How can I change the world?

For many people, the spiritual drive began with a desire to change the world. You looked out at the many problems afflicting the planet, maybe racism or sexism, homophobia or pollution, global warming or poisoned food and water, inequality of income and opportunity, or political corruption, and you said, ” I have to do something!” Some of you spent years fighting battles against seemingly unstoppable forces. Some of you gave up; some went into cynicism and depression; some are still fighting the ”good fight”. This message is for all of you. It is time to stop fighting; it is time to let go of the cynicism and depression. It is time to claim your full power.

The attempt to change the world comes from a place of love, but it is driven by fear. Like everything that is powered by fear, it is destined to fail because it is built upon a false foundation. When you remember that the world is your creation, that it is a reflection of your own consciousness, what is it that really has to change? Two thousand years ago, Jesus changed the entire world. He changed things not by attacking the Roman Empire or the Jewish religious and political power base, but by becoming his true self, by recognizing himself as a child of God, by seeing the divinity in every other soul, and by sharing this message with those who chose to receive it. There was no force. The only battles were internal ones. Those battles were won by letting go, by realizing that all is one, that all is divine, that all is love.

If you insist on seeing good guys and bad guys out there in the world, you will always experience a world of good guys and bad guys. If you fear that the rich will always control things, your experience will prove you right. If you love everyone unconditionally and see them each as innocent children of God, created in the image of their Maker, you will see joy and peace on earth. You will experience the bliss of ascension. You will provide the greatest gift to your fellow travelers that you could possibly have to offer.

Where do you begin? You begin by loving yourself unconditionally, by loving yourself no matter what you have done, felt, or said. You take responsibility for the faults you find in the world and recognize them as judgments you are holding against yourself. Then, let them go. Love yourself to heal yourself. Heal yourself and you will heal the planet. Transform your fears. Trust in the perfection of everything, of every action, of everyone. This is the only way that the planet moves forward; progress in the human spirit happens because of the internal work of one individual. The progress is magnified geometrically as two or more souls heal themselves. To heal is to become whole. The truth is that you already are whole, so healing is just a matter of realization – of seeing the truth about yourself.

I am not asking you to bury your head in the sand and to ignore what is going on in the world (though you might want to skip the evening news). Notice, but don’t judge, realizing that you are looking at a mirror. The more you notice, the more you have to work with in your internal healing process. Where you see the illusions of pain and suffering and victimhood, remind yourself that what is really there is divinity. Love, love, love. All you need is love. The Beatles were right. You are loved beyond measure. You will realize that. You will love yourself beyond measure. You deserve to experience that now.

God Blesses You,


April 1, 2013 1810Fear, Jesus, Love, Mirror, Power, Responsibility, Sanhia Message, World Events