What about the planetary ascension of 2012?

We were waiting for 2012 and the advent of planetary ascension for a long time, but now it has come and gone. Some of you had been consciously participating in this momentous transition since the Harmonic Convergence. A few of you were with me on August 15, 1987 in the hill country of Texas for that event, welcoming in this transition time. Others of you have joined the party somewhere between then and now. As Jesus expressed in his parable about the vineyard workers, it makes no difference when you joined in, the same reward is offered to each. The reward is ascension. The only price that is asked is that you give up all the illusions of who you are, and become willing to accept only the truth. This requires, sooner or later, that you surrender every other illusion about where your identity and your security lie. Money, career, relationships, good works, spiritual techniques – none of these will lead you to ascension. All of them can impede your progress. Even that is misleading because there is nowhere to go. The truth of you is right here, right now.

Now is the time to realize it. This is the period you all incarnated for. You were all waiting in line to be here. Keep breathing, deep abdominal breathing. Look at each aspect of your existence. Ask if it represents the truth of who you are. If it doesn’t, let go of your attachment to it. Settle for nothing less than the truth. This is the transition point, the one prophesied by the ancients. It is the time of the “hundredth monkey”. The planetary consciousness is here to help you along. Let go of the “news”. The mass media is not designed to be your guide. Shut off the television. Put down the newspaper. Don’t surround yourself with the nabobs of negativity. Get rid of the background noise of commercialism. Ascension is not for sale. If your friends are bringing you down, spend your time alone. If you are confronted by your fears, welcome them in. Open up to them. Surrender to them. Listen to them. This is the time. I am here with each one of you. It is now.

God Blesses You,


January 1, 2012 2327Ascension, Attachment, Fear, Illusion, Jesus, Relationships, Sanhia Message, World Events