Will I ever fully heal myself?

Have you been working on your personal healing for years? Have you been doing a lot of “processing”? Does it sometimes feel like there is an infinite amount of crap in there for you to clean up? Past lives, birth trauma, parents, bullies, self-worth issues, relationships, authority figures, the opposite sex, sexuality, purpose………when will it ever end? The answer is that it will never end. As long as your focus is on healing your problems, there will be problems.

What do I do Sanhia? Just give up? That would be a good start, but let me give it a little different focus. All this concentration on healing comes from the belief that there is something (many things!) wrong with you and that you need to be fixed. My job is to remind you that you are perfect; that there is nothing to heal; that you are a divine and innocent child of God. You did not create this body in order to heal; you created it so that you could realize your divine nature.

You are here to love. This could be stated in a variety of ways. You are here to follow your passion, to express, and to be joyful. You are here to love yourself and others, and  to give joyful, devoted service. You are here to fully realize the truth of who you are as a divine and innocent child of God.

Choose fun. Choose love. Choose what you want. ‘Tis the season to choose to be jolly (as are all of the others).

God Blesses You,


December 1, 2010 2099Creation, Love, Passion, Perfection, Physical Body, Sanhia Message