Are there ghosts or evil spirits?

A question has come in about dealing with evil spirits or energies such as ghosts. There are several levels from which to approach this question, but let us start by focusing on basic truth. We shall begin with an understanding of who we are and how we operate in these physical bodies on planet Earth. We are children of God created in His image. That is to say we are immortal beings of infinite love and creativity. Each of us is unique and yet part of the divine whole or oneness. In creating and inhabiting our physical bodies we forget the truth of our beingness. It is part of our path to remember that the truth of who we are is divine love.

Anything that does not come from unconditional love is not real. The only thing that is true is love; anything that comes from fear or hatred is illusory. Whatever might threaten us is unreal. There is nothing ultimately that can harm the truth of who we are. This is not to say that the physical body cannot experience harm, but our true selves are eternal and indestructible.

It is time now to deal with the next level, that of the planet Earth being a realm of free choice. We are able through our thought processes and emotions to create any possible experience on earth. First of all, it is important to acknowledge that our experiences are our creations, that by the very nature of who we are we cannot be the victims of any other being’s energy. Another being can only give us the illusion of harming us if we give it permission to do so. We do create the reality we experience in these bodies.

If you are experiencing fear that a ghost or any other entity, including one in a physical body, might do you harm there are clear steps to take. First, remind yourself of your divinity, of your oneness with God, of your immortality. Remember that there is only love, that all else is illusion. Affirm that you are safe, that no outside energy or entity can affect you without your permission. State that you do not give your consent for any entity to harm you. Request that your guides or Spirit protect you from any unwanted outside influence. You are in charge here. Nothing can violate your physical body without your agreement.

At this point in the message it is likely that your mind is reacting with a variety of questions and doubts, and this is fine. I am not suggesting that people have consciously chosen their suffering through the ages, only that the beliefs that they hold allowed these events to transpire. Even today there are many who believe that the greatest gift they can give to mankind is the sacrifice of their lives. God has never asked for such an atonement, but holds no judgment for whatever choices are made by those in the “human condition”. I wish you to hear the humor in my voice as I say “the human condition”. By this term, I mean simply the believing of self to be separate from the infinite Creator.

One more level that I wish to address is for those of you who may wish to take action to support the ghost or entity or person that might be perceived as threatening. First repeat silently the four statements, “I love you”, “thank you”, “please forgive me”, and “I’m sorry” over and over. Ask silently what the entity wants in order for it to feel at peace. Using your knowledge of the nature of reality, guide the entity to choose that possibility for itself. Remind it that it is loved and is a divine child of an infinitely and unconditionally loving God.

Know that you are safe and unconditionally loved.

God Blesses You,


March 1, 2010 2154Creation, Divine Nature, Fear, Illusion, Love, Oneness, Physical Body, Reality, Sanhia Message, Separation, Victimhood