What tools are there for realizing ascension?

You deserve to be in a place of joy, love, and peace. The ego always pulls you away from your true inheritance from God. What is certain is that you will ascend; you will realize your divinity. You will know true joy, love, and peace. People have asked how they can shorten the period in the meantime in which they are suffering and in fear.

I am presenting you with a short list of things that you may do to help speed up the chasing away of the ego and the welcoming of your divine self. I present this not in the spirit of burdening you with more thoughts about what you should be doing, but to offer you some inspirational choices. As you move toward realizing your ascension, your moments of pain will be spread further apart and will be of shorter duration. Your go-to place will be joyful, loving and accepting of whatever is present.

First are some suggestions for how to deal with all the lists in your life. I expect that most of you have lists, whether written or mental. Some of the experts suggest that the way to handle your lists is to tackle the toughest thing first. The thinking is that when the biggest challenge is out of the way, everything else becomes easier. Of course, the next thing you take on is what is now the biggest challenge. I think this orientation is backwards. Look at your list and ask yourself what would be the most fun thing to do. What would give you the most joy and excitement? Or ask what is the easiest thing for you to do? You do that task first. After experiencing the joy of crossing something off your list, check to see what is now the most fun and easy thing. That is all you do. Of course, your list will never be finished: you will always be adding more things to it, but the choosing remains the same. It is not a question of what has been on your list longest or what most “needs” to be done. The choice is always determined by your passion. If you believe that life is a struggle, choosing the hard things first will reaffirm that creed. You think that if you just force yourself to do these tasks you have been putting off, your life will ease up and you can enjoy things. The truth is that your list will keep growing, as will your certainty that this is just how life is. If the habit you nurture is to look at your list and ask what would be fun to do today, what is most exciting – your whole attitude toward life will begin to shift. You deserve to do what you came here to do, and that “doing” will be a joyful experience.

I recommend that you treat the list I am about to give in that manner. There are more things on it than you could do every day. “Cherry pick” the ones that most appeal to you and play with them first. There is no order of importance to the items.

1. IntentionHave you made your intention to realize your divinity? If not, the pain will not begin to end until you commit to joy and ascension. If so, there is no need to repeat the request. However, as you are looking at whatever is troubling you or whatever logs you have thrown in front of yourself for the day, ask yourself how all this connects with your intention. That is the important question. The task is to align yourself with what you want. Perhaps this means letting go of something. Maybe you are giving importance to matters that are not connected to the truth of who you are. Are you are being true to yourself? Give everything to Spirit.

2. The five-step process: If you are not feeling good, emotionally or physically, do the process. Go through it on your own, or listen to the recording on the website, or contact one of your friends to lead you through it. Decide that you don’t wish to live with the discomfort; change your story. Remember that the fear that you transform to love through Spiritual Alchemy is permanently altered. You have accumulated a finite amount of fear in your body. It is only a matter of time before love rules your day instead of fear.

3. Numerology chart – Your Love Letter from your Higher Self: There are many different ways that you can play with your chart. You could pick any major position in your chart and ask for guidance concerning a situation you are dealing with. Or you could pick one position at a time and think and meditate on it. Eventually you might work through your entire chart. Focusing on the name numbers will help you accept, support, and love yourself, while looking at the birth numbers can assist you in accepting what you have created or drawn into your life. Allow Spirit to talk with you through the numbers. Your Ascension Numerology book will assist you as you begin this process, but eventually the numbers and positions will become such a part of you that you will only refer to the book occasionally.

4. Spiritually inspiring reading: Find an inspirational book to read out of daily, perhaps in the morning as a way to start off your day. You may have a particular favorite or might move from one book to another. Ask your friends for recommendations. You can read from our old messages here on the website or in the book format: God Blesses You: Ascension Messages from Sanhia. Reading regularly helps align your brain-mind with Spirit instead of the ego.

5. A Course in Miracles: I have separated this out from inspirational reading, because the Course is a particular study. It is designed to be worked with in small blocks of time on a daily basis. I see the Course as a spiritual equivalent to a workout at the gym, A day here and there will not make much difference. But years of regular training will perform Miracles with your body or with your spiritual awareness. We could call it spiritual toning. It takes quite a while to turn around the ship of mass consciousness. If you stay with the Course, the ego doesn’t have a prayer.

6. Forgiveness: Practice forgiveness daily, constantly. Separation evaporates. Forgive yourself; forgive others. Forgive God; forgive the weather. Forgive the driver for hanging out in the left-hand lane. Forgive everyone, everything, all of the time. You do this not because the forgiveness is needed, because everyone, including yourself, is innocent, but because when you forgive, it allows a place to align with Spirit. When you are judging yourself or others you are separate from Spirit. That places you in hell. When you are in hell you are suffering. The ego will tell you “that bastard deserves it”; he deserves your anger and your judgment. The ego loves righteous indignation. It creates enemies and separation. Forgiveness is the quickest way. Everything in your life that is painful is connected to a lack of forgiveness. Every physical ailment you have is linked to not being able to forgive. If you are having trouble forgiving, ask Spirit for help. In the end, as well as in the beginning, there is nothing to forgive. There is only innocence.

7. See the perfection: See the perfection in each person and each situation you meet. They are here to support your ascension. The driver who just cut you off was the perfect driver for you at this moment. You have the perfect President. Everything is perfect. That plane crashing with no survivors was a perfect event. Divine, as it should be. The dis-ease, whatever it is…perfect. Accepting perfection is the greatest threat to the ego. The ego’s job is to protect you from imperfections. It uses your judgment and your anger to accomplish this. Perfection puts the ego out of work. With the recognition of perfection, you can no longer be a victim to anything. Negative patterns will disappear from your life. There is nothing left to fear. This is heavenly. It doesn’t matter whether you understand why something is perfect, that knowing will come in time. Just trust. Nothing has to change.

