What is the nature of power?

One of the greatest concerns or questions of humans is about the nature of power. Most of you, probably all of you, have some issues with power. As you look out at the world it seems that power is being used inappropriately, selfishly, and destructively and that there are victims and victimizers. Such a story! I want to talk about power and about how to be absolutely powerful. You can begin by letting go of every belief you have about what power is in the world. If you define power as the ability to affect your will upon your experience of the world, you may have an above average chance of succeeding at bringing some of your dreams into fruition. At the same time, it is unlikely that these achievements will bring you any lasting sense of peace or joy. If realizing those creations is your intention, you may as well stop reading now and find another source that will support you in being successful – there are many of them out there. You may have to go out and prove this for yourself, but I will tell you why succeeding won’t bring you peace. Quite simply, reaching your goals will not bring you peace because you haven’t a clue what will bring you peace. You are shooting in the dark. If you did know, you would manifest peace right now, because you are that powerful. If you think that finding the right partner, following the right career, reaching financial success, developing your art or talent, making the world a better place, or being in service to others will bring you peace, I encourage you to go for it. If you find you are still not at peace, come back and we’ll pick up the conversation right here.

The reason that none of these endeavors will work for you is simply that if you knew how to find absolute and lasting peace, you would have already done it. You wouldn’t be here in a body. The truth is that you don’t have a clue as to what to do to bring yourself a permanent sense of love, joy, and peace. If you want to act powerfully upon the world in such a way that it will bring you, and perhaps others, permanent love, peace, and joy – you don’t know what changes to make. The ones you have tried so far have been less than effective. You cannot change the world because the world is the effect and not the cause. The cause comes from your mind. You cannot change the world except through changing your mind. Your mind is real; the world is not. If you want to be absolutely powerful in the world, the first step is to give up your power, absolutely surrender it. Give it to Spirit. When you are trying to change the world you are also giving away your power, but in that case you are surrendering it to the ego. The ego promises that if you achieve a certain something you will be happy. Ego is a good salesman, but not so good at leaving the customer satisfied. Whatever is delivered is not enough. It cannot be because the ego is not capable of delivering pure love; it is rooted in fear. Now, you may wonder how you can possibly feel powerful if you give up all of your power, especially if you stop trying to make the world a better place. This may just sound like everything is hopeless and you are helpless and have to accept whatever shit comes your way. It sounds like you have to give up your free will. Actually, you don’t because you never had free will to begin with. You have nothing, so you have nothing to lose.

Now I am going to reverse myself. You do have free will to choose which voice you are going to listen to. Any attempt to change the world comes from listening to the voice of the ego. You can choose to listen to the voice of Spirit. Spirit has a plan. Spirit knows exactly what you should do. Each moment of each day Spirit brings to you absolutely the perfect opportunity for you to realize love, joy, and peace. That is all Spirit does, constantly – 24/7. At the same time ego says that this isn’t what you want; that isn’t what you had planned; that doesn’t seem to be the dream – 24/7. Only waking up from the dream will bring you love, peace, and joy. Ego cannot tell you how to do that. When you stop giving power to the world, the ego begins to die. It is so simple. Your only job is to say yes to whatever Spirit brings you in each moment. Yes, thank you! If you have any other reaction, bring that to Spirit for support. If nothing looks like what you thought it would, ask to have your doubt released. Request help in healing your judgment and guilt. Spirit is bringing the perfect event to support you in those healings. It is not the world or your body or your emotions that you want to heal, it is your mind – your mind that still wants to choose ego over Spirit, wants to hear the voice of fear instead of the voice of love. The only thing that stands in your way is your free will to choose the ego. The only thing that can help you is your free will to choose to give it all to Spirit. This is what free will truly is, your ability to accept or reject what comes to you.

You are not here to accomplish things in the physical world. Your only reason for being here is to wake up. Everything that happens in the world occurs to support you in that quest. Nothing has any other meaning. What happens has no other importance in the context of the world to you or to anybody else. It is all a dream. Again, the only thing is waking up. When you say yes to Spirit in response to everything, even if you don’t understand how it serves you, when you ask for acceptance, ego slowly loses its grip over you. Allow yourself to be reminded of your innocence and of how you are loved unconditionally. Forgive yourself and everyone else for these things that have never really happened. This is the true nature of power. It is unconditional love; it is forgiveness. Power is oneness with Spirit, with God. When you say yes to Spirit, when you accept whatever is happening, you align yourself with Power. When you resist what is happening and want things to change, not only do you feel the pain of fear and resistance, but you choose to go to battle with the Power of the universe. If there were such a possibility as victory in this imaginary battle, on which side would you place your bet? How can you possibly believe that you can confront the Oneness, the Power of God and come out on the other side with love, peace, and joy? How can you find love by flying in the face of the Isness that accepts you unconditionally? How will you feel joy by choosing the voice that says that you and the world are not enough, that demands that you prove your worth? Choosing the ego is insanity, but it was listening to a single mad idea from the ego that brought about this dream.

True power is acceptance without exception. As you move through your resistance, your projection, and your disassociation and bring true acceptance to everything or, at least, bring it to Spirit for support, peace begins. Out the window go the prayers to change what is happening or might happen in the future. This is the end of “I don’t like this, fix this, make me healthy, settle my financial problems, or bring me my soul mate”. Instead you have but one response to life: “Everything is perfect. This is exactly what will support me in waking up. Thank you. Help me to accept.” This is absolute power. This is absolute simplicity. This is a no-brainer. You don’t have to figure anything out. You don’t have to be smart. You don’t have to be talented. You don’t have to be beautiful or handsome. All you have to do is to accept. Just say yes. This is an absolute leveling of the playing field. Everyone has the ability to choose Spirit over ego, to accept rather than resist, to trust in divine guidance rather than thinking you know better than God.

You may be thinking that this seems like an enormous mountain to climb. How can you develop this trust? How can you be certain that this is true? And even if it is true, it seems so hard to be able to actually accept everything. How can you possibly succeed at that? I don’t expect you to trust that whatever I say is true. On the level of words and thoughts, nothing is true. They cannot express eternal truth. You can only trust your inner guidance. If it wants you to go out in the world and make this better, for yourself and/or for others, to help those in pain, to save the environment, to find your own peace and purpose on the planet, then by all means do that. You cannot serve two masters. Follow the voice you most trust. If you have tried to create heaven on earth, have failed over and over, and feel a bit like Sisyphus, then push until the weariness and the hopelessness and the helplessness overwhelm you. Maybe then you will realize that you have no choice but to give it to Spirit, and will find inner strength to do just that. Let Spirit push that rock. Once you have made the decision for Spirit it is merely a question of execution. You pay attention throughout the day and notice where you are having an ego knee-jerk reaction of resistance to something, forgive yourself and give it over to Spirit. The more often you remember to do that, the more automatic it becomes. If you notice that you are still holding resistance, give it over again…and again…and again…as often as necessary. Not only will it get easier but you will feel this gradual sense of love, peace, and joy descending into your experience of the world. There is a tremendous freedom in the realization that the things you thought mattered so much don’t matter at all. Peace will replace fear regardless of what is going on about you.

