Is there really going to be a Last Judgment?

Some of you consider yourselves to be Christians and some of you don’t. Some of you have some healing to do with Christianity. I am more concerned about truth than dogma, but all religions have a lot of truth in them if you take the time to dig below the surface.

One of the Christian beliefs is about the Last Judgment. You have probably been listening to me for long enough to know that I don’t talk about a judging God, hell, damnation, and that sort of thing. What is the Last Judgment all about? It’s supposed to come at the end of the world, so when is that? Some would have you believe that it is soon. If we accept that this physical world is an illusion, perhaps the end of the world comes when you drop your illusions about physical reality. This is a bit of a chicken and egg thing, but do you believe in the reality of the physical world because you have judgments, or do you have judgments because you believe in the reality of the physical world?

Does it matter? Chip away at both. Keep reminding yourself that what you are experiencing is not real. Keep reminding yourself that it is all a movie. If nothing is really happening here, nothing is going wrong, and there is no one to blame. Therefore, there is no need for judgment of self or others, who are just reflections of yourself.

Back to the Last Judgment: after you have made your last judgment, after you have absolutely given up judging yourself or others, comes the end of the world. You will no longer find yourself living in the world of illusion. You will totally “get” the unreality of the physical world. The Last Judgment does not belong to God, it belongs to the human.

Meanwhile, as you are releasing judgment from your life, remember to release your judgment on Christianity. If you have no judgment on your brand of Christianity, what about those Christians who don’t believe as you do? If all that is cleaned up, what about Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists, and any other spiritual groups I have failed to mention? All judgments released? If there is a hell, it is the one created by judgments and belief in the illusion. Releasing all of that could be a heavenly experience.

God Blesses You,


March 1, 2012 1828Acceptance, Christianity, Creation, Illusion, Judgment, Movie, Reality, Sanhia Message