Do we have free will?

The question of whether or not humans have free will has always been a hot topic. The answer is yes…..and no. In the duality there is always duality. There is no simple answer. The truth of you, the Divine you, has absolute free will to create anything it desires. Absolute. There is no limit. In the illusion, your ego thinks it has absolute free will. And it does. It has absolute free will to keep you stuck here. That is the job of your ego, to keep you in the illusion. Otherwise it disappears. Your ego has a vested interest in your free will, both in your believing that you have a choice and that there is a right choice. In truth, in the illusion you have no choice. You have no free will whatsoever. It has already been decided that the illusion will end. The script has been written, in fact, the play is already over. The illusion ends; it disappears. You realize the truth of who you are and always have been. This is the truth of who you are at this very moment – even though you think you are this body and that the physical world is real.

Because the physical is not real, it cannot be sustained indefinitely. Things that are real last forever; things that are not real begin and end. Knowing this makes understanding easier. Just look around and see what lasts forever. Probably there is nothing like that that you can see. Your human eyes and senses are unable to detect anything that will not change and ultimately end. So, we come back to the question of free will. Your only “true” free will is whether you listen to Spirit or to your ego. As you choose to listen to Spirit, the voice of your ego grows weaker and weaker. Eventually you won’t hear it at all. Then the physical begins to drop away and you will fully realize your Divinity. You realize your ascension.

What you are referring to when you say you have free will is really the voice of your ego. It says, “I want to choose what I want”. Even choosing ascension is a choice of your ego. Your Divinity cannot choose to ascend because it is already in that state. You are not trying to achieve something here, only to wake up. To choose something is to believe yourself to be separate from it. Every choice you can make is an affirmation of separation. Whatever your ego tells you is the way to realize Divinity, comes from fear and separation.

The goals you have in this world come from fear and separation. If you say that you want to get your finances in line so you don’t worry about money anymore, if you are seeking a nurturing supportive relationship, if you are seeking to find your right livelihood – the work you came here to do – none of that will lead you to realize your Divinity. I am not suggesting that you never have earthly desires, but, even should they be fulfilled, you will be left with the need to replace them with other earthly goals. Behind it all will lurk a feeling of lack, a desire for what you don’t have. Your ego’s eyes are infinitely large, always wanting more, never fulfilled. There seems to be a gap where you feel separated from God. No matter how hard you try to fill it, the task is impossible. How can you fill an imaginary hole with imaginary achievements? Eventually, whether in this body or another, you will decide to give your life to Spirit. There is no free will about this. It will be the only choice remaining for you. You will ask Spirit to tell you what to do. You will tell Spirit you are here to serve and that your wills are One. Everyone will make this surrender eventually. You will give your free will to Spirit. Until that time you will continue to have pain, fear, and suffering on the physical plane. No matter what goals you may set for yourself, there will be no heaven on earth.

Ego does not run the show here. Everything is directed by Spirit. Ego has absolutely no power; it all belongs to Spirit. Whether or not you pay it any attention, Spirit runs your life. The only thing you truly want is to wake up to your Divinity. Everything else is just your ego pulling your leg. Spirit brings to you in each moment exactly what you require to realize your ascension. Your only job is to accept what is presented. Welcome it. When you resist and think that what has happened is not what you want, you are trying to give control to your ego. Change your mind about that. Surrender your earthly will to the Divine will. You are simply agreeing to a done deal. Like it or not, Spirit is running your life. Let go of thinking that you know where your happiness and, eventually, your salvation lie. If you knew how to get yourself out of this illusion and into your Divinity, you would have done it long ago. Your life has already been scripted by Spirit. The end of the story is that you are back home. Your choices cannot affect this plan, though your cooperation may speed it along.

Your divine self played with the idea that it could create something separate from God. A “part” of you went off into that idea, into that dream. It was a dream because nothing real could be separate from God. We could identify the part of you that thought this separation could happen as your ego. It is the part that is in guilt and terror. The moment you created that dream, or that nightmare, God recognized it and created Holy Spirit to follow you into the illusion in order to wake you up and show that it wasn’t real. So, within this insanity of the physical world there is a voice of sanity. The truth of Spirit, of Divinity, never waivers. The duality jumps back and forth. On the one hand your ego says you can create anything you want here. You are God; you can create heaven on earth. On the other hand your ego says you are a worthless piece of shit who has failed at everything you have tried, deserving of punishment for your sins and ineptitude. Your ego is always in duality. There is constant conflict. In the truth of Spirit, you simply are. You are Divine. There is no good or bad, no judgment, only Oneness.

If you think of the most joy you have had in this body, it is a small taste of the infinite joy that is a part of your true nature. Some of you have had moments where you felt yourself stepping out of the duality into a place of peace and love. This, also, was but a taste of your true nature. Unlike this temporary appearance, your true self is eternally experiencing this joy. There is no other possibility.

In conclusion, you have the free will to surrender your free will. There is no choice to make. Choices only exist in duality. While you are experiencing this duality, it is the only place you can operate from. So, exercise your apparent free will by choosing Spirit over your ego. Establish a dialogue with Spirit. Your will and Spirit’s will are the same. Spirit will tell you what to do. Surrender to that guidance. Absolutely. All of your fear will come up because you are afraid of God. Ego tells you that only your free will can save you. Spirit reminds you that nothing can save you because you already are saved. So listen, surrender, wake up, and go home. Spirit tells you exactly what to let go of to give up the belief in separation. Your only job is to say “Thank you” and “What is your instruction today?” If you don’t hear a clear message, open your eyes and look around. Whatever you see is what Spirit has brought you today. You can do this. You will do this. Ultimately, you have no choice.  That is your terror and your salvation. Don’t forget the five-step process. It can help you move through the terror more quickly. Your free will is a prison. Give it up, and let the gates be opened. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do. There is only God, only Spirit, only love.

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March 1, 2019 1347Ascension, Creation, Divine Nature, Dream, Duality, Ego, Fear, Illusion, Sanhia Message, Separation

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