You may still be guided in the moment to react to what is going on around you, to offer support and love. What will be missing is the attachment to the outcome of your actions. Spirit is always leading you down the quickest route home. Follow Spirit’s guidance and accept whatever outcome is presented. Always remember that if you are not experiencing peace you are resisting rather than accepting. Give it to Spirit. Claim your birthright, your peace and joy. Spirit holds the keys for you. Listen, trust, surrender. Experience the full Power of God.

God Blesses You


Can we create heaven on earth?

Can we create heaven on earth? This is an exceedingly popular question, one that many spiritual practices and teachers give much energy to. Most people have little hope that there could be heaven on earth. They tend to possess a helpless victim-like approach to their existence here, though there is usually some hopefulness that something might improve. On the whole though, they expect there will always be problems. Governments will misuse their power. Businesses will always care more for their profits than for the environment or the well being of their customers. Health will be a concern; we are victims to disease and accidents. We will never have enough money and our bosses don’t really care about us. Relationships and friendships are not fully satisfying. Those that start out ecstatically devolve into, at best, ho-hum day-to-day survival. However, many of those who are on a spiritual path as well as a lot of spiritual teachers have decided that all of this can be overcome, that we can have heaven on earth. Working with an understanding that we are the power in our lives and that what we focus on and believe in will happen gives us the power to determine our futures on the planet. There is an underlying truth in this belief, but when we look at the wholeness of what is suggested here, the insanity of trying to create heaven on earth may become clear to you. This idea has its birth in the ego; it does not come from Spirit.

When we look at creating heaven on earth, there are several things to be aware of. First of all, this physical illusion of the earth and the universe is based on duality; it is based on opposites. In divinity there is no polarity: no good and bad, no male and female, no hot and cold, no opposites. There is simply is-ness. The whole appearance of physicalness is based on the illusion of duality that does not exist in divinity. One thing this means is that when you try to create “good” in the universe, an equal amount of “bad” must also be created. Opposites always balance out each other. “Good” cannot exist without “bad”. There simply cannot be heaven on earth without hell on earth. In duality, you cannot create one thing without creating its opposite. So, if you succeed in creating a “good” in this illusion, somebody has to create a balancing “bad”. To further confuse the issue, your “good” may be another’s “bad” and vice-versa. Everyone is trying to create heaven on earth according to their own personal model of what that is, and how to achieve it.  If this sounds insane, please understand that insanity is the basis of duality. If you wish to follow this reasoning as far as you can, then if you wish to create “good” coming out of others, you would create as much “bad” as possible yourself, so that the balancing energy could be released. If this is an absolutely insane proposition, welcome to planet earth. It is just a dance where every action brings an equal and opposite reaction.

Creating heaven on earth is an impossibility. Heaven is your true home. It is where you are right now, though you are having a dream/nightmare that you are in a physical body on earth. There is no real earth. Your true self is in heaven as you are reading this. So, here you are trying to reinvent the wheel, trying to create something that already is. In this case, rather than having God’s absolute perfection, we have humans who don’t believe in their divinity and are therefore capable of using only a small fraction of their infinite creative power trying to compete with God in creating heaven in the midst of duality. It is not too hard to see the insanity in this. But, it could be no other way, because this earthly physical illusion only came about as the result of a crazy idea. You thought that maybe you could create something better than God was capable of doing. That was an insane idea. Then you compounded this by going into terror and fear and disappearing into your creation to hide. All humans hold guilt about this choice to separate from God. Fortunately, you didn’t succeed. It was not possible to separate from God, any more than it is possible for God to judge you, withdraw His love, or punish you. It is possible to be in a dream, to be in an illusion where you forget who you are. You cannot change who you are, but you can experience amnesia in your dream.  Your job is not the impossible; it is not to attempt to compete with God, by trying – and failing – to create heaven on earth. Your job is much easier than that. Forgive yourself. Be aware that God has no anger or judgment about what you have done. In fact, nothing has really happened. Realize that the easy thing to do is to allow yourself to be in heaven, not to try to create the impossible on earth. It is not only easier, it is also inevitable.

You will all wake up from this dream and realize your true home. You have no choice about this. All you can do is drag your feet and slow your progress down on your trip back home. You can extend time, but time is just one of the illusions of duality. Only what is real can last forever. These bodies, this earth are finite. You are real, your body and the hell around in the dream are not. Even now, as you dream of being here on earth in a body, the truth of you is in heaven. Rather than focus energy on bringing heaven here, wake up! The heaven you will find yourself in will far surpass anything you could even dream of in this illusion. Instead of doing the impossible, do the inevitable. Rather than dragging your feet, lift them up. Let Spirit carry you home. By choosing to hear that voice each day you can shrink time. You can cut off years or lifetimes. In the long run, it makes no difference. Once you awaken, this will all seem as if it never happened. In the meantime, you experience some amount of pain and suffering. Why prolong it?

If you try to create heaven on earth, you will fail. This will bring about some amount of pain and suffering. The part of you that feels helpless at not being able to create heaven on earth, but feels equally helpless in figuring out how to wake up, can feel doomed to suffer until ascension finally happens. There is a fear of seeing the earth being slowly destroyed, of wars, of corruption, and of friends, loved ones and eventually yourself succumbing to disease and then death. Does one just have to put up with all of this, to stand helplessly by? That is one choice, but it is not the only one. You can focus your energy and intention on seeing that none of this is real, just like the show you watched on television the other day. Not real. Made up. Imaginary. As you get that, you can find that watching it becomes less and less painful. In fact, it may become quite entertaining. When you know it is not real, it is not so hard to experience anything. The closest you can get to creating heaven on earth is by realizing that everything that is happening is being scripted by Spirit for one purpose only, and that is to guide you to your awakening…to your ascension. It is there to help you become aware that none of it is real and that you are and always have been in heaven. This means that whatever is happening is perfect. Realizing that it is perfect, accepting rather than judging and trying to change the gift of Spirit, allows you to begin to experience heaven. Perfection is not something that you create; it is what already exists. Your job is not to make the world perfect, it is to recognize the perfection that is already in place. When you think that something has to change, you are not accepting the perfection.

This bears repeating. You do not need to change anything to bring heaven on earth. Spirit is taking care of that. All that you need to do is to relax and accept the perfection of Spirit’s gifts, to feel gratitude. Your only response is to Spirit, as you learn to ignore the insane ranting of your ego. You don’t ask for any part of the world to be fixed. The only thing you pray for help with is your willingness and ability to hear and receive Spirit.

