Where is my true home?

Home is a place that feels safe, protective, and nurturing; it is a space filled with unconditional love. You may have that sense about your residence…or not. You may have that sense about the place where you grew up…or not. Whether or not you have a habitation that feels like home, there is a part of you that longs for your true home, a place where you have no desire to be anywhere else. It is a sanctuary where the past and the future fall away, where there is only the eternal now. You may have spent your life looking for your true home. Stop looking. It is time to go home.

This is easier than you can imagine, because there is nowhere that you need to go. Your true home has always been right here, right where you are. You have been carrying it within you. You are at home now as you read this; it is simply a matter of allowing yourself to feel it, to be there now – which means to be here now. Home feels safe. You are safe right now. There is nothing that can harm you without your permission. You do not give that permission. You are the divine presence in your life. Home is nurturing. You ask to be nurtured by everything that comes into your life. You are eternal. Nothing can harm you. You have asked for ascension, so whatever comes to you is a gift to support your awareness that you are ascended. Home is where you feel unconditionally loved. Love yourself. Now. Unconditionally. Let go of judgment. You are innocent. You have always done the very best that you could do. You deserve to be loved, to feel loved, to know love. It is your birthright to feel at home.

You are not dependent on anybody or anything to find this home, or to feel at home. You do not need a certain building nor an amount of money nor the presence of any particular person or people. Love yourself unconditionally. Be at home in yourself. Wherever you are now is home. Wherever you find yourself in any moment of time is home. How do you act when you are truly at home? You are relaxed and at peace. You are happy and listen to your heart to see what it is that you wish to do. And you do it. If there are others present, you love them unconditionally as you love yourself, listening to them as well as to yourself, seeing what it is that you wish to give to them. You feel joy in everything.

You are always at home. Welcome to the ascended state. Welcome to the ascended earth. This is your birthright and the truth of who you are. This is why you came here and created this experience of physical-ness. Enjoy with all of your senses the beauty of this planet you have manifested. Let go of any stress. In your true home, all needs are taken care of. They are not your responsibility. Your only job is to notice what you desire, what is truly in your heart, and to ask for it. Let go of any need to hold onto anything or anyone as your security blanket. Just be here and find delight in the moment. Do the things that you truly came here to do. Make yourself at home.

God Blesses You,


May 1, 2013   760    Deservedness, Divine Nature, Gift, Home, Innocence, Responsibility, Sanhia Message  

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