How can I deal with my karma?

I don’t believe that we have discussed karma in depth in these messages before, though there has been a reference or two. There is a great deal of confusion around karma. In western religions, it is not even talked about, because karma implies past lives. These faiths acknowledge only the existence of the lifetime you are now experiencing. They believe in only one illusion, not in many. It is from Hinduism and Buddhism that we get the belief in reincarnation and the concept of karma. According to these religions you can have both good and bad karma. What you do in this life will affect your next life. If you do something harmful to another, you will suffer for it in your next incarnation. Conversely, if you do good deeds, your reward will come in your next lifetime. A similar belief is held in Christianity, except the reward or punishment is in the afterlife, and it is permanent. The concept of karma is based on judgment of good and bad, followed by the appropriate reward or punishment. For most people, however, the focus with karma is on the negative. You believe that you are suffering now for something you did in a previous embodiment. On top of that, if you do something you judge as bad in this lifetime, you are condemning yourself to being born again, because fresh karma is believed to only affect future lifetimes. Reading between the lines, if you don’t lead a perfect life – if you make one mistake – it’s all over. You are going to have to come back and try it again, and suffer for it.

We want to look at karma from several different perspectives. The first thing is that karma implies judgment. It suggests there are good and bad actions. Those of you who are on a conscious spiritual path – wishing to experience your ascension – become focused on living a perfect life. ”How do I eat right? How do I meditate and pray correctly? Am I doing the right work? How do I take each step flawlessly, so I don’t even step on an ant? How do I breathe so consciously I don’t even inhale a gnat?” There is an unceasing focus on doing right. All this comes from the ego. The entire interpretation of karma that we have been dealing with up to this point comes from the ego. It is fear-based. It is this idea that God is going to punish you for what you have done. God is judging everything that you do, so you take over that job.

Let’s look at what karma truly is. It has nothing to do with divine judgment. What karma represents is that in a previous life you judged yourself for an action and never fully forgave yourself. It is you who pulled that forward to this lifetime. You are still carrying that judgment with you. When you were doing your pre-life planning, you looked at these accumulated judgments – or karma – which you were holding and asked yourself how you could best set up your new incarnation to support you in forgiving and letting them go. You planned to draw various experiences into your life to trigger those old guilts. Hopefully, they would be brought to your attention and forgiven this time. Karma is simply the measure of what you have not forgiven. It has nothing to do with payback or retribution. It is not a punishment. The reason it feels like punishment is that you have a tendency, as we have previously mentioned, to punish yourself before God does. This is the insanity of the ego, because God loves you unconditionally and has no judgment, no matter what you do.

In this lifetime, you will experience something as being traumatic. Your brain-mind may identify this as karmic payback time. Perhaps you bow your head and willingly take the punishment, believing that you deserve it. It is a beautiful thing to accept and to let go. However, if you surrender in a spirit of having deserved this, you are not completely through with the energy. A part of you will continue to respond out of fear rather than out of love. On the other hand, a full letting go and forgiveness leaves you at a place where you only choose to follow the guidance from Spirit, rather than your sense of right and wrong. You are able to surrender to trust and love, directed only by the oneness of Spirit.

You are susceptible to choosing as you have chosen before. You are likely to listen to ego instead of to Spirit. Karma is simply self-correction. You draw these karmic experiences to give you the opportunity to choose Spirit this time. The more shaken up you are by the karmic experience, the greater the possibility that you might invite Spirit. If you don’t, it’s all right. Nobody is going to punish you except yourself. You will get chance after chance after chance. When you choose Spirit, karma is dissolved. It is no more, neither past nor present. Whatever ”fresh karma” you have accumulated in this lifetime is also dissolved. There is no further balancing to be done. There is no debt to be paid. It is just a question of when you absolutely forgive yourself, when you fully let go of the ego. Doing the five-step process accelerates the release of your ego. The karma you carry is in your body; it is the energy that you work with in the second step. It makes no difference what lifetime or lifetimes the karma is connected to. Either you have it or you don’t. When it dissolves, it dissolves for all time.

Karma is not punishment; it is a gift you have offered to yourself. We support you in giving up the struggle. Surrender the idea that it has to be hard. Let go of the thought that you deserve punishment and that pain will cleanse you and make you worthy.  You are worthy right now. Ascension is not something you earn. It is simply about loving yourself and everyone else unconditionally. It is about absolutely forgiving yourself and others. In the process of doing that you will come to the realization that there has never been anything to forgive. God does not and never has judged you. He always loves you.  Karma is a gift to remind you of where you are not doing that, where you are choosing ego over Spirit. Welcome and embrace your karma. Use it to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. You are forgiven. Go in peace.

God Blesses You,


August 1, 2016 2617Ascension, Christianity, Ego, Forgiveness, Gift, Guilt, Judgment, Right And Wrong, Sanhia Message