Help me to trust the perfection that surrounds me. Help me to know that this is not real, that no child of God can ever be truly hurt, that death is an illusion. Help me to choose your voice instead of the voice of ego, to choose love over fear. Help me to choose to believe in my innocence rather than in my guilt. Help me to reclaim my true home in heaven.

God Blesses You



Today I would like to make some comments on world events, the things going on around you right now. One of the biggest current happenings, or what Ulla’s divine guidance calls “cosmic wind”, is around the energy that has acquired the label “#MeToo”. There are those points in time where there is a shift in mass consciousness. They are unpredictable and always come as a surprise. To those who have wanted the change, it has been much too long in coming. However, then it arrives with such a speed and power that it kind of takes the breath away.

I can give you a partial list of such “cosmic winds” in recent history. First was the civil rights movement in the United States. After centuries of being held down, suddenly those of African descent had the right to vote, to attend integrated schools, to hold higher paying better jobs, and to live in better neighborhoods. Not by any stretch of the imagination were the issues of prejudice, segregation, and inequality solved, but there was an enormous leap. Shortly after that another great leap occurred, this time for women’s rights in many parts of the world. For the first time in history, doors began to swing open to allow women to hold jobs in all fields and to rise to positions of power. This allowed them to have more financial independence and control of their lives, besides making it possible to pursue their dreams. This did not immediately create a level playing field in pay and opportunity, but the change was exponential. Much more recently, there came a rapid change in the acceptance of those who choose same sex relationships. Less than seventy years ago, such actions not only caused one to be shunned in western society, but were grounds for imprisonment. Now, in many places, the right to marry, or at least to enjoy the same legal benefits, is afforded to same sex couples. Again, has all prejudice dissipated? Of course not, but in all three of these cases the mass consciousness quickly shifted. What had not been possible or legal was now protected by law and could happen.

Now we are on the threshold of another “cosmic wind”. Throughout much of history there was little legal or societal consequence for men who sexually mistreated women. This is not to say that there were not convictions for rape or assault, but they were the exception rather than the rule, and there was little to halt harassment. More likely to happen was that if a woman came forward with accusations, she became the “evil one” and her reputation suffered – not to speak of receiving retribution relating to her financial/career prospects – while the man denied everything. Now the tables have turned. It is hard to look at the news in the U.S. without seeing the story of the latest kingpin to be the recipient of multiple accusations of sexual abuse. Women feel empowered to speak up. Many who were afraid to speak out are now coming forward. Men are losing their positions and their reputations. This will make it far more difficult in the future for a man to get away with such behavior. The likelihood of prosecution will deter many from taking such actions. Laws are created to guide the behavior of those who are motivated by fear rather than love. Most people would not choose to do things that would bring harm to another. For the others, the threat of legal problems and of social rejection is necessary. That is what is in the process of occurring. Are women now fully protected? Of course not, but it is likely that safety will continue to expand. A leap has occurred.

Now let’s look at all of this from a spiritual perspective. For you as an individual to progress spiritually, it is absolutely necessary for you to listen to and honor your feminine side. This will guide you to a place of love and safety, a place where you can hear Spirit. The same is true for a culture. A society that cannot respect the feminine energy is doomed to spiritual frustration. The mass consciousness is not a happy one. The old saying “Happy wife, happy life” is apt. If a society serves the feminine, its spirituality and love will bloom. Remember that “feminine” and “female” are not synonyms. All people possess feminine and masculine energy.

There is another side to this coin. Before this “cosmic wind” blew through, the prevailing belief was that women are victims to men. Masculine energy cannot be trusted. If women feel empowered now to speak up so that they can fight the evil power of masculinity, it will be a long battle, one they will be fighting for the rest of their lives. Not all women have experienced “#MeToo”. They have not all experienced physical abuse. Think about what we have said in the past about victimhood and being the power in your life (https://channelswithoutborders.com/knowledge-base-by-theme/– select victimhood). Some women hesitated to speak out in the past because they felt guilty. It was not that they consciously welcomed the abuse, but the male energy defined it for them in that way. Some women felt guilty for being unable to say no. Above all they feared that the only way to get ahead or to support themselves and their children was to surrender to this male power. They felt guilty because they had given their power away. Some women, however, refused to give away their power, or did it once and learned from the experience. We would encourage the “#MeToo” energy to be not just, “I have been abused”, but more importantly “Me too! I will take the power in my life. I will not be a victim. There is nothing that I need to do, that I do not want to do, in order to create what I wish to have in my life.” This is not an either/or situation. You do not need to sacrifice yourself to receive what you want. Work with your fears with the five-step process. Give it to Spirit. Ask for the peace you want in your life.

This “cosmic wind” is supporting the release of a great deal of anger, vindictiveness, and judgment toward these male perpetrators. We recognize the pain you are feeling. There is no judgment about it. Feel free to express it and allow it to move. Then let it go. If you hold on to the anger, your blame will eat away at you. If you seek revenge, then as you sow so shall you reap. If you have the awareness that your judgment is always ultimately of yourself, perhaps it will be easier to forgive. The forgiveness is infinitely important. It is not a question of wrong or right. If you hold the energy of judgment, you will be held victim to it. The cycle continues. It does not serve you. You can also work with Ho’oponopono.

We want to remind you that this is an illusion. This physical world, full of drama and stories, is not real. They will become nothing when you leave your body. They are nothing now. Your job is to realize your divinity. Here. Now. God would never ask you to sacrifice your divinity for any reason. The fear of being controlled by the masculine energy is really the fear of God. God is neither male, controlling, nor vindictive. That is only a projection of your fear. God knows only unconditional love, has no judgment, asks nothing of you, and offers everything. Choose love over fear. Come home.

God Blesses You, 


What can I do with the fear I feel over Trump’s election?

As some of you may be aware, there was a presidential election this past month (November 2016) in the United States. Oh! You are all aware of it. Okay. How many of you were pleased and excited with the results? I don’t hear anyone cheering. How many of you were terrified by the results? Wonderful! You see, fear is what this election was all about. It was a thumbs up or thumbs down vote about fear. If your reaction was fearful, you were part of the thumbs up vote. You voted (or didn’t vote) out of fear. You have helped to create this election result. I say this not as an accusation, but as an encouragement to take responsibility for your creations. Fortunately, it is all an illusion…or we might all be terrified now. I’m not. I feel fine. There is only one reason why you are here now in a physical body on the planet Earth and that is to realize your divinity – to know that you are one with each other and with the creator God. He doesn’t care who is president of the United States. It doesn’t make any difference. If it makes a difference to you, you have given your power away. You are claiming to be a victim of outer circumstances, or are perceiving others to be caught in the crosshairs. Either way it is a projection of your own fear.

