How can I learn to love myself?

Can you explain to us about co-dependency?

Is a long life something to be valued?

Why should my goal be to not set any goals?

How can I see ego as perfect?

Why do you tell stories?

Why should how I act make any difference if nothing matters?

How should I deal with my strong feelings?

How do I deal with distraction?

Why is it so hard for me to find my perfect relationship?

How am I to deal with disease?

Why can’t I hear Spirit more clearly?

Is the illusion a mistake?

Is it good to have a support group?

It seems like the world is falling apart; how can I deal with my fear?

How can I be sure I am on the right path?

How will I be able to tell that I am awake?

What if there is no question?

What part do my old relationships play in my awakening process?

How can I see the world through Spirit’s eyes?

Do I create my reality or does Spirit?

Why is it so difficult to accept everything that happens in my world?

Can I learn how to channel?

Can you give us some inspiration?

What stands between me and my awakening?

What do we do with the war in Ukraine?

Are any beliefs sacred?

What is freedom?

Will you speak to us again about the Coronavirus?

Is there a difference between awakening and ascension?

Why not now?

Should we still be doing the forgiveness process?

Can you give a few more hints on how to go about finding the truth?

Sanhia, how can we trust that the things you are telling us are true?

How can I get control over my ego?

How can I let go of grief?

Can you explain more about others being my mirror?

If the world is an illusion, why does it matter what I do?

If the world is an illusion, why does it feel so real?

Are love and hate opposites?

Do I have to surrender my personal identity in order to ascend?

How do I deal with my fear of death?

How can I deal with my feelings of hopelessness?

What part, if any, should prayer play in my spiritual path?

Is compassion an important tool for awakening?

What is the nature of power?

Is the ego part of me or is it separate?

How long will the Coronavirus last?

What is the meaning of the Coronavirus?

How can I become One with God?

Why is it so difficult to let go of the illusion of the world?

How can I be a better parent?

How can we not see children as innocent victims?

How do I give it to Spirit?

Is it part of my purpose to help heal others?

Do I have to be perfect to ascend?

What is meant by pure non-duality?

Am I really supposed to accept everything that happens to me?

Do you confuse cause and effect? 

Can we create heaven on earth?

What if this was the last day of your life?

Do we have free will?

Is there any place for fun on the ascension path?

Are other people a part of the illusion?

What do you mean when you call the world an illusion?

Why is it so hard for me to forgive?

How can we deal with the world immigration problem?

How do you define yourself?

How can I see the divinity in other people?

What spiritual practices should I be doing? (Part 2)

What spiritual practices should I be doing? (Part 1)

When should I share my spiritual perspective with others?

What is the difference between a special and a holy relationship?

Can you tell more about being in the now?

What if my “old stories” are good ones?


Do I need to transform all of my fears before I can ascend?

When am I finally going to experience my ascension?

What do you mean when you say to give it to Spirit?

If the body is an illusion, why do I have one?

Is spirituality a hobby for you?

What tools are there for realizing ascension?

What Is the difference between ascension and enlightenment?

Did Jesus die for our sins?

Does love require me to sacrifice?

How do I discern Spirit from ego?

Why do I feel abandoned by God?

What is the difference between unity and oneness?

What can I do with the fear I feel over Trump’s election?

How do I move from a lack of faith to trust?

Who are you?

Why doesn’t money feel spiritual to me?

How can I deal with my karma?

What do birthdays and deathdays have in common?

Can you explain the terms ego and Spirit?

How do my home and relationships affect my intention to ascend?

How does the ego divide and conquer?

Why is it hard to let go of victimhood?

What do you mean by my “old story”?

How should I celebrate Christmas?

How do I deal with the religious conflict in the Middle East?

What is a spiritual response to a world crisis?

Do you believe in a punishing God?

How can I reduce stress in my life?

What can I do when things are less than perfect?

Is there divinity in everyone?