How important are special places and secret teachings?

There have always been special places on the planet which are known as power points, portals, energy vortexes, or by other names. You are still aware of many of them today. Some of you are drawn to Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Nile Valley with its pyramids and temples, Mount Shasta in California, the Himalayas and so on. Every continent has such places. People sought these locales out to go on spiritual retreats, to fast, or to make vision quests. These were times for purification and to get in touch with divine guidance. In some cases, spiritual communities evolved or developed near these power points, allowing the whole group to focus energy toward spiritual evolution.

At the same time, and often connected with these power places and/or their communities, there have been secret teachings. The spiritual knowledge was not written down. The secret teachings were not intended for the average person, who was not trusted to be able to safely handle such wisdom. It could prove to be self-destructive, or it might be used to gain power over others. If you wished to progress spiritually, you had to find a teacher. You had to prove your worth to that teacher. You couldn’t simply enroll in a class, pay your fee, and be taught the secrets of the universe. You had to go through an initiation process, work at lower levels, and earn the trust of the teacher. They did not want to show you how to use spiritual power until you were ready for it. This is how it has been for eons. When the truths have been written down, they were done in such a way that the average person could not access them. Even when you read now the words assigned to Jesus in the Bible, some of which are accurate, they just hint at the fullness of his teachings. He only shared the deeper teachings with those who were ready to hear them. For others, they were hidden in parables or not dealt with in depth. Additionally, those who wrote down his words had only a partial understanding of them.

In 2012 the planet Earth completed its transition into ascension status. This is a change comparable to that initiated during the incarnation of Jesus and those who came to help in that work. A tremendous transformation has now taken place. Among the effects of this movement is that there is no longer a need for special places or for secrecy. You do not have to go to power points to access the divine energy. It is right here and it is right now. Wherever you are, it is. Your divine self is absolutely open to you. You don’t have to go anywhere to find it. To seek it out in special places now can actually slow your process because it can reinforce the “old story” that you are separate from your divinity. I’m not suggesting that you never go to special places, only that there is no need to do so. If you feel a draw to a spot, then go. Follow your heart. There are no longer special places for the planet, but there may be special places for you. Only you can feel where those places are. You might realize, for example, that for your spiritual growth you desire a retreat in a place that provides peace and solitude. Perhaps you are led to live in such a place. Even then, there is not just one place that is the right one for you. Many can provide the solace you seek. Trust your heart and also what presents itself as you make your requests of Spirit.

The truth is now there for all to see and hear. The teachings are no longer hidden. You do not have to climb the mountain to find the guru to learn the secret of life. It is within you. You can turn on the television, walk into a bookstore, or look at the internet. The truth is everywhere. All the information is now out there in the open. Nothing is hidden. The only thing you have to do is to discern what is truth and what isn’t. Listen with your heart. If the teaching is love based, it is likely true. If it is fear based, it is likely false. If your intention is for experiencing your ascension, you will draw the truth to you.

There is no need for hiding the truth on this ascended earth. The shroud of secrecy has been lifted. Secrecy is based in fear. There is no longer a need to protect your truth from others. This is not to say that you are to proselytize the world. Live your own truth and share it with those who express interest. People who are holding onto fear energy can still create persecution and martyrdom. If you fear persecution, the tools are there to create safety about you. You can work with the five-step process or other techniques. When you give up being a victim and claim your divine power, you are always protected.

People are still capable of twisting spiritual understanding to attempt to control others. The use of secrecy in the past to prevent this was unsuccessful. People still gained access to spiritual power and they took advantage of others. Yet earth survived because love is more powerful than fear. All that can be destroyed is that which is not real. Energy can only be used against those who agree to give their power away. It bears repeating. When you give up being a victim and claim your divine power, you are always protected.

You no longer need to seek out special teachers and to go through special initiations. If you draw to yourself a teacher who acts as if he holds the keys and presents that you have to show your worthiness to be his student, you may wish to take a step backward and breathe deeply. A true teacher makes you aware of your own divinity and your personal power. He encourages you to take responsibility. There are no wrong decisions, but some choices will bring more pain than others. The pain can always be a stimulus for growth, but is not a requirement for it. In the old energy, you needed to walk away from everyday life, from your family and community, in order to follow a spiritual path. Today, in the ascended energy you might choose to do that. You might choose to disappear for a while. But, none of this is absolutely necessary. The teachings are universally accessible. The divinity is within you wherever you might be. The choices are infinite and they are yours. Enjoy.

God Blesses You,


October 1, 2014 1661Ascension, Fear, Jesus, Power, Sanhia Message, Separation, Specialness