The reason for voting at all is simply to select the candidates who most embody the love that you have in you, that most suggest that the loving, trusting, divine energy that is the truth of you will be expressed and shared with others. Whether or not the president of the United States seems to embody that energy makes no difference to you. The question is, ”Do you embody that energy?” Are you a being of love, light, and truth or are you a being who is spreading fear and darkness, guilt and blame? It is a very easy choice: love or fear. For those of you who are choosing fear, congratulations. You have elected the perfect leader – even if you did not vote, even if you are not a citizen of the US. The residents of Sweden and other countries feel strongly affected by the election results, also. It is a world event. If you are feeling fear, that is a choice. Nobody is forcing you to be afraid of what will happen because of this election. When you are choosing love, you know there is only perfection, that everything is happening exactly as it should. You trust in what is presented. The plan may not be obvious to you, but that does not mean that it is not present. In the previous message we talked about faith. Faith is where you go forward and act without proof, operating in the trust that divinity, that love is all there is.

How can this election outcome be in service to the planet, when your brain-minds are saying, ”No, this is going backwards; this is not going in the right direction”? Yet at the same time, more and more souls on earth are making the conscious intention to realize their divinity. These beings are giving increasing trust to this process. Trust that this election is a part of that continuity. I will tell you a few things to whet your appetite, but ultimately it is you who are to go inside and ask Spirit to help you release your fear about the election and trust in its perfection. One of the ways that the election is serving is that for some of you it is important to see the world improving in certain ways. It is vital that what you see outside match what you want to feel inside. Actually, you have the process reversed. What you see in the world reflects what is going on within you. All we have at this point that we can look at is an election. Some votes were cast and winners were declared. Yet some of you already are rushing ahead and projecting the most horrible things occurring. Does that come from love or fear?

A great gift from this event can be realized because some of you on the spiritual path are looking to be saved. You are hoping for a great leader to come along to rescue you. You will never be saved from the outside. There is nothing there for you to be protected from. The fear is illusory; it is not true. No matter who is in power in the world’s governments – what they do or how human bodies are affected – they are absolutely incapable of doing any damage to the truth of you or anyone else. The part of you that doesn’t believe that has created this test for yourself. Think back eight years. Remember how excited many of you were at the results of the election that had just happened. What hope you had for the world! How peace would come! How racial equality would be achieved! A whole new period of harmony and love was being ushered in, The Swedish Nobel committee even awarded Obama a prize in anticipation of the great good he would do. Now, eight years later, how did that dream work for you? For many there is a disappointment. Perhaps in eight years you will be disappointed that the Trump presidency was not as bad as you thought it would be. Or would you call that a pleasant surprise?

Now it is time to step up and take control and power over your life. Why give that authority to Donald Trump, especially given what you think he will likely do with it? But why give it to anybody? Except Spirit. Let this election be a great healing gift for you. Give thanks, not only to Donald Trump, but to all those who voted for him as well as those who stayed away from the polls and didn’t vote for his opponent. Give thanks to everyone that you judge for the results of this election. Acknowledge them for giving you this golden opportunity to take your power, let go of the belief that you are a victim to outside circumstances, and know that there is only love, only Spirit acting here and everywhere.  Nothing else is real. Ask Spirit to support you in realizing this. Forgive Donald Trump and his supporters and the non-voters. Forgive yourself. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Love, love, love. You have a wonderful opportunity here. I encourage you to take it. I encourage you to be open to the possibility of love, and see the divinity in Trump and in yourself. It is you who controls your destiny. Your leaders can neither make you nor break you. Only you get to do that. Give yourself a break. Give yourself a hug.

God Blesses You,


How does the ego divide and conquer?

There is a strategy that has been used throughout history by those who seek to take power from others called ”divide and conquer”. If one can get different groups or individuals to fight among themselves, it becomes easier to take them over. It is when people are united that conquest becomes a larger challenge. The clever conqueror discovers how to sow the seeds of discontent, to get people’s fingers pointing in many different directions. Individuals fail to recognize the real source of their difficulties. They think it lies everywhere else. Many politicians have mastered this ability. Divide and conquer. The ego has always used this technique. Where did these controlling leaders learn how to do this? From the ego. Those who seek to dominate others are the highest expression of the ego on the planet, using force and fear to wrest power from others. Of course, no leader can do this without your consent. This kind of power feeds off of fear. Now we want to look at how the ego accomplishes this.

Some of you, in conjunction with the previous two messages, have been working with your “old stories”. We have heard wonderful reports about the successes you have had in using the five-step process with them. Some of you have realized that you hadn’t previously made the decision to really let go of the “old story”, and decided that it was now time to do so. Now we want to take it to another level. What the ego will often do is let you go off trying to change a story and therefore claim your power and your divinity. But, before you fully achieve success with that issue, the ego taps you on the shoulder and points out another issue which you need to heal. You drop the first issue and go to the second. Then the ego taps you on the other shoulder and points out a third issue, and another, and another, and so on. You are left exhausted and hopeless. There are so many issues to heal. How can you ever get to all of them? Before you can put out the first fire, there is another fire calling for your attention. What to do? You throw up your hands. After a time, you probably find the energy to tackle another “old story”, but the same cycle continues. You melt into a puddle of helplessness. Divide and conquer. The ego wins.

Once you are conscious of your divine nature, the ego has to step up its game. Your full embrace of your divinity is the death knell for the ego. This awareness of your divinity will lead inevitably to full realization and your ascension; however long it might appear to take. Being alert to the ego’s techniques allows you to minimize that expanse of time. Being mindful to how the ego works will lower your susceptibility to the divisions it is provoking. You begin to understand the ego’s game which is intended to keep you in this endless cycle of victimhood and powerlessness.

What we are going to suggest as means for ending this seemingly unending division is that you choose just one “old story”. We don’t suggest that just any story will do, but that you choose the one that appears to you to be the largest, the most insurmountable. Choose your greatest challenge, the one you feel would be the hardest thing for you to achieve. The truth is that there is no order of difficulty, but the ego is telling you that this one challenge is greater than all the others. The ego tells you that this one is too hard and that you should go for something more easily achievable. Even when you make this choice, you can be sure that the ego will remind you of the roads you haven’t chosen. Don’t listen. This choice will be easier, because you know that you have taken on a big challenge. Likely, the other baits the ego tries to tempt you with are nested within this larger challenge. If the ego, in its desperation, should tempt you with an even larger challenge, you might choose to let go of the one you have in favor of the new, seemingly bigger story. If this should be the case, you still are left dealing with only one story, and you can thank the ego for its helpful diligence. The ego will sometimes shoot itself in the foot in order to get what it wants. Ultimately, the biggest “old story” is all inclusive. Don’t worry about finding it; let it find you.

