Why have religions been male dominated?

The monotheistic movement, the change from a belief in many gods to the belief in one God, was a most significant event – actually quite a stretched-out event – in the history of spirituality on earth. Though monotheism is true in spirit (pun intended), much is often lost in the translation.

The pagan gods that were outlawed by Judaism were often feminine. The monotheistic God was often perceived as male. This has led to religions that are male dominated. Even though Mary Magdalene ascended as well as did Jesus and each apostle had a female partner who was an equal part of the discipleship, only the males made it into the New Testament. Women have often been denied the role of spiritual leadership or have been delegated to a role as second class citizens due to interpretations of monotheistic scriptures.

Men didn’t come out ahead in this. Part of the covenant that men were asked to make with the male God was to give up their masculinity to Him. They were to follow the dictates of the Father as translated to them by other men in the form of scriptures and the priesthood. In subconscious reaction to this, men have taken out their anger upon women, even blaming them for their “fall”.

Let’s look at the truth of gender and divinity. God has no gender. God is unconditional love and infinite creativity. Only your physical incarnation has gender. The truth of who you are as a child of God is gender-free. The pagan gods often were representative of the guides or angels or even the higher selves of humans in physical form. Truly, when you pray, affirm, or give intention for something – the response comes from Spirit. It may be communicated through guides/angels who are also children of God and interact with the earth. God does not become directly involved with the actions on earth. He loves unconditionally. Earth is our creation and our responsibility.

Gender has an important part to play in the healing process you are going through on earth. But, like the body, it is an illusion and does not represent the truth of who you are. Do your best to visualize God as a divine light or as an infinite ocean or in any way that does not involve personification. You are always loved unconditionally. There is never any divine judgment. The point is approaching where the father images will be the farthest thing from your minds. You are divine.

God Blesses You,


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