Am I Really Supposed to Accept Everything That Happens to Me?

In any situation when something happens, you have the choice to listen to the voice of ego or the voice of Spirit. If you listen to the voice of ego, you stay on the merry-go-round. You keep going round and round, or up and down, and stay stuck in the belief that this illusion is real. Or, you can listen to the voice of Spirit, which will eventually guide you back home. We have talked about this before, but I want to describe it today using different terminology. It is not always easy in the moment to recognize what is coming from Spirit and what is of the ego. Here is a method for making this discernment, to become more aware with whom you are playing and giving energy. The two significant terms here are acceptance and analysis. It isn’t hard to guess which aligns with Spirit and which with the ego, but I’ll tell you anyway. When you simply accept what is happening or has happened, whatever it might be, you are opening up to the voice of Spirit. When you attempt to understand, to analyze, and to deal with the situation, you are listening to the voice of ego. Spirit accepts; ego analyzes.

Let’s talk in more depth about what each of these choices is like. Last time we talked about cause and effect. When you analyze, you are acting as if the effect is the cause. You are turning things around. You are looking at how to change the world. You are accepting the world as real, and as the cause of your problem. You are trying to make your world better. That is always the voice of ego trying to make heaven on earth. Remember that the cause is always within your mind, not out in the world. When you analyze, you are pretending that the world is cause. So, you may be thinking, “Sanhia, should I accept everything that happens to me without resistance?”  And I respond, “Yes”. This is what Jesus was referring to when he said to turn the other cheek. Don’t fight what is happening, surrender to it. Accept it. Know not only that you are the cause, which means that anything and everything that happens in your life that does not feel divine is experienced because you believe that you are separated from God. You fear that you are going to be punished, deserve punishment, and need forgiveness from God. This is why you have created everything that is uncomfortable in your life. Acceptance is merely the acknowledgment that it could be no other way. The cause must be in you and so it is useless to try to change the world. Rather than trying to change the effect, you go to the cause. You change what it is in you that feels you are guilty, that judges yourself. What you want to heal is your belief in your separation from God, this thought that you are not worthy, this idea that you have sinned against God and been found guilty. These false beliefs are what you want to change.

Another side of the story is this. Spirit always, with no exceptions ever, anywhere in time, has a plan. Everything that is happening to you is exactly perfect and as it should be. Spirit’s plan for you is that you wake up and come home. Every event in your life is part of this wake up call. When you fight what is happening or try to change it after careful or not so careful analysis, you are questioning the judgment and ability of Spirit. Only the voice of ego would have the temerity to try and pull that off. Ego is trying to protect its own turf by claiming to have a better plan than the divine plan. But you have bought this promise lifetime after lifetime. The reason for acceptance is to have faith in the voice of Spirit, trusting that Spirit is bringing you the perfect thing in each moment. Acceptance is the shortest way home. No need to question, to analyze, to understand…you simply accept that this is the best way. If it is hard to accept, you can do the five-step process to ease your experience. Rather than asking Spirit for understanding, ask for support in letting go of your illusions and the belief that they are real. Ask for support in giving up your self-hatred and your fear of God, letting go of your self-condemnation. If Spirit in its plan provides you with understanding, then of course you will accept that insight, but it is not your job to figure things out. That is Spirit’s job. Your only responsibility is to accept what comes and to trust, knowing that Spirit will provide you with everything that you need. So, cover your ears. Shut out the voice of ego. Starve it. Do this through acceptance.

As you have the conscious intention to choose acceptance over analysis, you will become more proficient at it. You will find that the more often you choose acceptance the easier it becomes. All things begin to look more divine, especially in places you would have previously had difficulty in finding perfection. Eventually, everything will look divine. That is the state of mastery that precedes the full realization of ascension. Jesus was able to look at those who were putting him to death and see them as divine. He could see every moment as holy, including the one where a spear was jabbed into his side. He accepted. He saw the divinity. He saw that nothing else was real. In full acceptance there is unconditional love. There is no pain, no fear. You will all get there. That is already in Spirit’s plan. You get there by taking one step at a time, by noticing where you are analyzing rather than accepting.

