How can I protect myself from natural disasters?

Some of you have been concerned about the tsunami in Japan, whether about the death, the destruction, or the radioactive danger. Natural disasters are some of the most challenging concerns for the evolving consciousness to make peace with. I will not say anything here that I have not said before, but there is often an enormous gap between the hearing of something and the full integration of that idea into the cellular level, the absolute knowingness of its veracity. I will repeat:

  1. There are no accidents. There are no victims. Everything that happens on this planet happens through conscious or unconscious human creation. If you have fear of what you might create unconsciously, give clear directions to Spirit. The world is your mirror. What do you wish to be looking at? Notice what your fear is and speak to it.

 “I choose to remain protected from natural disasters.”

“I choose to remain protected from man-made disasters.”

“I choose to remain protected from terminal dis-eases.”

Finally do the five-step process.

  1. You are immortal. Your physical body may die, but the truth of who you are can never be destroyed. Your unconscious may draw to you a life ending event, but the truth of you will remain untouched. You are always safe. Repeat:

 “I am always safe.”

You are an innocent unconditionally loved child of God, infinitely creative.

Your body is an illusion that you have created, as is the earth.

What is real is the infinite love from which they were created.

If it is not about love, it is not real.

      3. Everything is perfect. Whatever happens is always the best thing that could happen. Your unconscious does not work against your best interests. On the contrary, it has to work around the mixed messages your conscious mind is sending in order to best bring you what your deepest desire is. Repeat:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Everything is perfect.”

 Even though you are not aware in the present moment why something is perfect, it is still perfect.

The understanding will likely come later, but allow the trust to be there now.

Relax into the knowingness that there is only perfection.

Don’t worry; be happy.

God Blesses You,


April 1, 2011 1981Creation, Fear, Health, Mirror, Perfection, Sanhia Message, Victimhood, World Events