Your job is to choose the major story that you are aware of and willing to release. Use the five-step process or whatever other technique you might have to transform that “old story” into one of divinity, power, and love. Give it attention every day. Do this by focusing on your new story, chosen in the fourth step of the process, holding that in the forefront of your consciousness throughout the day. If you should notice pieces of the “old story” creeping back into your consciousness in the form of little fears or guilts nibbling at the edges of your new story, then redo the five-step process. Do so every day if necessary. When you are working with the second step, and you have felt the energy transform and have moved it to your heart chakra, try doing a full body scan from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet to see if there is any other place where you are feeling discomfort. If you detect any imbalances, work with those spots until you notice no further distress. You might wish to continue doing scans until everything feels clear. Then, it is time to release the energy from your heart chakra.

Feel the simplicity of having just one story to deal with. You may reach a point where you feel that you have fully left the “old story” behind. Congratulations! Now, what is the biggest “old story” you want to transform? Notice that you are not simply jumping from one story to another. It is not an example of divide and conquer. You are simply “trading up”. Eventually the ”new” old story will be the one that is truly all encompassing. You will stay with that story until you realize your ascension. Remember always, that you don’t escape your fear by running away from it or by closing your eyes and making affirmations. You deal with your fear by confronting the terror and diving right into it. The ego may tell you to run away, but turn around and face your darkness. Know that Spirit and love are always with you. You will meet them at the heart of darkness. Have a wonderfully focused time with your new story.

God Blesses You,


Why is it hard to let go of victimhood?

In the last message, we talked about recognizing your “old story” and choosing to let it go. But, you really have to want to let it go, and you don’t always want to do that. Sometimes, things have to get so bad that there isn’t anything else to do but to let the “old story” go. I am a believer in the idea that the least pain brings the greatest gain. You don’t have to really suffer to grow spiritually. If you are proactive and get out in front of things, you can choose to have your spiritual progress be as painless as possible. However, the part of you that we call the ego – the division that doesn’t believe in your divinity, thinks you are separate from God, and believes you are going to be punished for this separation – wants you to hold on to the victimization. It seems safer. Remember that the ego isn’t sane; it is absolutely crazy. It believes in insanity. And it draws immense pain and suffering to you.

I want to talk about how this operates for you. The ego says to fear punishment by God for being guilty. There is a hesitation to ever admit guilt. The ego tells you that to admit guilt is to invite the inevitable punishment. What you do then, is to project. Why is your life not working? Why are you upset today? Why are there problems? Because he did this. Because she did that. Because of the government. Because of my boss. Because of my parents. There is always a place to put blame. Unfortunately, blaming never helps. The ego claims it is buying time, that it is protecting you. But blaming never brings joy; it never brings peace or a sense of love. It creates feelings of helplessness. Blame leaves you always victim to the whims and the actions of others. Always. That is an illusion, because victimhood is a lie. It is not the truth. You are the creator. You are the divinity. Whatever exists comes from you, even if you are not aware of your part in the manifestation. As long as you pretend to not be responsible for your creations, they will continue to attack you. You will continue to fight them and to suffer.

I think that most of you can recognize yourself here. But some of you also play the game of ”Woe is me”. You tell yourself that you are so horrible and weak, and you go about accusing yourself instead of blaming others. However, if you look deeply, you will probably find many judgments of others mixed in with the self-blame. The ego thinks that by taking blame it might be able to avoid the wrath of God. But blaming yourself is the same thing as blaming others. It is an illusion; it is a lie. And, it never makes you feel better. It never heals. Remember that in the eyes of God there is no blame, no judgment, and no separation. God sees only your divine nature. For you to experience your divine nature, give up all blame and guilt, take full responsibility for everything in your life, and forgive yourself for every judgment you are holding about yourself and others. When you find the going to be tough, that is the place for the five-step process.

I began by saying that you are to be be fully willing to give up your “old story”. There is a very good reason, according to the ego, for holding on to this blame/victim pattern. It manifests in a variety of ways, but they all have something in common. To the ego, it feels like there is a lot to lose by giving up victimhood. There is a comforting security blanket in being the helpless victim. This is something you can share with everyone around you. It is said that misery loves company. You go to your friends and you tell your pitiable story. ”Look what (fill in the name) did to me”. ”Guess what happened to me at (fill in the place)?”. ”You won’t believe what this jerk driver did”. It goes on and on, and your friend hugs you and says, ”Oh, poor you. I know how that feels”. You have this great connection and it feels good in the moment. It is a way to immediately sense love coming from others. They support you. This may be the only way that you know how to feel this love. The glow doesn’t last, however. The pain of being a victim remains. If you do decide to let go of your victimhood, there is a fear that others will abandon you. If you stop joining in the game of enabling victimhood, of supporting it in others and allowing others to support it in you, what is left in your relationships? Maybe others will grow angry and judgmental toward you? How will they react if you stop sharing your blame stories? What if you suggest to them that they give up their victimhood and claim their full power? ”Who the hell do you think you are?” they might say. There is a tremendous fear of taking your power. The ego judges power. It is terrified of it.

There is a similarity here with the experiences of those who choose to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. In that case, you want to give up an addiction to substances, as opposed to an addiction to blame. You may find that you will give up many of your friends and relationships, because they only share and support your addiction. You may choose to replace these people with others who are opting to take their own power. A great change may be required. Parents with younger children might have the fear that if they gave up their attachments, they might not be there for their kids. You might lose your marriage, your parents, or your job, along with your friends. You will become a social pariah. The ego does a wonderful job of spreading this kind of terror.

Ultimately it will come down to one question for you. Are you tired of this shit or not? Do you want to hold onto your victimhood and your unhappiness because you have the solace of fellow sufferers? Is that worth it? If the answer is ”yes”, you will continue with your “old story” until the answer becomes ”no”. If you want, now, to experience your divinity, feel your power, know only love, peace, and joy – you say “no” to the ego. You choose to let go of all judgment and blame, and refuse to have pain, suffering, and failure be part of your life anymore. Now, you are ready to let go of the “old stories”. You are willing to transform the fears you have been holding in your body into love. This will take some time, but the rewards will begin to be felt immediately. You don’t have to wait until life breaks you. You can be proactive. Choose to listen to the voice of love. You can experience the minimal amount of pain by choosing now. The more completely you commit yourself, the less pain you will feel. When you make this choice for yourself, ask for support from Spirit. It is there always. It always has been there. It has only been waiting for you to ask.

God Blesses You,


How do violence and guilt relate to sexuality?

In the last message we spoke of spirituality and sexuality. There are two issues dealing with this subject that we would like to go into today. The first has to do with the coincidence of sexuality and violence. The second concerns undesired pregnancies. There is a connection between the two issues, but we will begin by looking at them separately. Deep within many of you there is a belief that sexual energy is not divine. To partake in sexuality is therefore to separate yourself from God, and, therefore, comes punishment somewhere down the line.