Let’s take a few more moments to look at the analyzing process so that you may more easily recognize it. You are so skilled at this ability of looking at another and seeing how they are making choices that are not in their best interests. You want to help them. You want to point out to them what they are doing. That is the voice of ego. What you see out here, what you see them doing, is you. It is not them. It is always you. Your self-analysis is projected upon another. You are trying to heal it out there, instead of taking responsibility for your own thoughts. You are trying to change the effect instead of the cause. The other person is always showing you the effect of your mind. When you recognize how that process works, you begin to accept the behavior of everyone else and stop analyzing them or trying to change or assist them. You simply acknowledge that you are seeing places where you do not accept yourself and you take that inside and forgive. You accept everything as yours and give it all to Spirit. Think about how much time and energy you spend thinking about and worrying about others. You may hold it as your holy responsibility to do that. But, that is all from the ego. It is all analysis. It is all projection. It is not your job to help anyone else. Your job is to save yourself and you do that by accepting everything around you.

So, with all of this time and energy not being spent in your habitual manner, what do you now talk or think about? What is left if there is no more problem solving or “loving” spiritual gossip to share? This is a big space; it can feel like an enormous void. You give that space to Spirit. You accept that everything you see is your projection of your separation from God. You work on forgiving yourself and God; forgiving the other….reminding yourself constantly that none of this out there is real. In truth there is nothing to forgive. Everyone is innocent and divine. I am aware that you are surrounded by spiritual teachings that contradict this. You are to be the Good Samaritan. You are to help others. You are to be a “good” person. There is nothing wrong about helping another, but that is done by simply loving them unconditionally, by accepting them as they are. If you think it is your job to fix them, you see them as broken, not as divine. That is the service you will provide them. And as you see them, so do you see yourself. So we have the blind leading the blind. This does not mean that you don’t help somebody who asks for help. Be kind. But don’t confuse the issue by thinking you are healing somebody by giving them assistance. For more on this subject you can reread the message “When should I share my spiritual perspective with others?” You have no obligation here. It is not your job to heal. That is Spirit’s job. Spirit may use you in the healing process, but not through your conscious deliberation of what is needed, not through your analysis of the situation. You give yourself to Spirit and wait for Spirit to direct you. If you truly want to help others, then realize your own ascension. That is the greatest gift you have to offer to the whole. If Spirit has a role for you to play, that will unfold. It’s not up to you. There is nothing to figure out. Let go of that weight. Free yourself. Your job is to simply accept everything. You don’t have to do the right thing. Whatever you do is perfect. It doesn’t matter. What everyone else does is perfect. It doesn’t matter. If it looks like somebody out there needs correction, the truth is you think you need correction. You are all divine, but asleep. You have to awaken yourself before you can awaken another.

Let’s close with this image. You are watching a movie on a screen. You don’t like what is happening so you get up and try to change the screen. But you can’t do anything. The movie continues. That is because the movie is not created on the screen. It is created by cameras and then projected on the screen. The screen is the world and the projector is your mind. The only way to change what is happening on the screen is to change your mind. This means that what is on the screen or in the world is not real. Only your thoughts are real. So change your mind. The catch is that you don’t really know how to do that. So it all comes back to the thought for today. Accept the movie as it is. Take responsibility for it. Forgive yourself. Give it to Spirit in the realization that Spirit is the true creator of the movie. All you can do is accept what you are seeing. Stop analyzing the show and give it all to Spirit. It is so simple. Analyze, listen to ego, and continue to suffer. Accept, listen to Spirit, reclaim your divine heritage, and go home. No matter which choice you make in this moment….

God Blesses You


What spiritual practices should I be doing? (Part 1)

Many of you wonder about what spiritual practices you should be doing. What is necessary? What is important if you wish to realize your divine self, if you want to ascend? What should you do to help let go of the illusion?  I will start with the short answer. The short answer is, “Nothing is required”. To elaborate on this response, if you think that something is required, that is the ego speaking. If you think that you cannot possibly ascend without practicing a specific physical discipline – such as yoga or meditation – that is from the ego. If you think a perfect diet must be followed – such as vegan, macrobiotic, fruitarian, or breatharian – that what you eat will determine what happens to your soul, again you are listening to the ego. Jesus was quoted fairly accurately in the New Testament when he said that man is not defiled by what goes into his mouth, but by what comes out of it. You create impurity in your life through your expressions, not through what you eat. If you fear that something you are about to consume is not good for you, give it to Spirit to purify. That is the true purpose of praying before you eat.

