Do I have to choose between spirituality and sexuality?

There are many people who would never put spirituality and sexuality in the same sentence unless they were talking of contrasts or differences, but certainly not when speaking about any commonality of energy. We wish to speak today about the spirituality of sexuality. Before we begin, it would be helpful if you would go back and read Is it helpful to honor the feminine energy?

What we call spiritual energy deals with the communication between the physical world and the divine. We could say that spirituality is an attempt by people to connect with their divine side. From the perspective of your eternal or higher self, which does not deal with the physical realm, there would be no focus on spirituality. It would be like fish talking about water. That is the ”isness” of eternal existence. The divine nature is simply what is. Spirituality as a specific topic is only of interest to those aspects in a physical body. It is only for those who have forgotten their eternal natures. One belief that has evolved over time is that the only way to realize your divinity is to deny your physicality. Many religions have picked up on this and have chosen to forbid certain physical actions. They might say that you can’t eat certain foods, that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself too much, or that you shouldn’t seek after physical pleasure. The ultimate admonitions are strictures against human sexuality.

The belief of those who wish to deny the fleshly pleasures is that the physical is evil and only the spiritual is good. From that point of view there can just be pain and suffering in the physical. The only salvation is in death. This leads to a great confusion. Why even be born? Why come into this evil physical existence? Who has created this wickedness? If it is God who has created the physical, what possible reason could God have for creating evil?  It’s perplexing. From this perspective, the greatest evil of all is sexuality. Without sexuality, no more beings are introduced into this hell. This ultimate spiritual direction was expressed by the Shakers who eliminated sex entirely. Though other religions have not gone that far, most have judgments and restrictions around sexual energy. The more fundamentalist a religion is, that is, the more they believe in a masculine and/or judging God, the more censure and condemnation there is about sexuality. Because it is the women who bring the new beings into the physical world, there is more judgment directed at them.

Let us look at what this sexuality is really about. When we let go of judgment – of thoughts of right and wrong or good and evil – and we accept the perfection and purpose in everything, what is the function of sexuality? The sensual experience has a great potential to open you up to your own divinity. Erotic encounters allow you to absolutely let go of everything that is not present and sense the energy within the physical form of your body. It allows you to feel unconditional love and ecstasy. Sexuality can help you on the way to realizing your ascension, but no amount of sex will guarantee the knowingness of your divinity or your ascension. Of course, also, no amount of judging or harnessing your sexual nature will lead you to the knowing of your true self, either.

What we encourage first of all is that you let go of whatever judgments you may have about your sexuality. Become aware of issues of control, whether it is your domination of others or your fear of being manipulated. Notice the places where you feel yourself to be a victim of sexuality. Feel that energy in your body and use the five-step process to transform it into love. Choose the story you wish to have about your sexual nature in the fourth step. Embrace your sexuality as a full part of your divinity. One of the reasons that you chose to create this physical universe and to come into your body was to deal with sexuality.

Some of you have had incarnations where the main purpose was to experience as much sexual energy as you could. In other lifetimes, you have experimented with having no sexual activity to see what that was like. There is no goodness or badness about this. You are free to choose whatever you want. I am not telling you how much sex you are to have. It is your spiritual heart that will tell you that. It is to that place where you are coming from love rather than fear that you wish to listen. You will know that you are honoring the truth for you when you realize that you are free of any judgment for how others conduct their sexual lives. There is no one way to be around sex. The ”one truth” idea leads to the belief in right and wrong. The one truth is that you are divine, infinitely loving, and creative, and that you are absolutely unique as an immortal divine being. You are to express your divinity and your uniqueness through a physical vehicle by having physical events. To deny your sexuality is to deny your spirituality.

As you give yourself permission to fully explore your sexuality, you may tap into vast reservoirs of fear that have been lodged in your body. That is a wonderful thing to discover. You have been carrying that energy in your body for lifetimes. There is nothing more intertwined with judgment on this planet than sexuality. Therefore, there is nothing with greater potential to set you free than is your healing around sexuality. Confront those fears. Find your divinity. Whatever stories you have in your mind that great spiritual leaders were non-sexual is an illusion. These stories are passed down by those with their own sexual issues. Sexuality was a part of the spiritual process for Jesus, Buddha, and nearly every other ascended being. Please enjoy the rest of your trip.

God Blesses You,


January 1, 2015 1969Divine Nature, Jesus, Judgment, Right And Wrong, Sanhia Message, Story