How can I step out of the mass consciousness?

We have talked a lot over the past messages about the five-step process, of your old stories and the changing of these stories. We have communicated that you are the power in your life; you are divine and create everything, whether consciously or unconsciously. Today let’s focus on that part of the unconscious that we call the mass consciousness. These are the beliefs that permeate the culture in which you live. Most people simply accept these stories as true without questioning them, as if there is no choice. If you do question the mass consciousness, people might look at you as if you are crazy. You can travel to another culture and find differences in their mass consciousness. Some beliefs are nearly worldwide, the inevitability of death and taxes – for example. Health concerns are also part of the mass consciousness, such as the flu season or allergies. You might believe it is that time of year, so you are likely to catch something. Though many mass consciousness beliefs are universal, some ideas are narrower in scope, such as those running through families. There may be familial beliefs in good health as the standard, but other clans might hold illness and infirmities as often occurring events.

What we want to address today is the importance of being aware of the mass consciousness energy. Otherwise it will be running large parts of your life. Be particularly sensitive when you hear people, or perhaps even yourself, making statements that limit your spiritual power. Examples might include: ”You just can’t do what you want to do.” ”Nothing comes easy”. ”You have to fight to get what you want.” ”Money is evil.” ”You can’t trust men /women.” ”Sex is bad/dirty/unholy/going to get you in trouble.” ”I am getting old.” ”Don’t rock the boat.” I could go on and on. I won’t. You already have available to you an overabundance of limiting mass consciousness beliefs. Notice these ideas as they come into your field of awareness, and instead of agreeing with them or promulgating them, ask yourself if this is a story you want to be true. If it isn’t, you have your work cut out for you. Let go of that “old story” and choose a new one.

This is the place to use the five-step process. Your brain-mind is likely to cave in to some of these mass consciousness ideas and say ”That is just the way things are.” “People age.” ”Life is about suffering.” It takes the second step where you confront the fear energy held in your body, before your brain-mind can successfully choose differently. It is not just a question of choosing a new story. It is a question of facing your fear of holding yourself up to the potential ridicule and anger of those around you. You will deal with the voices that say, ”What makes you think that you can choose differently?” or ”Who made you God?” Of course, the answer is that God made you God. You were made in the image of the infinite. You are divine, and, you don’t choose to have these old stories anymore. This is not to say that you are to share the new stories you are choosing with everyone. In fact, it is probably easier if you don’t. It might be best to only disclose your new stories with those you trust to support you, until you find yourself strong in your divinity with confidence in your ability to choose your own stories. One of the great fears of stepping outside of the mass consciousness is that you will be crucified for it. That is an important story to change right away. Meanwhile, hold your cards close to your chest. Find a support group, even if it is but one person – ”Where two or more are gathered in my name”. Claim your divinity.

Walk away from the mass consciousness, whether it comes from religion, parents, governments, the media, science, or your own DNA. Change your story or it will run your existence because you are giving it permission to do so. Let’s say a little bit more about the genetic coding of your DNA. There is the belief, greatly supported by the mass consciousness of science, that who you are is determined by what is in your genetic code; that your DNA is all-powerful. Your genetic code will be left behind in mother earth’s compost pile while the truth of you goes on eternally. The immortal divine truth of you is always a greater power than your DNA. Your genetic code was created by the timeless truth of who you are. There was certainly purpose in that. You set things up in this life in order to have certain experiences, but you did not set yourself up to be a perpetual victim of those circumstances. If you have a situation that the mass consciousness says is genetically disposed – this is an opportunity, a spiritual gift, a place for you to say ”I want to change that story”.

You are all now having the opportunity to experience the changing of mass consciousness. Mass consciousness is not a static thing. It is not the same today as it was a thousand years ago, or even a hundred years ago. When a critical mass of people hold a new story, the mass consciousness begins to change. It requires only a small minority of people holding the new story to effect this transformation. It was such a critical mass that brought the earth into an ascended state, and that ascended state now allows the mass consciousness to change more quickly (What about the planetary ascension of 2012?). It is easier now for people to choose a new story than it was fifty years ago. There is less resistance. Not only are you altering your stories more easily, but you are replacing more stories and more people are choosing to convert their stories. This has a snowball effect. Changes in mass consciousness that used to take a century can now occur in five years. The current change in technology is mirroring the change in mass consciousness.

Perhaps the greatest block remaining for you in the mass consciousness is the fear of your divinity. You believe that to fully claim your divinity, and, therefore your power, is blasphemy. There is a belief that such a desire is evil or satanic, that it is of the ego or a sign of mental illness. To claim your divinity, to realize you are the power in your life and can do whatever you wish to do, is a heresy. That is the greatest fear. People are terrified of taking their power, or of even asserting they have a divine right to claim it. This is the mass consciousness promulgated by most religions. It was not the teaching of Jesus. He spoke of his achievements by saying ”this and more you shall do”. The truth is out there in many published books. There are people talking and writing in the mass media. There are workshops and classes. This energy was almost invisible fifty years ago, but it is everywhere today. The energy supporting the recognition of your personal divinity is there. The critical mass is close. It is becoming easier, but nobody can make the choice for you. Ultimately, you, yourself, will come face to face with your fear and find the love behind it. I’m on your side. I’ve got your back. But, you have to be brave enough to claim your freedom. Choose to unlock the shackles of mass consciousness.

God Blesses You,


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