one day or another, in one body or another, you will have the experience of your divinity. It is the truth of who you are, and you can only hide from that truth for so long. Within many of you is a desire that wants this experience right now, but doesn’t believe that it can happen while in this body. You might try to travel outside of your body. Maybe you don’t want to wake up in the morning. In the physical world, you may have a sense of hopelessness, a sense of futility, of frustration. It could feel like there is nothing but pain and discomfort from being in the physical body – even though it has its moments of pleasure, its moments of bliss. You have felt that way before. That is your story. What I am offering to you – although it is not mine to give, it is yours to take – is the possibility of letting go of that story, forever, and replacing it with the story you wish to have. It is not my job to write your story. You can write the story of what you wish to accomplish while in this physical body.

To help you understand more about why you are able to choose your own story, let’s talk about how manifestation takes place on the physical plane. The vibration that deals with manifestation is that of the number eight. If you look at the shape of the 8, it can explain to you everything about manifestation. It is said about the 8, ”As above, so below” – as it is in the spiritual, so it is in the physical. When you take the 8 and turn it on its side, it is the symbol for infinity. The only limit that exists on the flow of created manifestation is the one you choose to place there, no other. You have been working with the laws of manifestation as long as you have been in bodies. When you work with the laws unconsciously, you create unconsciously. When that happens, you are usually not pleased with the result. It never looks like what you would consciously choose. Therefore, you make the erroneous assumption that you are powerless, that you have no effect or influence over what is happening. If you imagine the creative force that brought everything that is into being, can you visualize a limit to what that energy can create? The truth of you and who you are is that each of you is created in the likeness of the original creative force. You are infinite, immortal, and have no limits as your creator is infinite. You are a piece of the whole. You are a being of unconditional love and unlimited creativity. You are innocent and loved unconditionally by the creator. It is difficult for you to take full responsibility for your life and to assume your full power if you are carrying guilt and judgment.

This is how manifestation (visualize the 8) takes place. You have the spiritual plane at the top of any symbol and the physical plane at the bottom. The spiritual plane you could call your soul, your higher self, or the immortal part of you. The physical plane represents your body and the material earth, that which in truth is not real, is not immortal. You create there in the now for whatever purposes you might have. If the physical should disappear, the spiritual remains. What is in the physical is what you are pulling from the spiritual. You can pull anything out you want. In the middle where the two circles join, or where the flow crosses itself, are the mental and emotional planes of existence. The mental plane decides what you are going to create. As you are telling your story, whatever it may be, that’s what your mental plane has decided to pull out of the spiritual. Whatever limitations you feel imposing themselves on you, that is your story. That is created by the mind.

Some of you have worked with the idea of positive thinking, where you decide to change your mind. How did that work for you? Maybe there were some short-term successes, but it leaves out half of the equation. Thinking is the masculine side of the manifestation process, but by itself it ignores the feminine side. The feminine side is the emotional plane. There are only two emotions. One is called love and the other fear. Love has one name and fear a thousand. Anything that is not unconditional love is fear. When you are thinking positively, but your heart is holding fear, you create from the fear. Your emotion powers your thought into reality. You can only create what you desire into manifestation through love. Fear only brings what you don’t want. It is crucial to get yourself into a place of unconditional love before you can successfully focus on your new story.

Your first step in creating your new story is to find your way or ways to get yourself into a place of unconditional love. Some of you can do this through meditation. However you manage to find that sweet spot, do it before you choose your new story or you will be spinning your wheels. The only thing that is real in the universe is love. Fear and everything else is an illusion. When your mind chooses with a heart filled with love, that is what goes into the spiritual realm and manifests in the physical. It is not your job to make it happen in the physical. You don’t have to figure out how you are going to create this. Your job is to simply give the order to Spirit, saying that this is what you choose to manifest. Then you get out of the way and let it happen. The five-step process, or the process of Spiritual Alchemy, is an excellent way to find that place of unconditional love so that you can choose your new story and bring it into manifestation. It is an easy process, but it requires commitment and persistence. You probably will not change your entire story in one sitting. But, maybe that’s my story and one that you wish to change. Good luck.

God Blesses You,


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