Why is it important to balance my masculine and feminine energy?

All of you in Western Civilization pay homage to the masculine above the feminine. This is not a criticism; it is simply an ”isness”. There is nothing wrong with paying homage to the masculine, but when this devotion is out of balance with your homage to the feminine it is difficult to realize your ascension, to realize your own divinity, because you are denying half of yourself. I want to talk a bit about the masculine and the feminine so that you can be sensitive to when they are operating in your life and where your emphasis is, so that you can choose to move that focus if you wish.

The irony of my job – I do have a job that I love to do – is that I do a bit of a bait and switch act. I come in the form of one who seems to be of masculine energy, not only coming through a male channel but also having ascended in a male body, to people on a conscious spiritual path who honor the masculine. Though gender is not the truth of who I am, I play the male role very well. People listen because they respect that air of masculine divinity, even if they are angry about it and hate men. They still respect it on an unconscious level. Everyone does. My job is to use my masculine authority to convince you to listen to your feminine side. That is the irony. And it’s a lot of fun, because nothing matters more than your feelings. And that is the connection to your feminine side – what you are feeling. It doesn’t matter whether you are happy, stressed, or angry. Your feelings are important. If you don’t love and accept those feelings in yourself, you are denying the feminine.

The masculine spiritual energy doesn’t say, ”Don’t listen to that bitch”. There is no battle between them. The energy of the masculine pole is to show light. “This is who you are. This is what you can do. Your mind is creative.” Of course, all of this is true. But what is missing is that if you don’t love yourself, your mind is absolutely helpless to accomplish what you want in your life. The power of creation requires the feminine and the masculine to work together, the light of the masculine and the unconditional love of the feminine. None of you have any problem with the ”light” part. You have all followed teachers and read books. You have become inspired and want to follow some direction, and then you fail. You are not able to do it. You decide that you are inferior to the teacher or the author. It seemed so easy when you were in the class and were told that all you had to do was this….. It is not about the ”brain-mind” knowing.

It is about feeling the love. This is why we created the five-step process. Notice that the process doesn’t start out with your new story. It doesn’t start from the light. It starts from the “old story”, from the pain, the fear, and the separation. In the second step, your job is to go into those feelings, into the feminine aspect, and to love them. If you go into the pain and you tell yourself that you are doing it because you want to get rid of it, you are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Whatever the feeling is, if your desire is to simply avoid it, you are not honoring the feminine. Rather than running away from or pushing away the feelings in the second step, you go directly into them. You face the energy and fully experience it; you merge with, welcome, listen to, love, and thank it for being there. You ride and stay with it wherever it goes through your body, however strong it gets, and in whatever way it might morph. The feeling always has a message or a gift for you. You may not always speak with the energy on a verbal level to get that message. The communication might be subtle, symbolic, or a vision. If your brain-mind is still engaged at this point of the process, it can be most helpful to have a dialogue with the energy in your body so that you can let go of judging, analyzing, and labeling the feeling – allowing you to receive that message. Eventually the feeling will transmute to the unconditional love of the feminine belly-mind. You feel this inner warmth, not because you ran from your feelings, but because you dove into them. When you choose your new story in the fourth step, you are not choosing it from your ”brain-mind”. You are choosing it from your heart, from the merging of the feminine and the masculine. You just know that this is your new story.

The feminine comes first, not second. You cannot be here in a physical body without coming through your mother. This doesn’t mean that the feminine is more important; they are both absolutely necessary. Love simply comes first. This flies in the face of the mass consciousness of Western Civilization which states that masculine energy always leads. It doesn’t. It follows. This does not mean that women are always to lead. You all have both feminine and masculine energy within you. The primary job of the masculine is to empower the feminine.

The masculine is to lead in such a way as to make it safe to experience your feelings. For the most part, the masculine has been doing just the opposite. It has taken its task to be the chasing away of feelings. ”Don’t cry. I will make everything alright. Don’t look at your fears. Just look at the light. Think positively!” For the masculine to truly lead would be to encourage the crying of all the tears and the expression of all the fears. We are not referring to the projection of the fears upon others or a blaming. We speak of an encouragement to fully feel them without defending, rationalizing, or judging. Use your masculinity to support the full experience of your femininity. When you find the unconditional love that lies beneath everything else in you, your masculine can truly choose what you want. You don’t want to avoid pain; you want to fully experience love. They are not the same thing. When the masculine is separate from the feminine, it thinks it has to stay in charge and make the choices. Otherwise all hell might break loose. But, when your masculine is in touch with the unconditional love of your feminine, it gives up control and says to Spirit, ”What do you want me to do?” And that guidance always leads to exactly what you really want. It’s beautiful. You are not doing it out of a sense of self-protection, but out of a recognition of purpose. It’s an absolute surrender and yet an assertion of your masculine energy.  It’s doing what you came here to do. Your ”brain-mind” will never discover that by itself. Such awareness comes when you fully accept all your feelings and everything Spirit sends to you. You let the transformation take place where you feel the unconditional love of the feminine. Then you can see the light.

God Blesses You,


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