Violence is not an expression of sexuality. Sexuality is an energy that comes from the sharing of love. We wish to disconnect violence and sex in your brain-mind. Rape is violence; it is not sexual. It comes out of fear, not love. Love never requires another to do something that isn’t freely chosen. Fear can draw one to violate the freedom of another, or at least to attempt to, whether that violation is verbal, physical, or spiritual. Verbal and physical abuse are well understood. Spiritual abuse includes curses and spells, as well as the use of spiritual powers to encourage another to behave in a sexual way with you. As we have mentioned before, the development of spiritual powers is not always connected with love and spiritual maturity.

Let us again draw a line in the sand and say that when we are talking about rape or sexual violence we are not talking about sexuality. However, for many of you, particularly those who have chosen to incarnate in a feminine body, there is an emotional difficulty in separating these two – particularly if you have created the experience of apparent victimhood to sexual assault. Then you might find it difficult to have a sexual experience based in love, because the fear energy is still strongly held in your body. We want to remind you that when we talk about creating situations, it is never a statement of blame. If you are holding guilt or blame for the situation that happened, it is not our intention to support that. We wish to remind you of the absolute truth that you are the divine power in your life and that nothing could possibly happen without your permission. This does not mean that your intention or permission was consciously granted to the sexual violence that you have experienced or that you have fear of. You may wish to use the five-step process to feel this fear of sexual violence in your body, go into it and embrace this terror until it transforms to love; then visualize a new reality for yourself. This allows you to let go of victimhood and take your true power.

For some of you, your identification with victimhood is so much a part of who you believe yourself to be that you are unaware of having it. Here are some signs to look for. Do you feel something holding you back from sexual activity, aside from lack of interest in a particular possible partner? Do you find yourself having strong emotional reactions when watching films or television shows (or in reading novels or following true life stories) portraying sexual violence? Do you find yourself getting angry at the perpetrator or in judgment of the victim? “How could they let that happen?” ” How could they be so stupid?” If you do, your belief in your victimhood is active. If you have not created an ongoing fulfilling sexual relationship in your life, the fear energy is probably present, and likely not just from this incarnation but from many lifetimes. This is a major reason why lasting, loving relationships are not created. For others, the guilt creates a chain of violent partners.

Now let’s look at the male side of the equation. Here it is more likely that you have guilt about sexuality because you believe it is wrong. That begs the question for you, ”What woman would want to do that?” So, you either deny yourself sex or feel you have to trick or force the woman into the sexual experience. Tricking might mean making promises that you don’t intend to honor. Force, of course, means rape – which could mean emotional or mental force, as well as physical. All of this emerges out of the belief that you don’t deserve to have physical intimacy, so the only way to have it is through force. “What woman would want to have sex with you?” None, so you need to use some form of coercion. “And what kind of woman is going to have sex with you?” Only an evil woman, separated from God and spirituality would do that nasty thing with you. Now your use of force is somewhat justified. But what are your prospects for a lasting, supportive, loving committed relationship? “How can you commit to a relationship with a woman that you don’t respect?” If you do make love, you will be punished. Perhaps, she will control you and ruin your life in return for sex. Or, you can use the five-step process. For the woman, there may be the belief that there must be a relationship in order to have financial security. Sex can be seen as a price that has to be paid in order to have that support. Quite a story isn’t it! The good news is that you are both free. You don’t have to act out this story anymore. You can just let it go.

Before we leave for today, let’s talk about the subject of unwanted pregnancy, which affects both of you – although the woman has a larger role. For the man, the fear is likely to be that the pregnancy is going to rope you into the relationship and you may have to make a commitment. Even if there is already a child or two, the noose is being tightened and the responsibilities and restrictions are increasing. Unwanted pregnancy is the consequence you knew was coming from having sex. The extreme in the mass consciousness tells you that the only excuse for sex is reproduction and that you must live with your sinful choices and have the baby. Even if those religious structures don’t exist for you, it is likely that you believe that you have no control over pregnancy, short of abstinence. Most forms of artificial birth control carry with them some danger from side effects. Guilt is there with or without religion. The purest form of birth control is to love yourself unconditionally and to process all of your sexual guilt through the five-step process. Choose conception consciously. This is a big step. In the meantime, take prudent precautions until you are clear that you have released the fear and judgment from your body. Affirmations alone will not do that. Don’t come back to me and say, “Sanhia, you told me I wouldn’t get pregnant unless I wanted to”.  If you do create an undesired pregnancy, there is no right or wrong choice. You will learn and grow from either. The potential child is an immortal soul (and old buddy) who has agreed to play this role for you. Either way, that soul will continue.

The five-step process is a very powerful and effective tool. But, that does not mean that it is necessarily easy for an individual to succeed at it the first time she tries. Some of you have more innate skill in doing the process by yourself. For many, it may be helpful for somebody to guide you, somebody in whom you have confidence. You may also use the recording found on the website. It all comes down to you and to your intention. The tools are there to use. If you prefer the support of another, create that. Find a partner and support each other. There is always a way. It is the strength of your intention that makes the difference. We love you. We wish you to have a wonderful experience in physicality and to free yourself from all the fears of sexuality so that you may enjoy it ecstatically.

God Blesses You,


How can I step out of the mass consciousness?

We have talked a lot over the past messages about the five-step process, of your old stories and the changing of these stories. We have communicated that you are the power in your life; you are divine and create everything, whether consciously or unconsciously. Today let’s focus on that part of the unconscious that we call the mass consciousness. These are the beliefs that permeate the culture in which you live. Most people simply accept these stories as true without questioning them, as if there is no choice. If you do question the mass consciousness, people might look at you as if you are crazy. You can travel to another culture and find differences in their mass consciousness. Some beliefs are nearly worldwide, the inevitability of death and taxes – for example. Health concerns are also part of the mass consciousness, such as the flu season or allergies. You might believe it is that time of year, so you are likely to catch something. Though many mass consciousness beliefs are universal, some ideas are narrower in scope, such as those running through families. There may be familial beliefs in good health as the standard, but other clans might hold illness and infirmities as often occurring events.

What we want to address today is the importance of being aware of the mass consciousness energy. Otherwise it will be running large parts of your life. Be particularly sensitive when you hear people, or perhaps even yourself, making statements that limit your spiritual power. Examples might include: ”You just can’t do what you want to do.” ”Nothing comes easy”. ”You have to fight to get what you want.” ”Money is evil.” ”You can’t trust men /women.” ”Sex is bad/dirty/unholy/going to get you in trouble.” ”I am getting old.” ”Don’t rock the boat.” I could go on and on. I won’t. You already have available to you an overabundance of limiting mass consciousness beliefs. Notice these ideas as they come into your field of awareness, and instead of agreeing with them or promulgating them, ask yourself if this is a story you want to be true. If it isn’t, you have your work cut out for you. Let go of that “old story” and choose a new one.

