Why is forgiveness important?

We have spoken about forgiveness with many of you before, but it is a topic that cannot be overdone. Forgiveness could be a daily focus; it is central to all healing. When you hold a grudge or you extend blame toward another or yourself, you block the flow of love from moving freely through your life. Blame and its shadow side, guilt, always are generated by fear, not by love. They are illusions and not the truth. When you blame another, you take the role of victim; you live in the pretense that you are weak and not the author of your experience.

Let us return to the truth of who you are. You are a divine child of God. You are an immortal, infinitely creative, and unconditionally loved being. You chose to believe that you could create separate from your creator. This was an illusion; all is one and cannot be divided. Your creator continues to see you in truth, unconditionally loving and accepting you, but you choose to judge yourself for this separation and to feel guilt and a need for forgiveness and atonement. You created this physical incarnation as a place to heal the guilt and separation.

When it comes to forgiving another, it helps to remember that there is nothing to forgive, that everything in this earth plane is an illusion. The event that is troubling you is your creation intended for your healing. The other people involved in your event are there because you set up their involvement. The aspect of them that is divine agreed to help you out.  Nobody is at fault. As you fully realize this, forgiveness is easy because there truly is nothing to forgive. The event is a manifestation of your belief that you need to be forgiven, but God only sees you in your innocent perfection. There is nothing to forgive.

As you run into judgments of yourself and others repeat to yourself (these statements are graciously borrowed from Ho’oponopono):

I love you…… (As God always loves you)

Forgive me…. (It is only yourself who can forgive and let go)

I’m sorry……. (I’m sorry for choosing fear instead of love)

Thank you…. (Thank you for reminding me that there is only love)

God Blesses You,


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