Does this mean that it makes no difference what you do? Can you live at McDonald’s and never lift a finger? This is not what I wish for you to understand. Your body is an illusion. Ascension is about letting go of the illusion. If you think that taking care of your body is what is most important, then taking care of the illusion becomes your goal. You can succeed at taking care of your illusion so well that you could live forever or until you realize that the body has no meaning in and of itself. Its purpose is to help you understand that it has no purpose. It is merely a vehicle, so you take care of it like you would any vehicle. If you don’t listen to it and provide for what it is asking, it may not get you to your destination. Any other function you might give to your body gives it a reality which substitutes the illusion of the temporary for the immortal truth of you. In the meantime while you are experiencing this body, take care of it. If you are hungry – eat. Listen to what it wants. If it later communicates that it wishes you had not made that choice, perhaps you will choose differently the next time. But, ultimately it doesn’t matter what you eat. If your choice brings you discomfort, accept it as a gift and do the five-step process. When you have chosen ascension, everything that comes into your life has the purpose of guiding you to that realization. It is not your diet that is to be a constant, but your listening to the divine, your acceptance, and your trust. Have faith in the guidance you receive in each moment. If a book or a person suggests to you what you should eat, smile and let it go. Spirit never speaks in “shoulds”, that is the domain of the ego. The same thing is true with physical activity. If you come away from this saying you are not going to exercise your body because Sanhia said you don’t have to, you have missed my message. Basing what you do on what you think I have said is another way of placing your power outside of yourself.  There is no particular physical activity that is required, but if your body is asking for movement – listen to it and move in a way that it desires.

We have been focusing on the body because it is the most obvious part of the illusion. That physicalness that you can see in the mirror and touch – and that others react to – seems to be you. But there are other aspects of you that may seem to demand correct spiritual practice. There is the mental focus where you may believe that you need to think the right thoughts, that you should only think positively, and that your choices must be aligned with the highest truth. It is good to be wary when the mind uses words like “should”, “need to”, or “must”. That is the language of the ego. If your desire is to always manifest things in the world that please you, then choosing the highest thought is a “must”. But choosing goals in the physical world, again, puts the focus upon the illusion, not on your divine nature. If you are afraid to think wrongly, fear will run your life. There is a larger scope to this picture around spiritual correctness with your thinking. It assumes that you know. I want to be the first to let you know, in case nobody else already has done so, that you don’t know. You haven’t got a clue. If you knew, you would not be here in a body. If you think you know, you are being guided by illusion – also known as the ego. The only thing you can do is to give your mind to Spirit. Whatever response you then receive is your message for the moment, but not the truth for all time. It may not be your message a week from now, and is certainly not anybody else’s message. Your mind may find this a tough assignment. How can you know the truth if it keeps shifting and we are not all sharing the same one? It is not the truth that changes, truth is the only thing that never changes, but the words used can never express the full truth. The question then becomes which ”half-truth” serves you best in this moment. All you can receive is a piece of the truth, which always contains its own contradictions. The guidance for you in this moment may be total insanity for another to follow. Each person receives only the guidance that is appropriate for them in that moment. When you are ready for the full truth, you will be beyond words, and likely beyond any need for a body.

We wish to also deal with the emotional and spiritual/intuitive planes, but I think you have plenty to work with for this month, so we will continue this message next month. The bottom line for now is that if you are feeling any fears or pressures around performing as you “should” with your spiritual practice, you can let all of that go. There is no right way. There is just your way, and nobody else can truly tell you what that is. So, follow your guidance and trust what comes back to you. It is all perfect. It is better than you could ever plan. It is divine and so are you.

God Blesses You,


What do you mean when you say to give it to Spirit?

People have a variety of reactions when I suggest they give something to Spirit. Some are upset at the thought and express that it feels like I want you to give your power away. Does that mean I don’t trust myself? Others are willing but don’t know how to go about giving something to Spirit. Still others make the attempt but wonder how they can tell what Spirit’s response is. In reality, you have but two choices. You can give something to Spirit or you can give it to the ego. That’s it. You may think it is you alone making the decision, but if you haven’t given it to Spirit, “your decision” is really made by the ego.

