Have you chosen ascension?

If you are not serious about ascension (some call it enlightenment), that’s okay. I would be the last one to try to talk you into it. If that is the case, I sincerely wish that you enjoy your life and suggest you not read any farther now.

Oh, you’re still here! Okay. Some of you have consciously chosen ascension. For others of you, it seems to have been thrust upon you. That is, your life didn’t work out the way you thought it would, or you have had a series of minor to major disasters befall you, or maybe it was just one great shock to the system. Whatever brought you here…welcome. I’m not going to guarantee that your trip will be easy or smooth, but there is an end – or at least the illusion of an end. I want to offer you three simple tips to ease and speed your process.

  1. Give up your addictions. I’m not just talking about substances, I’m talking about any things, people, ideas, activities, beliefs that you think you can’t live without – that are part of your identity of who you think you are.  Let go of the attachments. You don’t have to physically leave everything behind (although you might), but you want to be ready and willing for them to leave. If you are serious about ascension, many of them may disappear. “What!” you say. “This doesn’t sound simple.” Believe me it is much easier to be proactive in releasing your attachments than to have them ripped out of your clenched or grasping hands.
  2. Remember that this is all an illusion. It is a movie. None of it is real. You are doing it to you. Your main order of business is to find out who you are. Everything that is part of your addictions is not you. What is left when the addictions and the drama are gone? Notice that there is no place that you have to get to. You are already there. Just open your eyes to reality.
  3. Face your demons.  Don’t run away from them. Don’t look the other way. Don’t stay busy with all your addictions as a means of avoidance. Most “spiritual” activities are addictions. All drama is. Immerse yourself in your fears until they don’t scare you anymore.

For those of you who kept on reading after my warning, I love you guys, especially those who weren’t being honest with yourself about being serious about ascension. For those who stopped reading, I love you, too, and respect your decision.

The more that you realize that this is one big karmic joke, the more fun you will have with the rest of this life. I’m having a ball.

God Blesses You,


February 1, 2012 1894Ascension, Attachment, Illusion, Movie, Sanhia Message

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