8. Accept God: This doesn’t make any difference to God, but it makes an enormous difference for you. Here is how I know that people fear God, even if they claim to be atheists. If they hold a speck of judgment, they believe in and fear God, a punishing God. People consciously deny the existence of God because they have made Him in their image. They think that God is judgmental and vengeful. They blame God for what humans have created…which is everything that exists in the physical world. They deny God because judgmental people claim to speak for God. Separate all of these ego lies about God from the truth, which is so simple. God is unconditional love. There is nothing that God would ever judge. Claim God. Reunite with Him.

If you pick just one of the items on this list, the one that most draws you, it will make an enormous difference in your life. When you are ready to take on more, you will know. If you skip a day, forgive yourself and start over. God doesn’t care.

God Blesses You, 


What do you mean by my “old story”?

For some of you there has been some confusion over the first step of the five-step process, misunderstanding the meaning of your ”old story”. Your ego tells you stories all of the time about your experiences and what they mean. For example, your brain-mind might say, ”I am really good at athletics”, or ”I am a good problem solver”, or on the other hand, ”I just don’t get along with the opposite sex; I don’t know how to talk with them”, or ”I never have enough money”. As you repeat some of these tales, they fill you with confidence and power. Relating other narratives may leave you feeling uneasy or even terrible. There is a sense of ”that’s my story and I’m stuck with it”. These are the “old stories” that we are talking about, the ones that bring you discomfort, the ones that hurt. We call it a story because it is something you have made up. It’s not the truth. Anything that is not about unconditional love, joy, and passion is false. It is an illusion. Today we will talk about these “old stories”.

You don’t have to live with them anymore. You may not want to hear this, but you are living with these old tales because you are choosing to do so. Nobody is forcing them upon you, though your narrative may state that others are, indeed, forcing your story upon you. If your account is, ”this isn’t my story, this is just the way the world is,” you are denying your divinity. You are pretending that someone or something else is running your life. As long as you hold on to that fantasy, it will be true for you. My job is not to tell you to change your perception. That’s your job. I am simply here to tell you that there is no story you are stuck with. That is the simple truth. Let me retract that. There is one story you are stuck with. You are the divine, innocent child of God. You are all powerful. Everything in this world is your creation. You are stuck with that. You can deny it, but you can’t get rid of that story. It is the only statement that is absolutely true. All of the others are optional; they are whatever you want to choose.

You can hold on to painful stories as long as you wish to, but I encourage you to remind yourself of your divinity regularly, daily. Emphasize to yourself that you are the loving, infinite, immortal power behind everything in your life, even though your ego may be screaming out ”I don’t believe that; I’m not all of that!” Remember that God loves and blesses you always, no matter what you do. Replace the story of the punishing God with one of a loving God. Let that be your daily focus.

For now, we want to direct our energy toward dealing with these “old stories”. They are simply things that happen in your life that cause you pain. It may be that you are not fully conscious of having a story. It might just feel like your experience. Something happened in your life and it hurt. You can feel where you are carrying that pain in your body, both when the event happened and when you recall it to your memory. That is an “old story”.  That is what we are talking about transforming through the use of Spiritual Alchemy. The five-step process will only work well if you decide that you don’t want the story anymore. You may have an unpleasant “old story” that you are not ready to let go of. That’s fine. Hold on to it as long as you wish. But, if you are ready to let go of what is painful in your life, you can do that. Be honest with yourself. Either way the story is serving you. You are not a victim. If you are ready, you can do the process.

There is something else I would like to say about this process of letting go of the “old story”. It is a habit to play your tale over and over in your head or through sharing it with others. Every time you revisit the “old story”, you give it energy; you feed it. It lives and it continues. If you have done the process and the story comes back, likely, there is another level of the energy to be transformed. Acknowledge it and redo the process. You don’t always get every bit of it at once. You transmute what you are able to each time. Eventually, the pain will all be gone from your body. Remember that you are not chasing the fear away, you are transforming it into love. Meanwhile the fear affects you on every level. Eventually it kills you. You leave and come back and do it again with a new plan. When you have made the decision to let go of the “old story”, really let it go. If the story comes back, repeat the process. To repeat the tale is to hold onto it. The only catharsis that comes from the retelling is to feel the pain that you are carrying, so that you can focus on it while doing the process. Otherwise, do not give attention to the story either mentally or verbally. Your story is fed when you receive pity from others. It can be a helpful self-discipline to simply stop. See what happens. Replace the “old story” with your divine story. Ask yourself how a divine child of God would react in your situation. In each moment you are choosing whether to feed love or fear. Be vigilant in noticing which you are giving life to. Don’t allow yourself to focus your mental energy on the ego’s fear.

You are love and you are loved. Keep your focus there. Step by step you are moving toward the full realization of your divinity. You will get there. That is a given. The five-step process merely accelerates the movement. Alleviating the suffering now; that is a choice. God only sees your divinity. Everything in this world is your creation. We encourage you to take your power and to use it, inspired by the love that you are. Have a wonderful now.

God Blesses You,


What do you mean when you say I preplanned this life?

Let’s start today by talking about the truth of who you are. You are divine. You are one with God. You are the creator of all that is in the physical realm. This cannot be stated too many times. When you crossed the threshold and moved into the physical vessel of this body that you have created for your earthly experience, you forgot who you are. You think that you are less than divine and go on to prove yourself right. Just because you don’t believe in or can’t accept your godliness, you don’t stop being divine. You simply create from this stepped down point of view. You generate the illusion of limits throughout your life.