This is the place to use the five-step process. Your brain-mind is likely to cave in to some of these mass consciousness ideas and say ”That is just the way things are.” “People age.” ”Life is about suffering.” It takes the second step where you confront the fear energy held in your body, before your brain-mind can successfully choose differently. It is not just a question of choosing a new story. It is a question of facing your fear of holding yourself up to the potential ridicule and anger of those around you. You will deal with the voices that say, ”What makes you think that you can choose differently?” or ”Who made you God?” Of course, the answer is that God made you God. You were made in the image of the infinite. You are divine, and, you don’t choose to have these old stories anymore. This is not to say that you are to share the new stories you are choosing with everyone. In fact, it is probably easier if you don’t. It might be best to only disclose your new stories with those you trust to support you, until you find yourself strong in your divinity with confidence in your ability to choose your own stories. One of the great fears of stepping outside of the mass consciousness is that you will be crucified for it. That is an important story to change right away. Meanwhile, hold your cards close to your chest. Find a support group, even if it is but one person – ”Where two or more are gathered in my name”. Claim your divinity.

Walk away from the mass consciousness, whether it comes from religion, parents, governments, the media, science, or your own DNA. Change your story or it will run your existence because you are giving it permission to do so. Let’s say a little bit more about the genetic coding of your DNA. There is the belief, greatly supported by the mass consciousness of science, that who you are is determined by what is in your genetic code; that your DNA is all-powerful. Your genetic code will be left behind in mother earth’s compost pile while the truth of you goes on eternally. The immortal divine truth of you is always a greater power than your DNA. Your genetic code was created by the timeless truth of who you are. There was certainly purpose in that. You set things up in this life in order to have certain experiences, but you did not set yourself up to be a perpetual victim of those circumstances. If you have a situation that the mass consciousness says is genetically disposed – this is an opportunity, a spiritual gift, a place for you to say ”I want to change that story”.

You are all now having the opportunity to experience the changing of mass consciousness. Mass consciousness is not a static thing. It is not the same today as it was a thousand years ago, or even a hundred years ago. When a critical mass of people hold a new story, the mass consciousness begins to change. It requires only a small minority of people holding the new story to effect this transformation. It was such a critical mass that brought the earth into an ascended state, and that ascended state now allows the mass consciousness to change more quickly (What about the planetary ascension of 2012?). It is easier now for people to choose a new story than it was fifty years ago. There is less resistance. Not only are you altering your stories more easily, but you are replacing more stories and more people are choosing to convert their stories. This has a snowball effect. Changes in mass consciousness that used to take a century can now occur in five years. The current change in technology is mirroring the change in mass consciousness.

Perhaps the greatest block remaining for you in the mass consciousness is the fear of your divinity. You believe that to fully claim your divinity, and, therefore your power, is blasphemy. There is a belief that such a desire is evil or satanic, that it is of the ego or a sign of mental illness. To claim your divinity, to realize you are the power in your life and can do whatever you wish to do, is a heresy. That is the greatest fear. People are terrified of taking their power, or of even asserting they have a divine right to claim it. This is the mass consciousness promulgated by most religions. It was not the teaching of Jesus. He spoke of his achievements by saying ”this and more you shall do”. The truth is out there in many published books. There are people talking and writing in the mass media. There are workshops and classes. This energy was almost invisible fifty years ago, but it is everywhere today. The energy supporting the recognition of your personal divinity is there. The critical mass is close. It is becoming easier, but nobody can make the choice for you. Ultimately, you, yourself, will come face to face with your fear and find the love behind it. I’m on your side. I’ve got your back. But, you have to be brave enough to claim your freedom. Choose to unlock the shackles of mass consciousness.

God Blesses You,


How important are special places and secret teachings?

There have always been special places on the planet which are known as power points, portals, energy vortexes, or by other names. You are still aware of many of them today. Some of you are drawn to Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Nile Valley with its pyramids and temples, Mount Shasta in California, the Himalayas and so on. Every continent has such places. People sought these locales out to go on spiritual retreats, to fast, or to make vision quests. These were times for purification and to get in touch with divine guidance. In some cases, spiritual communities evolved or developed near these power points, allowing the whole group to focus energy toward spiritual evolution.

At the same time, and often connected with these power places and/or their communities, there have been secret teachings. The spiritual knowledge was not written down. The secret teachings were not intended for the average person, who was not trusted to be able to safely handle such wisdom. It could prove to be self-destructive, or it might be used to gain power over others. If you wished to progress spiritually, you had to find a teacher. You had to prove your worth to that teacher. You couldn’t simply enroll in a class, pay your fee, and be taught the secrets of the universe. You had to go through an initiation process, work at lower levels, and earn the trust of the teacher. They did not want to show you how to use spiritual power until you were ready for it. This is how it has been for eons. When the truths have been written down, they were done in such a way that the average person could not access them. Even when you read now the words assigned to Jesus in the Bible, some of which are accurate, they just hint at the fullness of his teachings. He only shared the deeper teachings with those who were ready to hear them. For others, they were hidden in parables or not dealt with in depth. Additionally, those who wrote down his words had only a partial understanding of them.

In 2012 the planet Earth completed its transition into ascension status. This is a change comparable to that initiated during the incarnation of Jesus and those who came to help in that work. A tremendous transformation has now taken place. Among the effects of this movement is that there is no longer a need for special places or for secrecy. You do not have to go to power points to access the divine energy. It is right here and it is right now. Wherever you are, it is. Your divine self is absolutely open to you. You don’t have to go anywhere to find it. To seek it out in special places now can actually slow your process because it can reinforce the “old story” that you are separate from your divinity. I’m not suggesting that you never go to special places, only that there is no need to do so. If you feel a draw to a spot, then go. Follow your heart. There are no longer special places for the planet, but there may be special places for you. Only you can feel where those places are. You might realize, for example, that for your spiritual growth you desire a retreat in a place that provides peace and solitude. Perhaps you are led to live in such a place. Even then, there is not just one place that is the right one for you. Many can provide the solace you seek. Trust your heart and also what presents itself as you make your requests of Spirit.

The truth is now there for all to see and hear. The teachings are no longer hidden. You do not have to climb the mountain to find the guru to learn the secret of life. It is within you. You can turn on the television, walk into a bookstore, or look at the internet. The truth is everywhere. All the information is now out there in the open. Nothing is hidden. The only thing you have to do is to discern what is truth and what isn’t. Listen with your heart. If the teaching is love based, it is likely true. If it is fear based, it is likely false. If your intention is for experiencing your ascension, you will draw the truth to you.