You are not expected to be sure what it means to give it to Spirit or how what Spirit decides is different than what the ego might choose. It can be very confusing. The ego has been running your life, and your lives, for what feels like an eternity to you. The place to truly begin in meeting God and finding your divinity is to accept that you don’t know anything. Whatever you think you know is probably wrong. Even if you are right, you are still just guessing. And you probably won’t guess right the next time, nor have any certainty of knowing when you have made a lucky stab at truth. You won’t be able to take advantage of being right, because you will follow it up with so many wrong choices. If you knew how to realize your divinity you would have done it long ago. But here you are. In confusion, in pain. Even if you have managed to minimize some of that discomfort, you are still here, not experiencing your divinity. The question is, “How do you get there?” Your answer is (let’s see who has been paying attention), “Sanhia, I don’t know”. When you know that you don’t know, you know a lot. You know more than most people. If you also know that when you don’t know, you give it to Spirit — you know more than almost everyone.

When you give it to Spirit, you let go of it, whatever “it” is. Whatever the confusion is, whatever the choice is. Whatever the weakness is, whatever the pain is. You let go of it and give it to Spirit. You don’t think about it anymore. You stop worrying. If you notice yourself doing either of those two things, give it to Spirit. Again! It is no longer your responsibility. Keep giving it to Spirit until you have let go of it. Don’t tell Spirit when it has to give you an answer or how it should look. Have no expectation of the form or the means. You don’t know what it will look like. You don’t know what Spirit is going to do. Remember, you don’t know anything. All you do is trust. Whatever comes into your life next is Spirit’s response. What do you do if what comes into your life doesn’t look right, if you have a hard time receiving it? You give it to Spirit. That’s all you do. In between giving it to Spirit and feeling clear about the response, you remain a “happy idiot”. You don’t know anything, but you don’t care. Whether or not the guidance you receive makes happy sense to you, follow it. Do your best to trust. If that is hard to do — I’m waiting for the drum roll — give it to Spirit.  How much simpler can it be?

That’s what we mean by saying “Give it to Spirit”.  It is an acknowledgement that the ego is never going to get you there. Never. Its suggestions will be endless. Do this. Do that. Meditate every day. Change your diet. Give up everything you enjoy. It has all kinds of ideas for how to realize your ascension, all of them guaranteed not to work because the ego does not believe that such a goal is attainable. If they worked, the ego would be out of a job, in fact out of existence. This is a great challenge for you because you believe so strongly that it is your effort, your will power, your determination, your spiritual wisdom, your good deeds…something from you that will lift you out of this hell. But it isn’t and it won’t. None of it. All that you can do is give it up to Spirit. That is all you can do. Your mind is absolutely helpless in getting you out of the grasp of the ego. The greatest pronouncements of the ego appear to come from the “outside”. The whole world agrees that death is certain and unavoidable. Who are you to fly in the face of that? It doesn’t matter how close to unanimity those around you are. If the choice is not what your heart most desires, give it to Spirit. That is the job for your mind, to learn to give everything to Spirit. Let go of everything else.

When you give it Spirit there is always a response. When It gives you an answer it is always for the now. Spirit may suggest something different tomorrow. Ego tends to give rigid orders. It tells you that there is only one way to do something and you should always do it that way. This becomes an idea of what to do. That is why spiritual practices don’t work. Spiritual practices are not from Spirit. They are always ideas from the ego. Rituals don’t work either. The ego embeds “should-ism” and guilt for non-performance. Even those of you who are working with A Course in Miracles might consider this. Jesus has no expectation that you be loyal to the Course every day. If you are having difficulty doing the Course one day, give it to Spirit. The proof of this discipline is not in its regular repetition, but in how you take it to heart in every moment. If you are doing that, you will find yourself constantly giving everything to Spirit. Enjoy the Course or give it to Spirit.

The goal is for you not to carry anything around with you. You are empty, light, and free. If this is not your experience, give whatever is weighing you down to Spirit. Say, “Spirit please handle this for me. Thank you.” It’s like having your own personal assistant. You all have special needs, so give them to your personal “spiritual” assistant. And let go. Be free.

God Blesses You,


Did Jesus die for our sins?

