What can I gain by letting go of control?

Control is a double-edged sword. When you try to take command of situations, you lose control. When you let go of trying, you actually gain control. I can see that this will take some explaining. I want to suggest at this point that you go and read (or reread) the message entitled How do I deal with power out of balance?. That will make it possible for me not to spend a lot of time repeating myself. I’ll wait while you are doing that.

Okay. Welcome back. Isn’t this technology you’ve created a wonderful thing! It’s only the tip of the iceberg of the power that is you. Now, let’s come back to our topic. When you try to control a situation, the motivation is always fear. You are afraid that if you don’t personally make sure that everybody involved does as you wish, the result will be something you don’t desire and will perhaps be very dangerous for you. The underlying feelings are that you aren’t safe, the world is a hostile place, others are out to get you, there is no loving God, and there is no orderly meaning to the universe – it’s all random chaos. You have enough understanding at this point to predict what will come out of trying to seize control, given this fear-filled emotional state. The law of the universe states that you will create whatever you give emotional power to. Your fear will always overrule your mental choice. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. These attempts to gain control are not only doomed to fail, they are also extremely exhausting because you see every other person as a potential block to your safety and success. You are all alone. You have no allies. You must control everyone and everything. Of course, you aren’t conscious of how pervasive this is, so you unconsciously drive a wedge between yourself and your friends, lovers, coworkers, family, and non-acquaintances.

Let’s bring things back to truth and love. You are safe, loved, and innocent. The keys to the kingdom are yours for the asking. All you need to do is let go (revisit the last message if you want a reminder: How do my relationships fit into my ascension path?). Feel the unconditional love of God and love yourself. This desire to control is really the wish to have what you deeply want. You want to feel safe, loved, and loving, along with having a sense of inner peace. You want to know that you deserve and have the power to ascend. You have asked for all of this from a place of peace. Now you give up control. If your mind knew how to manifest these things into your experience, it would already have done so. If you knew how to realize that you are ascended, control would not be an issue. You don’t know specifically what to tell Spirit to do. And yet you are trying to hold on to control of your world. Am I the only one who finds the situation a little comical? The only step that is open for you to gain control now is to give it up.

This is called letting go and letting God. It requires you to trust the infinite love of Spirit to bring you exactly what will help you to feel safety, peace, and love, so you can realize your ascension. It helps if you welcome whatever comes into your life, receive it as the gift that it is, and feel gratitude. This requires you to trust. Your mind is not going to be of much use for a while. Its ”go to” place is control. It will explain to you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t do any of the things I am suggesting. You will experience tremendous fear. Breathe through it. Stay with it. Don’t try to push the feelings away. Experience them fully. Feel them deeply. Let go of thoughts about the feelings. Don’t judge them; don’t label them. Just notice them. Let them get as big as they want. Notice where the feelings are in your body. After some time bring those feelings up to your heart. Experience them there, again not labeling or judging them. Release them with your exhale as a golden beam of light projecting out from your heart chakra into the universe (the five-step process).

You will have everything you want when you give up control. You will have things you didn’t even realize that you wanted. That is why when you ask for something to manifest you always add ”this or something better” to your order. It is not your job to ”make” it happen. You give that to Spirit. Give up control and you gain control. Move past your mind and into your heart. We are all there waiting to follow your every command. We’re not the ones you can see; we’re the ones you can’t see. We’re all on your side. We’re all one. We love you.

God Blesses You,


October 1, 2013 2180Creation, Fear, Five-step Process, Gift, Gratitude, Power, Sanhia Message, Trust And Faith