What can I do when things are less than perfect?

In the last message I talked about seeing divinity in every person. This time I want to look at seeing perfection in everything. We will begin with a definition of perfection, starting with what it is not. Perfection is not the result of endless tweaking. Constantly adjusting, changing, and working with things does not create perfection. This is the product of the ego’s judgment. I would reverse that thinking. You simply acknowledge that how it is now, is perfection. How it is, how it was, and how it will be – all of these are perfection.  Since everything is perfect as it is, everything is divine.

If perfection is a standard that has to be reached, divinity would be hard to realize. Rather than trying to change the outside, change your perception. Take a different view of your past. Each of you had perfect parents. They could not have been better. You could not have chosen better parents – and you did choose them. You chose perfect friends as you were growing up; you chose perfect teachers. Everyone was absolutely perfect. Could not have been better. All of your bosses – perfect! All of your coworkers and all of your relationships – perfect. Every decision, every choice you have ever made – perfect. You could have chosen differently, and that would have been perfect too.

The truth is that you all are ascended. The only reason you are not experiencing yourself as ascended is because you are looking at things and saying that they are not perfect. We could also say that you are not always feeling as you wish to feel. And that is perfect, but you don’t need to continue to suffer in that way. When you are not enjoying how you are feeling, you have a belief that something is not perfect. If you believed that everything was perfect, what would there be but joy and unconditional love. We know that you can’t fool yourself. You can’t just say that everything is perfect if you don’t really believe it. That’s why we have the five-step process. There are these places where you are holding the story in your brain-mind that everything isn’t perfect. Also you feel something in your body that isn’t pleasant. You wish it wasn’t there, and the more you wish it gone, the more it stays. Welcome that feeling and go into it until you experience it as perfect. That is the second step. Then from your heart, choose a new story that you love.

When you hold the intention to see the divinity in each person, you are choosing to see everything as perfect. Decide that everything that happens to you or to anybody else is perfect. As you have this intention you will find some of your experiences transforming, without doing a specific process with them. You might think of one of your parents and realize that if they hadn’t been as they were, you wouldn’t have accomplished what you did. And what a gift have these changes been for you. There is always a story like that with everything you are holding as not perfect. This perfection is not just an ideal. There is an absolutely traceable perfection where everything is connected to everything. You can’t tweak things to this level of perfection because your brain-mind doesn’t understand enough to know how to do it. Simply accept things as they are and let Spirit do the tweaking for you, trusting that the perfect thing is always happening. You may know what you want, but you have no idea how to get there. Spirit will direct you. You came in with a pre-planning. Before your birth, you said that this is what you want to accomplish in this incarnation. You chose the perfect parents as well as a cast of others to push you in that direction. It doesn’t matter whether you were moved by them, or  moved in reaction to them.

As you have the intention to see divinity in everyone and perfection in every action or event that happens, you will have less draw over time to do the five-step process. Your body will feel more in balance. In the meantime, the process is a very fast and efficient way to deal with a situation that is difficult for you to perceive as perfect. It helps you to transform your judgment. To accelerate the process even more, have the intention to see perfection in everything and divinity in everyone. The truth is that you are ascended. You have given that intention, not only in your pre-planning, but now consciously. Because you are divine, it can be no other way. As a divine soul, you know no boundaries of time or space. You have always been and always will be. You simply are. You are a being of unconditional love and unlimited creativity. Yes, you.

If you are having difficulty seeing the perfection of something, ask Spirit for support. The understanding will come. You will find yourself increasingly inhabiting a place where your belly-mind is able to accept the perfection of what has occurred, even though your brain-mind may not understand. You accept that it is perfect although you don’t yet know why, but trusting that sooner or later you will understand. You ask to enjoy the perfection while the understanding is on its way. Practice looking at the past and find those things that you can now see as perfect, though at the time you were unable to. Everything that has happened in your life has happened for the purpose of helping you to realize your divinity. You were born divine. You have always been divine. But you haven’t yet had the pleasure of fully experiencing your divinity. You have felt it in smaller ways. The ways are going to be growing larger. You will look in the mirror one day and from the bottom of your heart say, “I am divine. I am perfect.” It’s true.

God Blesses You,


July 1, 2015 1893Acceptance, Five-step Process, Intention, Judgment, Perfection, Pre-planning, Sanhia Message, Story