What is the most appropriate way to honor Jesus?

Perhaps one of the subjects that is of greatest interest to those of you in the Western spiritual traditions is the Jesus lifetime. I wish to make a disclaimer explaining my point of view in relation to Jesus. In that lifetime, I was known as Thomas, who has subsequently been saddled with the nickname “Doubting Thomas”. I recorded some of the commentaries of Jesus. The fathers of the Roman Catholic Church in the 3rd and 4th centuries chose to omit that text from what was called the New Testament and made attempts to destroy all copies. As many of you already know, one of the copies has survived and, though it is a later copy with additions and deletions made to the original, there is still much of value to be found in what is called the Gospel of Thomas. Lastly, as to Thomas, some of you may be aware of others who trace their lineage to this apostle. Understand that it is common for beings to manifest what could be called splinter personalities or multiple reincarnations of the same entity.

But let us return now to Jesus. He came here to teach us about ascension and manifested it in a very public way so that it would be recorded for posterity, even if incompletely understood. What is important for us to comprehend about Jesus is that, yes, he is the son of God, but that you and I are also the sons and daughters of God. We are all one. One of the greatest confusions in Christianity as a religion is the separation of Jesus from the rest of humanity. As Jesus said, “This and more you shall do.” Jesus was not the first to ascend, but it was part of his purpose to show us the way. That way consists of unconditional love, affirming oneness with the Creator, forgiveness, acceptance, and the release of judgment. Jesus modeled unconditional love in a manner that was transformational for those of us who were around him. He saw others in their divinity, in their perfection. As people allowed themselves to be enveloped in this unconditional acceptance and forgiveness they found themselves healed, physically and spiritually.

The most appropriate way to honor Jesus is to use him as a model for your own life, neither exalting him above you nor lowering him to a “human” level. Love and forgive  yourself and others unconditionally. Accept your place as the innocent child of God, and choose and affirm your ascension. It is not necessary to proselytize the teachings of Jesus, but as you live a life of unconditional love you will draw to yourself those who wish to learn from you.

God Blesses You,


June 1, 2010 2385Acceptance, Ascension, Christianity, Jesus, Judgment, Sanhia Message