What can I do when I feel like a victim?

For many of you the month of February can be the most difficult of months. You are through with winter, but winter is not through with you. Maybe the most positive thought you can come up with is, “Thank God for only giving us 28 days this month”. I would like to spread a little light into this cavern.

To begin with, I want to remind you that there is no such thing as a victim. Victimhood is an illusion, but the tighter you hold on to it, the more real it seems.

Repeat after me:

I am not a victim.

I am an innocent, totally lovable, infinitely creative child of God.

I create everything in this physical realm.

Nothing can appear here without my permission.

Everything that I do create is with the intention of bringing me closer to the complete awareness of who I truly am.

Therefore, everything that happens is perfect.

My mantra is, “This is perfect”.

This is not a tease. Are you willing to try it? When the car won’t start? This is perfect. When things don’t go as you want them to at work? This is perfect. When you have a fight with someone you love? This is perfect. When your finances trouble you? This is perfect.

Affirm perfection. Do what you can do. Let it go.

It is not necessary to consciously know why it is perfect. That knowledge will come to you in its own perfect time. Trust that it is perfect. Feel that it is perfect. Then you will know that it is perfect.

God Blesses You,


February 1, 2011 2542Creation, Perfection, Sanhia Message, Trust And Faith, Victimhood