Do I need to transform all of my fears before I can ascend?

We will continue this month with the theme of ascension. Many of you are doing a wonderful work here, facing your fears and perhaps dealing with them through the five-step process. When the energy in your body is transformed from fear to love, the transition is permanent. This does not mean that you may not create more fear in the future, but if you have the intention of aligning with and giving everything to Spirit you are not as likely to manifest new fear energy in your body. There is, however the residual old fear that you are still carrying with you.

While I do not wish in any way to discourage you from continuing to work with the process to transform any fear that you become aware of, I do want to give you the following warning. You may believe in an “incremental” approach to ascension. You may have the idea that if you chisel away at your fear a little bit at a time there will eventually be nothing left and you will realize your ascension. I want to give you a different way to visualize this. Those of you who have studied math in the past may remember the image below, or perhaps it will just trigger your math phobia. There is a function in geometry which generates an asymptote. This is a straight line that is approached by a curved line. The curved line gets closer and closer to the asymptote without ever touching it. The distance between the curve and the asymptote continues to be cut in half, but, in infinity, the curved line never reaches the asymptote. Close, oh so close, but no cigar. Cutting the distance in half will never fully eliminate it.


Let’s look at how this relates to your ascension process. Though there is a finite amount of negative fear energy carried in your body, the five-step process also transforms it geometrically. You may think that if you keep chiseling away it will all disappear, but this is like the asymptote. It represents your ascension, while the curved line measures the fear you are continuing to transform. You keep getting closer and closer to realizing your divine self, but never fully realize it. The upside is that as you approach the awareness of your divine self, you experience more joy and less pain in your life. You likely find yourself providing more of your divine service for others. Your ego is less of an irritant. But you don’t fully realize your divinity.

Again, I am not suggesting that you stop working with your stuff. If you feel pain or fear, by all means reduce the pressure. Transform it into love. This leaves you much more capable of hearing Spirit and following its direction. What I would encourage you to let go of is the thought that facing your fears is enough. It is not by your work that you realize your ascension; it is by the grace of God. If it is not about eliminating all of your fear, what is it about? It is about giving everything to Spirit. In A Course in Miracles Jesus speaks of the sacred moment. This is when you absolutely experience the oneness with God. It is not something that can be forced into being. It happens when you give up all intention and become one with whatever Spirit is presenting. This realization does not require that you be free of all fear. You do not need to work and work until every last drop of fear is squeezed from your body. As we explained above, that is not going to happen. You can only approach that point, but can never reach it. There is no magic point on your curved line where you suddenly jump over to the line of infinity (divinity). There is no order. I can’t look at each of you and measure how close you stand to realizing your divinity. Your position on the curved line measures nothing about the timing of your ascension. It is only about surrendering to the sacred moment, about being open to Spirit and to the grace of God.

But Sanhia, you may be thinking, you are beginning to sound like a broken record. Give it to Spirit. Give it to Spirit. Is there anything else? Of course! If you are in pain, do the process. There is no reason for you to suffer. If you are pain free, but wondering what to do next – you give that thought to Spirit. There is nothing for you to do. Anything that you might choose to do would only get in your way. Your only job is to get out of the way. That may sound like a double-edged sword; the thing to do is not to do. How can you think about not doing? That seems crazy. Of course it is. Your entire creation is crazy. It is insane. Your mind can never think its way out of it. Enjoy your insanity, and give it to Spirit. There is nothing else to do, nothing to worry about. Any attempt to realize your ascension comes from the ego. It comes from the assumption that you are not who you are. It assumes that you are separate from God, when you are not. Only the ego can have that thought. The truth of you knows your divinity. The good news is that you are off the hook. There is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to worry about. Listen to Spirit. That Voice will remind you of the truth. You are already ascended.

God Blesses You,



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