Who are you?

When doing numerology readings through Michael, I usually begin by asking those souls, ”Who are you?” I ask them to use terms that are always true. After they have finished, I say that there are two ways that I would answer that question for them. The first would be true for any soul that was sitting before me. The second one would be specific just to them. Today, I want to begin by sharing that first truth about who you are that applies to each one of you that is reading this. It is very simple; it won’t take long. You are divine. You are a child of God, created in the image of your creator. This means that you are a being of unconditional love and unlimited creativity. You are. You have always been and you always will be. You are innocent. You are unconditionally loved by God no matter what you might do, say, think, or feel. That is the truth for each one of you. The reason that you have chosen to come into this physical body at this time is to become aware of this truth and to know that it is your essence, thus realizing your divinity. That’s the end of the story. Ulla says that it is not that easy, that it is difficult for many people to believe that this is true about themselves. I know that is the case; I have been in your sandals.

There is also the second, personal truth about who you are. I’m not going to spend much time with that right now because I cannot differentiate here the words that apply to each of you individually. The Love Letter from Your Higher Self, your numerology chart, presents that information. It tells you two things. On one level, it describes your confusions and challenges that obstruct you temporarily from realizing the absolute truth of who you are. This information helps you to ask Spirit for support in letting go of those blocks. The love letter also talks about the specific gifts that you have to offer to the world, to the whole, to the one. You use these gifts to support others. After you fully realize your ascension, you continue to use these gifts in support of others, as all ascended masters do. We released the Ascension Numerology book so that you could access this specific information and work with it yourself.

There is a third sense of self we particularly want to work with today. These are the thoughts you have about who you are that are limiting and will inevitably bring you pain and unhappiness. These restricting definitions of self leave you feeling less than divine. For example, you might identify yourself as a parent, perhaps a good parent. If you hold that image of yourself, what is your value when you don’t have children or someone acting out that role with you? What is your worth? What happens when your children grow up? Who are you now? Perhaps you once saw who you were as being a child. You grow up and you still are a child, because that is the part you hold for yourself. Any pattern of behavior that limits how you operate in society denies your divinity. You may distinguish yourself by the type of work that you do. Who are you when you go home? Who are you when you retire? One of the more challenging aspects comes when you label yourself with a larger classification such as, ”I am Swedish” or ”I am American”. Even bigger and more formidable is when you define yourself by your gender: ”I am a woman” or ”I am a man”. What happens when you identify yourself in these ways is that you take on the mass consciousness that goes along with those definitions. If you say ”I am a woman”, you may take on the consciousness of ”I am oppressed”, ”I am in danger of sexual attack”, ”I am paid less than I am worth”, ”I am a victim”, ”I am angry at men for all of this”, ”I need a man to take care of me”, or ”I am helpless”. Not all will take on all of this energy, but all will take a part of it. When you combine ”I am a woman” with ”I am Swedish”, another set of self-identifications emerges. Religion (or the absence of it) can throw in another set of variables. And so on.

I wish to remind you that this body is not the truth of who you are. You have in your many previous incarnations had both male and female forms. You have tried all different religions. You have experienced numerous nationalities and races. None of these are you. You are much more than any definition that you can give to yourself other than the one I gave to you in the first paragraph. All these other descriptions limit the truth of who you are. Then you experience lack, pain, and suffering. You encounter guilt and victimhood. When you leave your body through dying, you will realize it was not who you are. You will notice that you are still here but your physicality is not. The challenge is to have that awareness while you are still experiencing yourself being here in a body. It’s fine to have it after you leave – and you will – but you will choose to come back into another body to realize it here. This is where you are to experience your divinity.

Be aware of these limiting definitions you hold of who you are. What categories do you place yourself in? Each time you notice one, ask Spirit to support you in releasing that story about yourself so that you can align with your divinity. You can also ask Spirit to show how the divine in you would act in your present situation. Otherwise, you are in the knee-jerk response of your limiting story of you, where you seemingly have no choice but to react in ways that do not bring you the love and peace that you desire and that are your birthright. You deserve it all. It is here right now for the taking. Let go of the ego’s story of who you are and claim the treasure that Spirit offers. Hold on to that intention and one day it will be yours. The time up until then is an illusion. Your truth, your divinity, is forever.

God Blesses You,


October 1, 2016 1812Ascension, Divine Nature, Individual Self, Innocence, Mass Consciousness, Physical Body, Sanhia Message, Story