Why should I take responsibility for what others do to me?

Some people have expressed concern that the concept of taking personal responsibility for what are seen as negative acts of others amounts to blaming the victim. There is fear that this takes responsibility away from the alleged perpetrator and indeed can be used as an excuse for others’ “negative” actions. This line of thinking continues by suggesting that the actions of others won’t change until they are held accountable for what they do.

Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life is not about blame or about victimhood. It is about truth and it is about salvation. Either you are powerful and control your world (consciously or unconsciously), or you are a helpless victim of random events or the whims of a loving or not-so-loving God. If the latter is true it’s time to circle the wagons and protect yourself the best you can, knowing anything might happen to you at any time. That choice can lead you to live in fear. True freedom from fear can only come from acknowledging the truth and embracing it.

The truth is very simple. You are a child of God and infinitely powerful and creative. You have forgotten this in the process of coming into a physical body. Healing is the process of remembering. Just because you have forgotten your true power or are denying it does not take away that power. It simply makes it difficult to use effectively or consciously. Used consciously, power combines love with a desired outcome to create your desired experience. Used unconsciously, power uses fear (expressed as any of a variety of negative emotions) to create the seemingly undesired. However, since the deepest desire of those on an intentional spiritual path is always to be healed, even the seemingly undesired is there to support in your healing. Spirit will always shower you with the gifts that nurture healing. The quickest route to healing or the state of always being in love is to own your power by taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life, knowing that you created it even if you don’t understand how or why.

This does not mean you have to stick your head in the lion’s mouth, but if you should find it there do not blame the lion. You have created that lion being there in order to help you move through the fear/judgment that separates you from love, from your higher self, from God. It is okay to choose to stay away from the lion, but if you do that out of the judgment that the lion is evil, you are choosing fear and not love. You have made your healing path that much harder and longer. Choose to stay away from the lion because you feel that in the moment you can heal faster or more easily when not in the lion’s presence, knowing that it is you and not the lion that is to do the changing. Have the intention to one day be in the lion’s presence with only love, without fear.

Because you are infinitely creative, everything that you experience in life is your manifestation. If you find yourself in judgment of what you see, it is yourself you are judging. If you take it as a gift, you can see where your healing is to begin. If you pretend that your judgment is truth, you deny your power and will continue to create the same types of events until there is a healing, until you take responsibility.

Because I care about you and want you to be in a place of experiencing love all of the time, I hope that you find it in your heart to practice only love and forgiveness for yourself and for others.

God Blesses You,


September 1, 2011 1663Fear, Forgiveness, Gift, Judgment, Love, Physical Body, Power, Responsibility, Sanhia Message, Victimhood

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