There is no need for hiding the truth on this ascended earth. The shroud of secrecy has been lifted. Secrecy is based in fear. There is no longer a need to protect your truth from others. This is not to say that you are to proselytize the world. Live your own truth and share it with those who express interest. People who are holding onto fear energy can still create persecution and martyrdom. If you fear persecution, the tools are there to create safety about you. You can work with the five-step process or other techniques. When you give up being a victim and claim your divine power, you are always protected.

People are still capable of twisting spiritual understanding to attempt to control others. The use of secrecy in the past to prevent this was unsuccessful. People still gained access to spiritual power and they took advantage of others. Yet earth survived because love is more powerful than fear. All that can be destroyed is that which is not real. Energy can only be used against those who agree to give their power away. It bears repeating. When you give up being a victim and claim your divine power, you are always protected.

You no longer need to seek out special teachers and to go through special initiations. If you draw to yourself a teacher who acts as if he holds the keys and presents that you have to show your worthiness to be his student, you may wish to take a step backward and breathe deeply. A true teacher makes you aware of your own divinity and your personal power. He encourages you to take responsibility. There are no wrong decisions, but some choices will bring more pain than others. The pain can always be a stimulus for growth, but is not a requirement for it. In the old energy, you needed to walk away from everyday life, from your family and community, in order to follow a spiritual path. Today, in the ascended energy you might choose to do that. You might choose to disappear for a while. But, none of this is absolutely necessary. The teachings are universally accessible. The divinity is within you wherever you might be. The choices are infinite and they are yours. Enjoy.

God Blesses You,


What are the real dynamics of rescuing?

Rescuing is a deeply ingrained part of your culture. You were raised with fairy tales about a damsel in distress, who is held captive by an evil knight or a dragon or a witch. The noble, good knight comes in to rescue her. What is communicated by this beautiful story? First of all, we have the hopelessness of the victim. The story does not recognize the victim as a powerful, infinitely creative child of God, but as a mere mortal of limited abilities – unable to help herself. Much can also be made out of the feminizing of the victim, but victims today can just as well be in a male as in a female body – though males may be less inclined to ask for help. Another aspect of the story is that there is some evil force outside of the victim that wishes to do harm to her, to exert power over her; and the victim is helpless in the face of this dark energy. If the rescuer is successful, which of course he usually is in these stories, what he has done is to confirm the powerlessness of the victim. The victim is forever indebted to the rescuer and the rescuer may look forward to a lifetime of protecting the victim. Regardless, the victim will continue to create situations where rescue is is seen as necessary. That is her story. The rescuer, also, will continue to look for damsels in distress.

The first question is to ask whether a great service is really being provided if the relief is only temporary. This is not to say that you are to ignore someone who is in danger or that support is not to be lent when the situation is grave. But if a pattern of helplessness exists, are you providing the highest service by continually rescuing? Jesus said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. When you rescue, you are giving a fish. Teaching victims how to rescue themselves feeds them for a lifetime. Jesus was able to heal others because he recognized their divinity. He did not see them as helpless victims. The key to eliminating victimhood lies in the recognition that you are the creative power in your life. As long as you pretend that you are not, you will always need rescuing. If you believe in victimhood, you will be one. If you think evil exists, it will continue to oppress you.

Without victims, there is no need for rescuers. Why would you rescue somebody if you recognized their divine power? Just what is the difference between the rescuer and the victim? They are two sides of the same story. One cannot exist without the other. It is the brain-mind that holds this story of helplessness. The only true rescue that can happen is for the brain-mind to choose to relinquish this story of victimhood. If it gives this powerlessness to the belly-mind to be embraced by its unconditional love, the illusion of fear can be transformed into spiritual gold. That rescue is not performed by another. It is accomplished by yourself. There can be aids or other support. When you create a new story, all kinds of assistance come to bring it into fruition, but those allies come at your order. They come because of your strength, not your weakness.

Rescuers can alleviate the pain, but a healing comes only from the wellspring of your own power and divinity. True rescuing involves supporting another’s brain-mind to take its power. It does not provide solutions, but encourages others to create their own salvation. If the rescuer buys the story of the helplessness, the rescuer does not believe in the divinity of the victim. The rescuer sees the victim as weak and vulnerable. But, you cannot perceive powerlessness in another unless it is also part of your own story about yourself. Rescuing becomes a distraction. Instead of dealing with your own impotence, you deal with another’s. There is a basic denial. But as you don’t truly heal the victim’s helplessness, you don’t handle yours either. You pretend it is not there and project it upon another. This is the danger of being a rescuer. The world wants to pat you on the back, so there is a great sense of security in continuing to go out and rescue others. Your own feelings of weakness can be covered up. It feels safer to live in the illusion that you are strong and rescuing everyone else than to face your own fear. If the rescuer were to acknowledge the strength and divinity in the victims, what is left for them to do? How can you be a hero if there is nobody to save? The answer is that you can’t truly rescue another until you liberate yourself. The task of the hero is to recognize his own divinity and to take full responsibility and power in his life.

Let us not forget the third leg of the victim triangle. We also need the villain, the victimizer. The play can’t go on without one. Remembering that there can only be evil if you believe in it, what is the role of the villain? There needs to be a delivery system for the disaster that supports the belief in victimhood and helplessness.  Without the victimizer, there is no painful “old story” to be freed from. The lack of belief in your personal divinity is still present, but there is no nagging need to release it. The villain is the answer to your prayers. You want to realize your divinity, but you need a situation that is so hopeless that you are ready to entertain the idea of changing your story. Part of the process of reclaiming your divinity is to welcome, thank, and give love to your victimizer. You have asked the villain to be there, whether you are aware of it or not. It could be no other way, because you are the divine power in your life. The victimizer is there to help you take your power. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In this story, it is important for the rescuer and the victim to give the villain his rightful place. The victimizer is showing them their mutual belief in evil. You have all taken your turns as the villain, whether consciously or not. You could not be in judgment of villains were you not also judging yourself. Whatever has been done to you, you have done to others. You are all in this story together, and all the parts are necessary. Embrace the victimizer within you with the unconditional love of your belly-mind.

Who is really stronger, the rescuer or the victim? The victim is confronting fears, while the rescuer may be denying them. Every human who has not recognized her divinity, her ascension, is a victim. That is the role she is playing. Those that recognize their victimhood have a chance for redemption. Those who believe in their role as a rescuer have little chance. Notice that in many of the rescuer stories there is a time of darkness for the hero. This is where the gold is hidden.

Notice when you attend spiritual groups that there are often more women present than men. The illusion of victimhood is more obvious for women in a patriarchal culture. Remember that being a victim is not your passport to ascension, but it often does lie between you and your awakening. Males who are successful in the material world have a particular challenge because they often have not experience themselves as victims. This is what Jesus meant when he said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. There is nothing random in the universe. There is purpose in everything. You are the creative power. Use the five-step process or whatever works for you to let go of victimhood, take responsibility, and recognize your divinity. Be your own hero.

God Blesses You,