What can help me to forgive?

I have referred to mirrors off and on through the years. Those of you who have worked with me directly have heard me talk about them. Now it is time to give the subject some deep reflection (pause for laughter). Jesus spoke of mirrors. He said to remove the log in your own eye before judging another. He also said, ”judge not, lest ye be judged”. He had much more to say on the subject, but the writers of the New Testament didn’t know what to do with the information – they didn’t understand it – so it didn’t make the final cut.

We can begin by saying that everything that is physical is not real. Your ego is telling you that what you see and touch is real, but it is not. That which is real exists forever. Everything that is physical is temporary. Where does the physical come from? It comes from you. You have created it. When I say you, I am talking to you, the individual reading these words. Everything, without limit, that exists in the material realm is your creation. God has nothing directly to do with it. God created you. You created the earth. This is your game. Again, I am talking to you specifically, not people in general. You have the illusion that everybody is experiencing the same physical ”reality”, but if you check out any of your stories with anybody else who was ”there”, the tales don’t completely line up. If your political affiliation differs, they may not line up at all. No two people ever experience the same thing. You each have your own illusions. There are places where there is a great agreement in your stories; we call this mass consciousness. But there are also areas of great disagreement about the illusion. However, the ego believes that it is all reality rather than illusion.

The ego asks what the purpose of all this is if it is not real. It doesn’t want to hear an answer, and there is no answer that would satisfy, because the answer is, ”None”. If your ego were to fully accept the meaninglessness of your physical experience it would have to accept that it, also, has no purpose and it would disappear. All the ego does is to keep you believing in your separation from God and from your divinity. The ego cannot exist in the space of unconditional love. When you are in a permanent state of unconditional love, all you do is channel your divinity. Your ego stays out of the way. It disappears. You continue to operate in the physical realm, but you don’t take it seriously. You recognize that it is not real. What can possibly upset you if nothing is real? Instead the world becomes a place where your divinity plays. Your divinity created this illusion as a tool for your ascension, not for you to be fooled into taking it seriously. When you absolutely realize that it is not real, that everything physical is an illusion – you will have realized your ascension.

But we came here to talk about mirrors. If you wish to go the shortest distance or take the least time to experience your divinity and release your ego, it is quite productive to work with the concept of mirrors. It goes like this. Everything that exists in your physical world, including yourself, is your creation. Your ego thinks everything and everyone else is separate from you. They are not. Their physicality is your creation, as yours is theirs – but that is none of your business. When you observe another’s actions, what you see is you, not them. That’s all you can see. Everything you see around you is you. You are the creator. If you find yourself in judgment of someone’s actions, it is yourself you are judging. I can hear your ego at work already saying, ”What do you mean! I would never kill someone, or start a war, or kick someone when they are down. I would never do that.” Yes, you would. In fact, you have already done it – though perhaps it was in a previous life – and you haven’t forgiven yourself.  You are still judging yourself. In fact, you can’t even look to see it within yourself because you have so much judgment. So, you produce a ”scapegoat”. You create somebody else to commit the action you can’t forgive in yourself. The game the ego plays is to judge others instead of judging yourself. When you understand that, you know there is not even a reason to forgive, let alone to judge anyone else. They are simply doing as you have bid them. In fact, what you can do is to bow down to that person and thank them for showing you what you were unable to see in yourself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now you can forgive it in yourself. Whatever you did had no permanent effect. Nothing real was hurt because nothing real can be hurt. There is nothing to forgive.

Once you have taken ownership of the action you have judged in another, do whatever you can to forgive yourself, starting with having the intention to do so. The five-step process is always helpful here. When you realize that nobody has ever done a thing to you, that it has always been your creation and that, beyond that, none of it matters – you are realizing the truth of who you are. None of it matters. All that matters is love. It is that simple. This is what the mirror is about. It doesn’t matter if you see something, hear about it, or read about it. It doesn’t matter if it is ”truth” or fiction, whether you see it on TV or in a movie, or read about it in a novel. It makes no difference. Wherever you find your mirror, your job is to let go of the outwardly directed judgment and to acknowledge that this is where you judge yourself. This is where you have the illusion of guilt and separation from God, even though God never experiences any separation or judgment. Never. It’s not in the job description. God is unconditional love and unlimited creativity. That’s it.

Out of your unlimited creativity you have manifested this physical illusion and placed yourself in it in such a way that you have forgotten who you are. It’s a maze and you have been trying to find your way out of it. The way out is to realize there is no maze. Use your mirrors to get out. See where your illusions lie. Forgive yourself. Find love and laugh a lot. The illusion is pretty funny when you stop thinking about it.

God Blesses You,

April 1, 2015 1964Ascension, Creation, Ego, Forgiveness, Illusion, Jesus, Judgment, Mass Consciousness, Mirror, Reality, Sanhia Message, Separation