Let’s take a step back across the threshold, to a point before you created this incarnation. You now have a greater awareness of your divinity. Having been through this cycle of birth and death many times, and knowing how forgetful you become when you get back into a body, you try to design things to wake you up. You want to make yourself aware of the truth of who you are while you are in this next body. You hope to ascend. We call this preplanning. This is where you, along with those souls who have decided to incarnate with you and play significant roles in your life, make agreements.

It is helpful for you to take to heart and understand that the preplanned future events may look like disasters to you. Things may happen in your life that you would never consciously choose, such as accidents, death, loss of a love, or material setbacks. When you look at these events from the point of view which has forgotten your divinity, you might think that you are a victim of a random – or worse – cruel world. Why is this happening to me? Is God punishing me? The answer is that you planned it this way, that you are the god you have been railing against. You hoped these events would shake up your life so you could perceive yourself differently and begin to recognize your divine nature.

If everything in your life worked out well, you would be fairly content most of the time. You would be okay. If your parents were good enough, if you were relatively smart and healthy, if you had decent physical coordination and were attractive to others, if people liked you and you had plenty of friends, and if you were satisfied with your partner – you would be okay. If you had healthy, intelligent children who didn’t give you too much hell, a talent and job that you mostly enjoyed and which brought you a comfortable income, life would be okay; but spiritually, you might not grow at all. Why rock the boat? There is nothing wrong with such a life unless it is your desire to experience your true essence, not just ”good enough”. If you want to experience divinity and the absolute truth of who you are, and use your infinite individualized creativity to affect this earth plane and others in it, ”good enough” is not good enough. That is not what you came to do. You preplanned events and relationships to guide you in the ascension direction you wanted to follow, knowing that you would forget this course once you got into a body.

Look at your life now and find the one, or perhaps two or three, traumatic events that cause you to say to yourself that in no way did you choose this. Take responsibility for those events as you do in the third step of the five-step process. State that you chose this story, not to punish yourself, but out of love. This is recognition of your intention. While it is important to choose your new stories and to create the life you desire, it is equally important to realize that every story you already have comes from an intention. If you deny that intention, you deny a whole side of your divinity. Take these ”worst” events to your heart one at a time and do the five-step process with them. Feel where the story is held in your body and fully experience the energy until the Spiritual Alchemy does its work. Sometimes with these big stories, the energy is so powerful it feels like it doesn’t want to let go. This is a place where it can help to dialogue with the energy. Welcome it into your body. Thank it for being there. Acknowledge that you asked it to come. Tell it that you know it has a gift or a message for you and express your willingness to receive and to act on that guidance.

If your intention is to realize your ascension and get there in the most direct manner possible, embracing these events that seem the most challenging is the quickest way to go. Look the event in the face; tell it, ”I chose you. Thank you for being here. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here asking to recognize my divinity.” When you can transform your greatest failure into your greatest success, anything is possible. And it is.

God Blesses You,


Why is intention necessary?

Many of you celebrate the birth of Jesus. There is a great deal of confusion about who Jesus was and what his significance is for us today. What Jesus came to show us and to demonstrate is our personal divinity, that we are children of God as he is. That is the message. It is one of resurrection, not of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. However, you hold this belief in suffering in your bodies. The crucifixion story was written down and passed on in its present form because that was the energy that mankind was holding 2000 years ago. Martyrdom could be accepted, but the divinity of people was not part of anybody’s story. It threatened all existing orders.

The picture of God that is held by many people today still has nothing to do with the essence of unconditional love and unlimited potential that is the divine creative force. We were made in the image of this God. What has happened, in the popularly accepted view, is that God has been created in the image of man – man in ignorance of the truth of his divinity. All the negative emotional energies that are held in a fear-based life are projected upon God – an angry, punishing, judging, jealous God.

We want to recall that there is one overriding message that Jesus came to teach, that we are divine. We are the power in our lives. We create everything that happens. How do we do this? Some of the truth was recorded. He said to ask and it will be given. You must ask. It comes from intention. This is what we want to talk about today. You created a planet of free will where you can choose anything that you want. You cannot unchoose the truth of your divinity, because that exists above and beyond this physical earth, without limit. Nothing can destroy you or another human soul. You have choice only over your experience here. Once you leave, the veil lifts and the emotional baggage you were carrying is gone. Here you have a choice. You can opt for fear or love. If your intention is to go with fear, your experience will justify your selection. Everything that happens to you will prove the correctness of your intention.

If you do not intend to claim your divinity, you will continue to deal with pain and suffering. Experiencing your divinity is not likely to happen accidentally. You begin with the intention. You must ask. But, simply asking without taking action can make for a very slow realization of your divinity, one that might not be fulfilled in your present incarnation. You have all of this fear energy in your body. You are carrying it with you from this and former lifetimes. It continues to manifest negative emotional experiences where you have depression, anger, hopelessness, jealousy, or fear of lack. It helps to have your aim be true and consistent.

It is not enough for your brain-mind to think that you are divine. There are many wonderful books out there about the spiritual nature. Reading them will not give you an experience of your oneness with God, nor will reading this message. Your timelessness is experienced as you transform the emotional energy that is held in your body, and your brain-mind is incapable of doing that. You cannot think your way out of this. Affirmations will not bring about the realization of your holy nature. You carry this energy in your body, not in your mind. Your brain-mind reacts to the emotional energy in your body in a slavish manner. It is an endless loop. You create situations out of the beliefs you hold. Then you have a negative emotional reaction to the situation, and your brain-mind jumps right in. It chooses blame and victim thinking. Your brain-mind may try to squelch the negative emotion in the body, but it fights a losing battle. In the end, it is not about changing your mind or thoughts. Intention is about taking action in alignment with Spirit.