The holiday of Easter has just passed; perhaps some of you celebrated it. In the last message, we talked of love and sacrifice. In the world of Christianity, the great story is of the martyrdom of Jesus. That legend has been passed down for 2000 years. As it is told, Jesus, the only Son of God, came down from heaven out of his Father’s love for us. God sacrificed his only Son. He did this because we humans are bad. We are sinners; we are evil. The only plan God could come up with to allow us to return to him in heaven to be saved, was through offering the crucifixion of his Son. That is the story, a very sad tale. It is filled with graphic descriptions of suffering, torture, and betrayal. However, this is nothing more than a fairy tale. It is not true. This is not what happened. The true story is that Jesus was not the only Son of God. We are all the Sons of God. He did not come to atone for our sins, because God does not recognize our sins. Only we see our nature as sinful. We see this because we believe that we chose to separate from God. We are terrified of God and fear his vengeance for what we think we did. This is all part of the myth. Jesus came to tell us that it’s not true, that God loves us. Absolutely and always. There is nothing we have to do to earn it. It is just for us to realize that we are divine, that we are one with God.

Jesus came to earth of his own choice to save himself. He wanted to become aware of his divinity while in a body. Easter is the celebration of his self-realization. That is what the resurrection was. It does not represent dying and coming back to life again. Death is an illusion. The resurrection represents the ”death” of death, the realization that there is only life. There is only life and always life, in divinity. That is the true nature of every soul. Easter is a time to remember this truth and to let go of death, suffering, fear, and the belief that you are an evil sinner.

You may want to ask me why this made-up story has been passed down and believed by so many. There seem to have been eye witnesses. People recorded these happenings. Why would it have been passed on like this? Don’t tell us it’s a lie Sanhia! Well…this story is like all stories. They are imaginary. No story has happened. Nothing that you attribute to an action by those in human bodies, no, none of those stories are real. Nothing has happened in the truth of God. You have manifested this illusion that you have an earth. You create all of the stories that take place on it. You stay in an endless loop with those stories, a seeming infinity of bodies and lifetimes. This goes on until one day you wake up and realize that there is only now, only this moment. There is only the truth, only love. Everything else you have been making up. Meanwhile, because you think you are a sinner, you created a savior, since your story says that you can’t save yourself. You believe that somebody has to pay for the sins you imagine you have committed, so why not have Jesus do it? He’s got big shoulders. He is the Son of God. Let him do it. The problem is that you are still stuck with the guilt. Not only are you a sinner but you let Jesus take the rap for you, leaving you even further away from God (This perhaps is a good thing. Have you noticed how he treats his Son!).

What if we look at the life of Jesus from his perspective? He came in with a high level of knowledge of truth, brought forth from previous lifetimes where he did much work. He created a wonderful support system in his pre-planning. On both sides of his family there were great spiritual workers who came in with him to support his process. His father Joseph ascended before him, showing him the way. When it came time for his full realization, which required an absolute surrender to Spirit, he was told that his path was to go through this “Passion Play” of crucifixion. In this way, the story would be recorded and passed down for the ages. Even though the facts would be grossly incorrect, the seeds of the truth would be there for those who have ears to hear with. It seemed that a trusted associate turned on him. In truth, Jesus asked his good friend Judas to play a role. Judas did not want to carry out that assignment, but Jesus convinced him it was part of Spirit’s plan. This was an act of love, not betrayal. Though what people saw at that time did look like punishment and torture, Jesus experienced no pain on the cross. Rather, he was in ecstasy. He knew that he was not his body. As for the witnesses, however, they could only project their own fear upon what they saw. The story was written down and passed on. Had there been no crucifixion, nobody would know of Jesus today. Adding to the drama, his body disappears. Now, you have an unjustifiable execution, but there were many of those with the Romans. How to make this one stand out? Let’s disappear the body, right under the nose of the Roman sentries. To cap things off, let’s have the body reappear later. This is the stuff that sells newspapers, not to speak of Bibles. Jesus simply, out of love and trust, followed the plan that came from Spirit. He did this, not to pay for your sins, but to teach you how to listen to Spirit, how to trust, and as an act of faith. Some of you have the terror that if you listen to Spirit you’ll end up nailed to a cross, too. You may have something to move through around this. It is the ego that leads you to pain and suffering, not Spirit.

