Can I love myself into ascension?

How many of you are successful at being your own worst critic? This is often touted as a valuable skill for those on the spiritual path. It is a common belief that by being able to notice your alleged shortcomings, you are better able to heal and to grow. I wish to go on record as the loyal contrarian. Certainly, what you judge in another is what you judge in yourself, but the question is not how to better notice your faults, but how best to stop judging yourself.

My suggestion is to think of what you would like to hear your best friend (an imaginary best friend, if that helps) say to you as you are judging yourself. What wonderful thing would you like to hear them say about you? Say whatever you would like to hear from your best friend. Say it to yourself. Become your own best friend. That’s the message. It’s short and sweet. Be your own best friend. Give up the “no pain, no gain” philosophy and love yourself into ascension.

Be your own best friend.

God Blesses You,


November 1, 2010 1915Ascension, Judgment, Love, Sanhia Message

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