You certainly want to act out of love and your true desire. In order to do this, let go of self judgment and move to unconditional acceptance. No matter what. The fear you are holding in your body refuses to allow you to do that. The ego is basically screaming out, ”Without me you are nothing. I am all that is protecting you from oblivion!” It is an impossible task to successfully argue with this fear that doesn’t believe in your divinity. You can only embrace it with love. What is required is an intention to not try to cover up, hide from, or change this energy of fear in your body. Have the intention to love it, to welcome it, and to simply watch it. If you observe it for long enough with acceptance, the fear transforms to love. It is that simple, because it always was love. That is all that is real. The fear is an illusion. We have just described the second step of the five-step process. This is what we call Spiritual Alchemy, the transforming of fear into love.

The commitment is to do the process with the fear-based emotions every time they come up – until they stop surfacing, until all that is left in your reaction to every situation is love. You will continue to create the situations that will trigger your fear until it is dissipated. Then those same situations, if they were to arise, would be answered only with love. At that point when your response to everything is love, the question may arise – ”has the world changed or is it my reaction that has altered?” The truth is that both have transformed. There is no difference. There is no separation.

If you feel that you are responding only with love, but you buy into others’ illusions – you see them as hopeless, sad, or victims – you are projecting your own fears. That energy is still present; the other person is simply holding up a mirror for you. Take the feelings they trigger for you. Silently thank the other for showing you what you are still holding andgo back to work on yourself. You cannot change the experience for anybody else. This is the planet of free choice. Everyone has the right to be a victim and to suffer – as you have the birthright to be fully free and claim your divinity. It is not your job to do this for anybody but you; but it is your job to see them as divine, no matter how they perceive themselves.

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of your awareness of your divinity. In the dark of the year you can shine your spiritual light on your own darkness. Allow it to be there and embrace it with your love. Every candle you light can be a symbolic gesture toward this commitment to loving your emotions. You are divine.

God Blesses You,


How do I deal with my environmental fears?

A question has been presented to me about how to deal with the world and its environmental problems. Your brain-mind may be asking, ”How can I and my children survive the threats from pollution, global warming, carcinogens, chemicals, radiation from electronic devices, warfare, and the effects of capitalism and large governments?” You might understand how you can affect things directly dealing with your own thoughts and actions through the five-step process, but still fail to see how you can avoid being a victim to the mass consciousness and world events.

You project your love and your fear upon the planet. You cast all of this upon “Mother Earth”, but nobody has the power to destroy the earth. The area of concern is not with the earth; it is with you. Nobody has the power to determine the future of the planet for you. That is yours and yours alone. Neither do you have the power to determine the future of the planet for anybody else. Your belief will not change the truth, but it will affect your perception of the truth. No matter what you believe about the world, your experience will prove you right.

Scientists are correct when they tell us that we are undergoing a period of global warming. I don’t suggest that you ignore the warnings. What are you to do with the information? If global warming is to bring about changes that include storms and flooding, you can choose not to be directly affected. It doesn’t matter whether your fear is of drunk drivers, earthquakes, or mass murderers. You can always choose to be in the right place at the right time. If you are suffering significant degrees of fear, or anger – one of fear’s many manifestations, do the five-step process. Global warming could prove to have some positive effects for the planet. Your job is not to judge. Your job is to feel love and choose what you want. Choose what you want rather than choosing the absence of what you fear. If it is appropriate for global warming to be halted or reversed, it will happen. It will happen from a place of love. Perhaps a person, or persons, in the process of following their heart’s guidance find the alternative energy source or channel an absolutely unthought-of solution to the situation. Your job is to release fear and to follow your heart. Do what you came here to do.

I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand and hide from any of the fears that were mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you are concerned that the food you are eating might kill you; of course, you want to change that story. But, you also want to eat to please your belly-mind. Healthy food tastes good. Organic food is more enjoyable than non-organic. Natural foods are more gratifying than processed ones. Eat what truly feels wonderful to you, and release your food fears through the five-step process. If you find yourself in a situation of eating food that you know is not healthy for you, don’t worry about it. It won’t kill you, unless you want it to do so. Survival is not about purity. It is about loving yourself and your life so much that there is nowhere else you would rather be. Enjoy whatever you eat. If you love your food, your food will turn to love within you.

Many of you are worried about the effects of radiation, especially from mobile phones. If the fear is great, protect yourself until the five-step process has a chance to work. Then listen to your heart. If you are worried about your children’s use of phones, I have a question for you. Which is the greater ultimate danger to your child, mobile phones or her brain-mind acting out of fear? Where are your priorities as a parent? You can hardly ask your children to surrender their fears to the belly-mind and to choose always to come from love unless you are making a sincere effort to do just that yourself. Kids aren’t dumb. They’ll smell that one a mile off.

When there is no fear and no denial, your love will create only from your heart’s desire. There is nothing to fear. As you are building your love, take the precautions that you feel that you want. Ultimately there is no order of difficulties in miracles. When you are performing Spiritual Alchemy, there is no difference between creating a state of unconditional self-love (which you have experienced your ability to do, if you have worked with the process), and protecting yourself from nuclear war or a significant rising of the ocean levels. It doesn’t matter where the fear of victimhood is coming from; love is simply the place where you begin. It helps, as you are dealing with what seem to be such enormous issues, to put things in perspective. If you believe that this body is all you get and then there is nothing, terror is more likely to hold you in its grip. If you hold the awareness that none of this is ultimately real, that it is just a big dream that you will awaken from someday, and that you will eventually laugh about it all – it is easier to let go of your brain-mind and find true peace and love in this very body. You are already ascended. Get used to it!

God Blesses You,


How do I create dis-ease?

