Are aging and death certain?

Your birthday may not be soon, but you can apply this message to your most recent celebration or to your upcoming one. Take your pick. You are celebrating the illusion of being a year older. In the illusion, this day honors the day of your birth, of your beginning. The truth is that you are, you always have been, and you always will be. You simply are. The you that is has chosen to have the experience of being in a physical body without letting go of any part of your divinity. You are experiencing the ”I Am” through the perspective of the physical. When you are not aware of your divinity, you have the illusion that life begins with your birth, cycles on through your lifetime, and ends with your death. After death, however, you will have a renewed awareness of your divinity, and will eventually plan another incarnation. From the human point of view this makes perfect sense, as you see all life around you going through these cycles. The whole universe seems to support this view of birth and death.

When you are not connected to your divinity you are very susceptible to the beliefs of the mass consciousness. The mass consciousness says, ”A year older. Another ring on the tree. There are only so many rings. After a certain age, there will be a slow, but definite decline in the physicality. Finally, this will lead to your death, because the body is no longer a fun place to remain.” This is the best scenario with the mass consciousness. It assumes a belief in life after death or a belief in future incarnations. However, if your life is ruled by fear, rather than love, the mass consciousness can take a worse turn. You may be alarmed by aging, frightened by the breaking down of the body, panicked at the inevitable death, and terrified that there is nothing beyond it. When you have the goal of ascension, the intention to fully realize your divinity, the limits to how you experience your physicality begin to drop away. As you experience your divinity, you find that time can move backwards as well as forwards. You can encounter life in multiple ways. You can travel to particular days in your life and re-experience them. Journey to other lifetimes is a possibility. There are no limits. I encourage you to take back the night. Let go of the darkness you hold around death and choose love.

When your birthday comes, make the choice to celebrate being a year younger. Decide to count backward each year until you reach your optimum age, whatever that might be. How do you want to experience the world? From what perspective of physical energy do you want to live? We can call this ”youthing” or, to have fun with the English language, ”youthanization”. You begin by changing your stories about aging. The first one to change is the belief that your body will deteriorate. The new story could be that your body remains at a steady state, that you hold your present state of wellness. Like a bird in the wind, you can learn to fly in place. Learn that you can begin to reverse the aging process with your body.

In the mass consciousness, nothing is more certain than death. The slow (or sudden) deterioration of the body is a close second. There is no order of difficulties in miracles, but there is a greater challenge in creating a new story when the mass consciousness belief about the “old story” is strongly held. Are you willing to go against the beliefs of everyone you know? Unless you wish to run right into that wall, you might choose to work with youthing privately or only with those you trust at a deep spiritual level.

You cannot successfully choose youthing out of fear of death. When the motivation is fear, the realization cannot be divine. Remember that death is not real. You can never be destroyed. You are immortal. You choose life because you love life. You choose health because life is too much fun to play in any other way. You do this by accepting your divinity, by knowing there is only love, and by acting from that loving place. This is what the five-step process is designed to support you in doing. It is not a ritual. A ritual is an action that you repeat, hoping that the gods will intercede on your behalf. That is not an acknowledgement of your divinity, but of your need for outside intervention. It is an act of hope, which is the flip side of hopelessness. The five-step process is an expression of your power, of your love (they are one and the same), and of certainty in your divinity. The motivation for youthing is not to live forever. It is to fully experience your divinity. Only when you are certain of your divinity can you know how long you wish to stay in your body.

As you are changing your story and taking full responsibility for your life, ask yourself what you want more than anything else. If the truth is that you wish to fully experience your divinity, to realize your ascension, everything else will take a back seat. All that comes into your life will be there to support you in fully knowing the truth of love. Here’s to you, kid.

God Blesses You,


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