How would your life change if you trusted in the true story of Jesus? When you think of Easter, the message is of love and eternal life. The focus is on the resurrection. If your thoughts go to crucifixion and suffering, ask Spirit to lift those thoughts from you. It is time on a symbolic level to burn all of your crosses. As long as you hold onto the cross as the symbol of Christianity and Jesus, your life will be one of sacrifice and suffering. Burn the cross. Burn them all. Let that blaze be the fire of the love of the eternal flame of God.

God Blesses You,


How do I discern Spirit from ego?

We have been encouraging you to choose love over fear, Spirit over the ego. Some of you have asked how to tell the difference. Right now, any decision you make is likely to be fear-based, whether you choose to listen to the ego or to Spirit. If you opt for the ego, you do it out of fear of what might happen to you if you don’t follow its direction. When you decide on Spirit, you have the fear ”What if this is the wrong thing to do?” The ego is very good at playing that kind of game with you. ”Don’t you think somebody would have been doing it like that a long time ago if that was the way to do it?” ”What if everyone acted that way?” The main message from the ego is that if you don’t do as it suggests, something bad will happen to you. You feel that the only safe thing is to do what you don’t want to do. When you are listening to Spirit you think, ”That is what I really want to do, but I’m afraid to”. The fear is that you will get hurt by doing what you want to do. Deep inside you can hear what you really want, but you are afraid to act on it. The voice of Spirit is saying ”Go for it”. To sum it up, the easiest way to discern the two voices if you are doubtful is this: If you follow out of fear, the voice is likely the ego; if you are afraid to follow, the voice is likely Spirit.

Spirit will remind you that if you listen to the voice of the ego only one thing is certain. You will die. Everyone who has done things the ego’s way has died. You may be wondering where you find those who have listened to the voice of Spirit. The ego is correct when it tells you that there aren’t many. They are called ascended masters. The one you probably know best is Jesus. When you read his channeled message in A Course in Miracles, you are getting a training in how to listen to Spirit and leave the voice of the ego behind. The same thing happens when you study these messages. When there are few accompanying you on your voyage, the odds are greater that you might be listening to Spirit.

Mass consciousness is one of the voices of the ego. It takes great courage to choose Spirit over ego. Each of you have come back countless times hoping that you have set things up in such a way that this time you will pick Spirit. From where I sit, it’s a done deal. It doesn’t matter if you ascend in this body or twenty bodies from now. Nothing will stop you from realizing the truth eventually. You will get there. I have no fear for you. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to Spirit now, or not. And so it is with God, who sees only your perfection, only the truth of you. Even now in the midst of your fear, you are absolutely one with God, totally connected. Everything around you is illusory. None of it exists. You can ask God to stop all of this madness, to come down to earth into your hell. God won’t hear you. As we mentioned in the last message, while you are in illusion the best you can do is to talk to Spirit. Even when you begin to consistently put your faith in God, in Spirit, and in your divinity, there is still a step between believing and knowing. When you know, you will feel no need to talk to God because you are one. When you ask,”Can I talk to God?”, you are really saying you want to ask God for help. This is what you do when you pray. You may think your prayer is going to God, but it isn’t. It is heard by Spirit. Spirit sends you support to help you to choose the voice of truth.

Let’s return to the original question of how to discern the voice of Spirit from that of the ego. Begin, as always, with the intention. Ask Spirit to support you in this goal. Ask for the faith to follow your heart, even when you are experiencing fear and doubt. If the ego wins the battle, let it go. Forgive yourself and try again. The ego might win many battles, but it cannot win the war. Remember how the voice of Spirit feels. When you fully want something to happen from your heart, that is its voice. Remember that the guidance is always for you. Spirit won’t tell you how another should act toward you. It is all about you. This illusion is your creation. You can ask Spirit to bring you moral support, but any attempts to make specific people play certain roles for you is always the work of the ego. It begins, always, as a choice to listen to Spirit over the ego. You do it because you believe it is the truest thing to do. Eventually there will be no choice. The only voice you will hear is that of Spirit. I call that ascension.

God Blesses You,


What can I do with the fear I feel over Trump’s election?