In the last message I talked about the two minds, the brain-mind and the belly-mind. Your brain-mind is more connected with the masculine energy or the direct mental communication with the higher self, while your belly-mind is more connected with the feminine energy and relating to the physical world and its sensual experiences. It is your brain-mind that always chooses and focuses the energy, having intention, and, it is your belly-mind that is in a constant state of unconditional love and acceptance, simply flowing with what is. What I call ascension is this place where your brain-mind and your belly-mind are in absolute harmony and balance. I spoke of the importance of your brain-mind  surrendering to your belly-mind so that experience of peace and love can be had. In that nurturing space your brain-mind can choose with clarity.

That place where your brain-mind and your belly-mind meet is the spiritual heart or the heart chakra. We speak of coming from the heart. The Swedish have an expression “att tänka med hjärta” that translates to ”if you think with your heart”. When we say ”coming from the heart”, we are saying two things. We are saying that you are coming from a place of unconditional love, but we are also saying that you are coming from a place of absolute integrity. When you are true to yourself, you are true to your heart. But, how can you hear your heart? You can only do so if your brain-mind is quiet. If your brain-mind is full of chatter, if it is expressing fears and doubts and limitations, Spirit is drowned out. This quieting can be achieved through meditation or any other technique that turns over the power to your belly-mind. The five-step process is designed to do just that.

With the surrender of your brain-mind, your belly-mind can hold that place of unconditional love and acceptance. Your body is no longer experiencing fear in the form of pain or dis-ease or emotional discomfort. There is instead a sense of peace and warmth. However, if your brain-mind insists upon holding on to control, it becomes self-destructiveness. It holds a story that doesn’t serve you and isn’t aligned with your divine self. This will eventually become dis-ease in your body, but immediately there is a discomfort.

What happens when your brain-mind has the intention to let go, to shut down and let your belly-mind take over? Your belly-mind sees the energies in your body for what they truly are, expressions of love. It realizes the absolute peace, tranquility, and love of the infinite. Then your brain-mind is re-engaged in a state of unconditional self-love. In this nurturing culture that your belly-mind has allowed to engulf the body and especially the spiritual heart, your brain-mind can choose what it is that you want to make manifest. This union of your two minds happens in your spiritual heart. This is not the choice that would please your parents, your partner, your friends, or your superiors. It is the answer to the question ”What is mine to do?” or ”What is my purpose?” Your brain-mind is also able to see a larger picture. It can recognize its power and the part it has played in creating what has been.

Your two minds can only meet in your spiritual heart. If all the energy is focused in the realm of your belly-mind, there will be a state of unconditional love and acceptance without movement or action. It will not be possible to fulfill your pre-life plan. If the energy is focused in the realm of your brain-mind, the connection with love is severed and your choices will be directed by fear and could become ruthless. They meet in the center. Your brain-mind initiates the process by giving full power to your belly-mind. Your belly-mind transforms your bodily vibrations to one of tranquility which it focuses in your spiritual heart, and your brain-mind is invited back in to direct the energy from your true desires. This is what I call Spiritual Alchemy. Your full purpose may evolve gradually as you operate from the heart. There is no hurry. Feel free to follow your heart one step at a time. Or shoot for the moon.

God Blesses You,


How can I get the ying and yang energy in harmony within me?

When most people think of the ”mind” they are referring to the thinking that comes out of the brain. This mind is the part of the human that directs energy and activity. The brain-mind, as we shall call it, is intricately connected with the ego. The ego is the part of you that thinks you are separate from God, that believes in all your stories, and that pretends you are a victim. Your ego is driven by fear rather than love. This does not mean that your brain-mind can only function from fear and can only connect with your ego, but that is its default mode. Your ego does not believe in your divinity or accept the reality of your eternal soul. Your brain-mind will work to validate your ego’s story unless it is retrained. Your brain-mind accepts a story in which you are weak and helpless. If there is a God, it believes you are inferior and at God’s mercy. Sometimes your brain-mind may reject the idea of God, but there is still no room for your divinity. Your “old story” tells how you need to be punished for your wrong doing and wrong thinking, whether that is by God or by the randomness of the universe. Most of the time that your brain-mind is operating, it is creating stories that your heart doesn’t desire. The best thing that most of you can do with your brain-mind in this ego state is to just turn it off, to figure out how to disconnect it. The five-step process has been developed to help you do that.

What many people are unaware of, or else often disregard, is that the human being has two minds. In addition to the brain-mind which does the thinking, there is what we will call the belly-mind. Your belly-mind is located in your lower abdomen. While your brain-mind is more associated with the masculine yang energy, your belly-mind is more linked with the feminine yin energy. It is your belly-mind that connects you with the earth and experiences the physical joys of being in a body. While your brain-mind picks up energy in the form of ideas or pictures, your belly-mind is more of a sense receiver. It picks up input from throughout your body as well as from other bodies. It collects information from your every cell. Your brain-mind is usually not in touch with the cells in your body. Its primary function is to receive clear light from your higher self and so it deals with the intellect and the realm of ideas. Your belly-mind is dealing with what is here and now.

Most people give their power to their brain-minds. Because the brain-mind is usually guided by fear, their lives are run by terror. People are also afraid of their belly-minds. The belly-mind is not guided by rationality; that is the realm of the brain-mind. The belly-mind has a more intuitive energy. It knows without knowing why. It knows without needing to know why. It just knows. Let’s go back to the five-step process. The first step is simply the recognition of what your brain-mind has gotten you into. Your “old story” is your fear driven belief. Your brain-mind wants to get rid of this story, but can’t because it really believes in it. In the second step, you set your thoughts, judgments, and rationalizations aside and simply surrender to the feelings you are carrying in your body. This is where your brain-mind is disengaged and your belly-mind takes over. This is where the real work is done, where Spiritual Alchemy takes place.

