Are you afraid of the dark?

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, when you have passed the darkest day of the year and have several months of winter weather to look forward to, do you dislike these months? Do you have an aversion to the shorter days, the colder temperatures, the snow or cold rain? Are you already looking forward to spring? I could spend this time speaking of being present, loving what is in front of you, and making the most of each day. Those are all ascension focused points of view, but there is something else I would like to zero in on today. It is a good time to examine your fear and judgment of the dark.

Let’s start with the fear of the dark. Do you experience anxiety being in dark places? Are you fearful walking down a dark street or road by yourself? And what about being in the woods alone at night? What is this fear of darkness all about? Your childhood was filled with horror stories that mostly took place after dark. You don’t worry about monsters under your bed in the middle of the afternoon. To look at what the dark represents, in fact, what it actually is – look at the dualism that makes material existence possible. The first division in the biblical creation story was between the light and the dark. The light was declared as good, so where does that leave the dark? Light represents the masculine, idealistic, mental energy. The dark represents the feminine, realistic, emotional energy. The fear of the dark is the judgment you have for your physical-ness, and for feminine energy. Keep in mind that you all contain both feminine and masculine energy in some balance.

How prevalent is the vilification of the dark in today’s mythology? Think of Star WarsBatman, and The Lord of the Rings. Everyone is always fighting the dark forces, sometimes sparring with their own inner darkness. The yin-yang symbol is not one of combat but of the intertwining and juxtaposition of energies. You did not create your bodies in order to fear them, but rather to learn to love them unconditionally as you use them to realize your ascension. Ascension does not occur by choosing the light over the dark. Such a choice leaves you hanging on the wheel of reincarnation. If you choose to love the light and to hate the dark, earth becomes your personal hell. Then, you can’t wait for the opportunity to leave your body. Leave if you wish. You don’t have to stay in the physical. But, if you choose to stay, why not love your visit? Why not embrace the dark along with the light? You can start this winter. Heal your fear of the dark, of the physical, of the feminine. Give up your judgment of darkness.

The first thing you might try doing is to use the five-step process. This is a powerful and effective way to change your story; and your fear of the dark side is a major part of your story. If you are having any difficulty leading yourself through the five steps, perhaps you can find a trusted friend with whom you can take turns being the guide, so that you can each have a time to simply relax and be led. You can also listen to the recording. This is big. This touches on all relationship issues, especially those involving your sexuality. It is not possible to maintain a deep physical relationship without loving the body. This impacts all health issues and all money/survival concerns. Dis-ease comes out of fear or out of hatred of the physical body. If you dislike the physical, you may have difficulty manifesting your material support. This connects with all mental health issues, especially depression, which becomes a bigger issue for many of you at this time of the year. It is not possible for you to unconditionally love yourself if you fear and judge half of who you are. Spend more time in the dark. Don’t rush to fill all your evenings with lights and electronic distractions. Try a little candlelight, or a fire and meditation, a book, or quiet conversation. Try taking some walks in the dark.

It is time to look straight into the dark. Face your fears. See the dark for what it is: a perfect part of the universal, unconditionally loving creator and creation. Notice that all the ascension stories include the ”dark night”, where the prophet has to confront his deepest fears. There is no path around it. The only way out is straight through the heart of darkness. There is only love waiting there. Everything else is illusion. Darkness is love just as light is love. Have your own private marriage ceremony between them this winter. You deserve love all of the time. May the darkness be with you.

God Blesses You,


January 1, 2014 1815Ascension, Fear, Five-step Process, Health, Judgment, Love, Masculine And Feminine, Physical Body, Relationships, Sanhia Message