What is the first step toward realizing my ascension?

How many of you have made a clear intention for ascension? Nothing happens in the universe until you ask for it. Ask and it shall be given. Once you have stated your intention to Spirit (guides, God, the universe, or whatever name you wish to give) nothing can stop it from happening. Nothing can stand between you and your intention but time. And time, as we all know, is an illusion.

You have other desires, in addition to your wish for ascension. These goals could be identified as higher or lower desires. This does not indicate a judgment, it is simply a question of whether the desire is connected to the truth of who you are or to enjoying your experience in a body. Higher desires might be connected to your purpose or to relationships or to healing. Lower desires might have to do with where you live, what you wear, what food you eat, or which experiences you wish to have. Have you given intention for them? I probably don’t need to remind you not to ask for things that might bring harm or loss to others; not because there is any judgment about doing that, but because what you project on another, you also project on yourself. It all passes through you first. You will always receive the things that support you in the highest way toward knowing the truth about yourself, of realizing your divinity.

It is not necessary to ask over and over for the same thing. Once is sufficient.  Once is all it takes to put things into motion. Spirit will not act, however, without your permission. This is the planet of free will. Nothing has the power to overcome your will without your expressed permission. You must start the ball rolling. If you have already done that, it is time to trust.  Know that your answer is coming to you. Look for it in everything that comes your way today, and it is always today. Your answer may not come wrapped the way you are expecting. Be willing to be surprised. Be willing to be overwhelmed with the enormity of your gift. You might as well start giving thanks right away.

God Blesses You,


October 1, 2011 2122Ascension, Gift, Intention, Purpose, Relationships, Sanhia Message, Trust And Faith