Let’s look more deeply at the second step. Your belly-mind pays attention to the feelings that are in your body. It watches them until your brain-mind fully disengages. Then the true nature of the energy can surface. Love is felt instead of fear. Peace descends where there was tension. Sometimes, your brain-mind is so terrified that it cannot disengage. It may be helpful in this case to have a dialogue with the energy being held in your body. This is more easily done if there is a third party, an outside brain-mind, that can ask the questions. Otherwise your brain-mind will often be unable to let go. A good place to begin the conversation is by welcoming the energy you feel in your body. Whether it is experienced as a physical pain or an emotional discomfort, you have created the energy and have invited it into your life. This energy is your friend. You are not a victim. You didn’t create this energy to hurt yourself. This was the best that you could do in the moment to get where you wished to go. The least that you can do is to make your guest welcome. Then it is time to ask the energy what gift it has brought for you. The answer to that question will only be heard by your belly-mind. Your brain-mind will either be unable to hear it or will be distrusting of the message if it can hear, so the process is one of slowly sedating your brain-mind until it feels safe enough to let go and let your belly-mind work with the energy. Your belly-mind has no fear of the body or its feelings. Your belly-mind has no fear, period.

Your belly-mind is very much connected to the feminine energy. It contains no judgment. It is one with whatever is there. It is a mind of unconditional love. As your belly-mind maintains a steady connection with the energy held in your body and your brain-mind slowly recedes into the background, the energy is perceived for what it truly has been all along. It is felt as love.

Your brain-mind is not a vestigial organ. Its job is to choose the story you really want. Your belly-mind does not choose stories. It loves unconditionally and connects fully with the physical world. When you are here in a body you can do anything that you want. How do you decide just what you are going to do? Deciding is the job of your brain-mind. But, if your brain-mind is ruled by fear, it is unable to hear your higher self clearly and chooses less than what you want. These two minds are to work together. If your brain-mind tries to operate alone, it will respond to fear. If your belly-mind were to work alone it would lack direction. Manifestation happens through the marriage of the two minds.

For millennia, the mass consciousness of the earth has believed that the brain-mind was superior and the belly-mind was inferior, if it was given any respect at all. Actually, it is your belly-mind that is to take the lead. This is not to say that your belly-mind is to dominate as your brain-mind has done. They are to be in perfect balance. The job of your belly-mind is to connect with the physical level of existence, in a harmonious loving manner. You are to love every aspect of your body simply because it is, as well as all of physical reality. Your belly-mind’s connection with the unconditional love of divinity allows your brain-mind to release its fear and to choose its stories out of love and passion. Thus, we come to the third and fourth steps. Third, your brain-mind takes full responsibility for what it has created, understanding its divinity and that it could be no other way. This taking of responsibility can only be made from love. Finally, your brain-mind is ready to choose where it wishes to go. It is now able to hear your higher self and to freely follow it.

The irony is that the brain that has the fear is the one that has to choose. Your brain-mind is interested in the truth. It wants the truth and is drawn to it, but is also terrified of it. Who wouldn’t want to live without fear in a world where you could create abundance and whatever else you wanted? Only a great fear could turn you away from such a truth. Your brain-mind needs its “mother” to hold it and whisper in its ear that it is safe in order to have the strength to choose the truth. Without the support of your belly-mind, your brain-mind will at best choose only a small part of its divine inheritance. It can seem easier to deny the possibility than to take a chance and have your hopes dashed. Your brain-mind may open up to spiritual possibilities but claim that others might be capable of achieving them but not you. ”I’m not strong enough. I’m not brave enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not pure enough”. The list goes on and on. You may fear for your sanity or for being persecuted as occurred during the witch trials.

Your brain-mind can be aware of these three things: 1. That you could choose anything.  2. That you have the power to choose.  3. That it’s up to you to make the choice. Your choice may not be made with certainty, but it will give your belly-mind the space to go to work. Otherwise your mind brain believes that the only thing holding itself and the planet together is its control. ”If I let go, everything is lost”. In terror, it will not surrender that control and life is lived in some degree of fear and lack.

My job is to tell you that you are in charge of your life and are fully capable of creating whatever you want. It will take some work, but your belly-mind is ready to support you unconditionally. Take the leap. Work with the five-step process. Experience your divinity.

God Blesses You,


How does manifestation take place?

You planned this incarnation. You designed your physical type and your gender. You arranged to connect with other souls and to play significant roles in each other’s lives. You came in with the goal of completion. When I say completion, I mean that you plotted things with the intention that you would come into a full conscious awareness of the truth of who you are, the truth of your divinity. This was your greatest hope for this lifetime. You would not be reading this now, were that not your intent. You set things up for yourself as you came into this incarnation so that ascension was a distinct possibility. You still have absolute freedom of choice and you can always decide differently, yet your choices have led you to be reading this now. You have had lifetimes where you didn’t choose the ascension path. In still other lifetimes, you have been conscious of this desire to experience your divinity, but have thought that you couldn’t do it, that you would come back and try again. You may choose such a course again this time and there is no problem with that.

The only thing that is absolutely inevitable is that one day or another, in one body or another, you will have the experience of your divinity. It is the truth of who you are, and you can only hide from that truth for so long. Within many of you is a desire that wants this experience right now, but doesn’t believe that it can happen while in this body. You might try to travel outside of your body. Maybe you don’t want to wake up in the morning. In the physical world, you may have a sense of hopelessness, a sense of futility, of frustration. It could feel like there is nothing but pain and discomfort from being in the physical body – even though it has its moments of pleasure, its moments of bliss. You have felt that way before. That is your story. What I am offering to you – although it is not mine to give, it is yours to take – is the possibility of letting go of that story, forever, and replacing it with the story you wish to have. It is not my job to write your story. You can write the story of what you wish to accomplish while in this physical body.