As some of you may be aware, there was a presidential election this past month (November 2016) in the United States. Oh! You are all aware of it. Okay. How many of you were pleased and excited with the results? I don’t hear anyone cheering. How many of you were terrified by the results? Wonderful! You see, fear is what this election was all about. It was a thumbs up or thumbs down vote about fear. If your reaction was fearful, you were part of the thumbs up vote. You voted (or didn’t vote) out of fear. You have helped to create this election result. I say this not as an accusation, but as an encouragement to take responsibility for your creations. Fortunately, it is all an illusion…or we might all be terrified now. I’m not. I feel fine. There is only one reason why you are here now in a physical body on the planet Earth and that is to realize your divinity – to know that you are one with each other and with the creator God. He doesn’t care who is president of the United States. It doesn’t make any difference. If it makes a difference to you, you have given your power away. You are claiming to be a victim of outer circumstances, or are perceiving others to be caught in the crosshairs. Either way it is a projection of your own fear.

The reason for voting at all is simply to select the candidates who most embody the love that you have in you, that most suggest that the loving, trusting, divine energy that is the truth of you will be expressed and shared with others. Whether or not the president of the United States seems to embody that energy makes no difference to you. The question is, ”Do you embody that energy?” Are you a being of love, light, and truth or are you a being who is spreading fear and darkness, guilt and blame? It is a very easy choice: love or fear. For those of you who are choosing fear, congratulations. You have elected the perfect leader – even if you did not vote, even if you are not a citizen of the US. The residents of Sweden and other countries feel strongly affected by the election results, also. It is a world event. If you are feeling fear, that is a choice. Nobody is forcing you to be afraid of what will happen because of this election. When you are choosing love, you know there is only perfection, that everything is happening exactly as it should. You trust in what is presented. The plan may not be obvious to you, but that does not mean that it is not present. In the previous message we talked about faith. Faith is where you go forward and act without proof, operating in the trust that divinity, that love is all there is.

How can this election outcome be in service to the planet, when your brain-minds are saying, ”No, this is going backwards; this is not going in the right direction”? Yet at the same time, more and more souls on earth are making the conscious intention to realize their divinity. These beings are giving increasing trust to this process. Trust that this election is a part of that continuity. I will tell you a few things to whet your appetite, but ultimately it is you who are to go inside and ask Spirit to help you release your fear about the election and trust in its perfection. One of the ways that the election is serving is that for some of you it is important to see the world improving in certain ways. It is vital that what you see outside match what you want to feel inside. Actually, you have the process reversed. What you see in the world reflects what is going on within you. All we have at this point that we can look at is an election. Some votes were cast and winners were declared. Yet some of you already are rushing ahead and projecting the most horrible things occurring. Does that come from love or fear?

A great gift from this event can be realized because some of you on the spiritual path are looking to be saved. You are hoping for a great leader to come along to rescue you. You will never be saved from the outside. There is nothing there for you to be protected from. The fear is illusory; it is not true. No matter who is in power in the world’s governments – what they do or how human bodies are affected – they are absolutely incapable of doing any damage to the truth of you or anyone else. The part of you that doesn’t believe that has created this test for yourself. Think back eight years. Remember how excited many of you were at the results of the election that had just happened. What hope you had for the world! How peace would come! How racial equality would be achieved! A whole new period of harmony and love was being ushered in, The Swedish Nobel committee even awarded Obama a prize in anticipation of the great good he would do. Now, eight years later, how did that dream work for you? For many there is a disappointment. Perhaps in eight years you will be disappointed that the Trump presidency was not as bad as you thought it would be. Or would you call that a pleasant surprise?

Now it is time to step up and take control and power over your life. Why give that authority to Donald Trump, especially given what you think he will likely do with it? But why give it to anybody? Except Spirit. Let this election be a great healing gift for you. Give thanks, not only to Donald Trump, but to all those who voted for him as well as those who stayed away from the polls and didn’t vote for his opponent. Give thanks to everyone that you judge for the results of this election. Acknowledge them for giving you this golden opportunity to take your power, let go of the belief that you are a victim to outside circumstances, and know that there is only love, only Spirit acting here and everywhere.  Nothing else is real. Ask Spirit to support you in realizing this. Forgive Donald Trump and his supporters and the non-voters. Forgive yourself. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Love, love, love. You have a wonderful opportunity here. I encourage you to take it. I encourage you to be open to the possibility of love, and see the divinity in Trump and in yourself. It is you who controls your destiny. Your leaders can neither make you nor break you. Only you get to do that. Give yourself a break. Give yourself a hug.