To help you understand more about why you are able to choose your own story, let’s talk about how manifestation takes place on the physical plane. The vibration that deals with manifestation is that of the number eight. If you look at the shape of the 8, it can explain to you everything about manifestation. It is said about the 8, ”As above, so below” – as it is in the spiritual, so it is in the physical. When you take the 8 and turn it on its side, it is the symbol for infinity. The only limit that exists on the flow of created manifestation is the one you choose to place there, no other. You have been working with the laws of manifestation as long as you have been in bodies. When you work with the laws unconsciously, you create unconsciously. When that happens, you are usually not pleased with the result. It never looks like what you would consciously choose. Therefore, you make the erroneous assumption that you are powerless, that you have no effect or influence over what is happening. If you imagine the creative force that brought everything that is into being, can you visualize a limit to what that energy can create? The truth of you and who you are is that each of you is created in the likeness of the original creative force. You are infinite, immortal, and have no limits as your creator is infinite. You are a piece of the whole. You are a being of unconditional love and unlimited creativity. You are innocent and loved unconditionally by the creator. It is difficult for you to take full responsibility for your life and to assume your full power if you are carrying guilt and judgment.

This is how manifestation (visualize the 8) takes place. You have the spiritual plane at the top of any symbol and the physical plane at the bottom. The spiritual plane you could call your soul, your higher self, or the immortal part of you. The physical plane represents your body and the material earth, that which in truth is not real, is not immortal. You create there in the now for whatever purposes you might have. If the physical should disappear, the spiritual remains. What is in the physical is what you are pulling from the spiritual. You can pull anything out you want. In the middle where the two circles join, or where the flow crosses itself, are the mental and emotional planes of existence. The mental plane decides what you are going to create. As you are telling your story, whatever it may be, that’s what your mental plane has decided to pull out of the spiritual. Whatever limitations you feel imposing themselves on you, that is your story. That is created by the mind.

Some of you have worked with the idea of positive thinking, where you decide to change your mind. How did that work for you? Maybe there were some short-term successes, but it leaves out half of the equation. Thinking is the masculine side of the manifestation process, but by itself it ignores the feminine side. The feminine side is the emotional plane. There are only two emotions. One is called love and the other fear. Love has one name and fear a thousand. Anything that is not unconditional love is fear. When you are thinking positively, but your heart is holding fear, you create from the fear. Your emotion powers your thought into reality. You can only create what you desire into manifestation through love. Fear only brings what you don’t want. It is crucial to get yourself into a place of unconditional love before you can successfully focus on your new story.

Your first step in creating your new story is to find your way or ways to get yourself into a place of unconditional love. Some of you can do this through meditation. However you manage to find that sweet spot, do it before you choose your new story or you will be spinning your wheels. The only thing that is real in the universe is love. Fear and everything else is an illusion. When your mind chooses with a heart filled with love, that is what goes into the spiritual realm and manifests in the physical. It is not your job to make it happen in the physical. You don’t have to figure out how you are going to create this. Your job is to simply give the order to Spirit, saying that this is what you choose to manifest. Then you get out of the way and let it happen. The five-step process, or the process of Spiritual Alchemy, is an excellent way to find that place of unconditional love so that you can choose your new story and bring it into manifestation. It is an easy process, but it requires commitment and persistence. You probably will not change your entire story in one sitting. But, maybe that’s my story and one that you wish to change. Good luck.

God Blesses You,


How can I feel more grateful?

The Christmas season is a time for feeling gratitude. In America there is also the holiday of Thanksgiving. However, it is always a good time to be grateful. Thankfulness is not just a matter of spiritual correctness; it is a matter of spiritual effectiveness. To feel appreciation requires you to have the story that life is working for you, that you receive what you want. Since your experience follows your story, gratitude is essential to you having a sense of fulfillment in your life.

Some of you may be thinking that there are some things that are difficult to feel grateful for, in fact they are actually quite upsetting. How, for example, can you give thanks for having a car accident, losing a job, being diagnosed with a serious dis-ease, or having somebody close to you die? How can you be joyful about being late somewhere, stubbing your toe, having an argument with your partner, or misplacing your keys? Actually, these are the most important times to have the intention to experience gratitude. Everything that comes to you is a gift. You experience pain and discomfort because this gift is unexpected and unrecognized. All that has happened is that you have forgotten what you have asked for; you have forgotten who you are.

Let’s go back to square one. You are the innocent, unconditionally loved child of God. You are divine, the creator of all that exists in your life. Yes, you have forgotten all of this. It is hidden behind that veil that separates the physical from the immortal and the timeless. But this does not alter the truth one single bit. You have created what is present in your life. To act as a victim, to be upset about what is, is to deny your power, your divinity. It is to guarantee a future of more upsets and unhappiness until you finally awaken to the truth. Nothing can occur in your life without your permission. The first step is to accept your gifts. Welcome what has come into your life, even if you don’t understand how it can be a benefit. The understanding will come later, but it is not necessary yet. All that is necessary is the awareness that you have created it, even if it was done unconsciously.

Express gratitude for whatever has come into your life. If it is difficult for you to sincerely feel grateful, you can follow the five-step process. The first step is to state the problem as you perceive it. It can be helpful to write this down in a sentence or two. This is your “old story, the one have been carrying around with you all of your life and probably for lifetimes. Perhaps you feel a discomfort in your body, but cannot put this feeling into words. Just go with that.

The second step is to feel where you are carrying this energy in your body. Close your eyes. Begin a slow, deep, rhythmic breathing. Focus your attention on the place in your body where you are feeling the discomfort. Notice how it feels. Turn your mind off. Don’t judge, label, defend, or define the discomfort. Just pay attention to it. Notice how it feels. Don’t attempt to control it. Let it do whatever it wishes. Just follow it. Allow it to get as big as it wishes. Eventually you begin to notice some settling of the energy. It may begin to feel warmer and lighter. Slowly move the energy to your spiritual heart or heart chakra. You have just performed what I call Spiritual Alchemy. You have transformed fear into love. This is actually easy to do because fear is an illusion. Only love is true. Your mind has labeled the experience and the feelings as fearful, but the truth is that there is only love. Next, visualize an opening in the front of your spiritual heart and see the energy releasing through it in a laser-like beam. As you continue breathing, feel the energy dissipating through this opening with each exhale until it has largely been discharged into the universe.

Now that you are feeling unconditional love and peace, the third step is to take complete responsibility for creating the situation described in the first step. Take your power back. Acknowledge that this situation could not have occurred without your participation. Again, it is not necessary yet to understand why you have chosen as you have. It is enough to declare that you have done so and to know that it was done from love.

Finally, it is time for the fourth step. Choose your new story. Again, it may be helpful to write this down in one or two sentences. As you declare what you wish to create, remember to phrase things with positive statements. Your mind tends to ignore negative words (for example it will interpret ”I will not experience pain” as ”I will experience pain”). State your story in the present tense unless you wish to keep its fulfillment always in the future. Also, do not require any other specific individual to play a role in your story. If you can control others, they can also control you. Just state that someone will play a particular role in your new story. This is a co-creation between you and your angels and guides. It is not your job to make things happen on the physical plane. You have done your job by choosing your new story. Allow the person or persons who wish to be part of your plan to join in. Then let go and let God.

The fifth step is called ”repeat as necessary”. You will likely experience a recurrence of the “old story”. It is deeply embedded in your cells. The old feeling may rear its head again. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing the first step, and repeat the other three. It will be easier each time. Eventually the “old story” will fade away and only your new story will remain. You may notice that the fourth step also morphs as you repeat the process, as you get clearer and clearer about what you truly want. Eventually, you will also realize why you created the original story. You will understand what a gift it was to you and the benefit it brought to you. Accept your reward right now. Be thankful. Open your present. Enjoy it. Deep within lies the realization of your ascension. It is your birthright. Merry Christmas.

God Blesses You,


Is suffering a necessary part of my spiritual path?

Most of you have heard of the expression ”No pain, no gain”. You may be an ardent proponent of that philosophy. I want to let you know that pain is not an indicator of growth; it is a measure of your resistance to growth. It is a sign that you are doing something destructive to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being in your current incarnation. When you touch a hot burner on the stove, the message is not to hold on as long as you can so that you become stronger and wiser. The point is to let go as soon as possible. I would be the last to tell you that you will not encounter pain on your spiritual path. Many of you may have chosen a spiritual path in order to deal with the misery in your life. What I wish to be among the first to tell you is that the avoidance of suffering is the quickest and most direct route to realizing your ascension. The cross is not the symbol that Jesus would have chosen to represent his teachings. His message was not one of agony, but one of love and joy. My message goes a step further. It is that life is meant to be a joy and that the solution to your problems is always to choose the easy way.

Let’s go back to the hot burner story. The idea is to stop doing whatever is causing the pain as soon as possible. With the burner, the next step is obvious. You take your hand away and think long and hard before placing it there again. Things may be less obvious with the discomfort you are experiencing in your life. The pain may be subtler. It may be of a mental or emotional nature, or it may be physical but the cause may be difficult to diagnose.

Where do you start in letting it go? Begin by being willing to ask for help. How many of you experience that the times when you are the most depressed and feeling the most hopeless and helpless about your situation are the times that you choose to hole up all by yourself? These are the times when you don’t reach out for help. Somewhere in your programming may be the thought that you need to handle things alone, or maybe you are embarrassed by your present state, or maybe you are simply overwhelmed by lethargy. You may believe that progress can only come through great struggle. This energy is all the working of your ego. It wants you to stay stuck where you are. For your ego, this is a safe place. You are not your ego. You are a divine, innocent child of God. Spirit wants to support you, but you have to ask for help. You deserve to be free of pain. Ask for help.

Now that you have freed yourself up from emotional and physical paralysis, you can use the five-step process to end the distress. The first step is to state succinctly what the problem is. This is best done with one sentence. Write it down. Describe the uncomfortable energy as you perceive it. The second step is to work with the emotional energy you are feeling in your body connected to this problem.

With your emotional energy feeling balanced it is time to move to the third step. Restate the problem, but take full responsibility for it. Let’s say, for example, that your problem is, ”My spouse never supports me in the things I wish to do”. Taking responsibility might look like saying, ”I have created the illusion that my spouse never supports me” or ”I have created having a spouse who does not support me”. Now you are speaking truth. You are in charge of this incarnation. It is all your creation. Is this what you wish to create? Because you have ordered what is, you can choose something different.

The fourth step is to choose the easy way. What is it that you wish to experience? It is your choice, so claim whatever it is that you truly desire. Listen to your heart. In the previous example, you might choose, ”I always feel supported”, or ”I always support myself completely”, or ”Spirit absolutely supports my every choice”.  As you are making the transition from the first step to the fourth step, I want to remind you of a couple of things. First, the full transformation is not likely to be experienced overnight. This is not because you lack the power; it is because a part of you is probably still holding on to the old belief. Be patient with yourself. Take responsibility when you become aware of the old pattern. Repeat the process (that’s actually the fifth step). You will get there. It will get easier and easier each time you do it. Secondly, be aware that you may have the belief that healing is hard, that it is painful. If you recognize that pattern, write it down, take responsibility, and choose ease and painlessness. It is that easy. Remember the pain does serve a function, but that is only to serve as a wake-up call. Once you are awake you have no use for it. You want to be aware, but you also wish to be pain free. Wake up and enjoy your life. That is why you chose to come. Party on.

God Blesses You,