God Blesses You,


How do I move from a lack of faith to trust?

Trust is having faith that whatever is happening now is perfect. It allows you to be fully present in the now. The ego is not capable of doing this. It either dwells in the past in guilt and blame about what could or should have been, as well as mourning for ”the good old days”, or it imagines a future – worrying about what might or might not happen, or fantasizing about some dream that it doesn’t really expect will manifest. Trust is centered right here, right now. It is aligned with Spirit and, therefore, with God. Trust and faith are interchangeable terms. When you trust absolutely you experience only love; fear is dissolved. When you have faith, you listen to the voice of Spirit within you and follow it without question.

It’s easy to discern between the voice of Spirit and the voice of the ego. The voice of the ego always possesses doubt. It fosters worry about what the future will bring based on your current choices and actions. When you have faith, you know that your current action is perfect and whatever you have drawn into your life is exactly what is required. It is not necessary for you to understand why it is perfect. That information will come when the time is right. Faith is never dependent on proof, which is a demand from the ego. Proof is really saying, ”I cannot trust Spirit until you can absolutely show me that Spirit is trustworthy”. This is a demand that can never be satisfied. Trust cannot be earned. When you do not trust Spirit, you are merely projecting your lack of faith in yourself. You don’t trust your intuitive process. You feel separate from God and do not believe a direct contact is possible. Perhaps, you want a ”burning bush” experience, or something like what Gary Renard manifested with Pursah and Arten, as he related in The Disappearance of the Universe. You want Spirit to create something that appears to be outside of you, to speak to you. You want a miracle. If you were to manifest such a miraculous event, over time you would likely come to doubt your experience and go back to your old ways. Trust is to be found within you.

How do you move from a lack of faith to trust? The first step always is intention. You decide that you want faith, that you wish to trust in Spirit. You ask for faith before you have certainty that there is something to believe in. Your ego will resist your attempts at faith at every turn. A strong declaration of your intention to have faith helps you bypass the ego. Maybe your lack of faith hasn’t created enough discomfort for you yet. Perhaps things have to get a little worse. Possibly you may have to bottom out so that you have nothing left to lose. Or, you can shorten the time of pain and suffering by asking to trust now. As soon as you make the request, Spirit will begin sending faith to you. The only reason that you don’t fully trust now is because the ego has set up blocks to keep that from happening. It believes that God cannot be depended upon. The ego thinks that God is out to get you, and therefore it needs to protect you from Him. But, when you don’t trust God, you don’t trust yourself – you and God are one. This becomes a dead end, where your life is filled with mistrust.

After giving your intention, the second step is to listen. When you find yourself at a point where you are worried and fearful about what will happen, and don’t know what to do – ask Spirit for direction. And listen. Trust what you hear. The ego will want to doubt and question, perhaps even to deny that there was a response. But Spirit always answers. Trust the first thing that comes. Act on it. As you respond to the guidance you receive, future directives become stronger and clearer. Your action is a demonstration of faith. Trust is beginning to grow within you. This faith will continue to expand as you feed it. You feed it by going inside and asking Spirit for support, whether you call that meditation, reflection, or prayer. You listen, receive a message, give thanks, and act. And your faith increases. You can also develop your faith by expressing gratitude toward everything that you have in your life, seeing it all as a gift from Spirit. If you are struggling to see something as being a gift, ask Spirit to help guide you to acceptance. The truth is that it can only be a gift; you are always connected to God, and God only sends you his loving grace. Because you are reading this, I know that you have already decided to welcome Spirit into your life. You have already chosen to become aware of your divinity. Even if the commitment is not yet strong, it is there and it is increasing.

What you feed in your life grows. If you trust Spirit, it will flourish in you. If you feed the ego by giving power to its doubts and fears, it will swell. And let’s face it. The ego doesn’t need any more help. It has been running this show for lifetimes. It’s time to give trust a chance. When you have faith, you are in the realm of peace and love. That state continues to strengthen until nothing can shake it. All you are asked to sacrifice is your doubt and your fear. Doubt and fear can only manifest more doubt and fear. This will be your fate forever until you choose to trust, which will happen sooner or later. It doesn’t matter if you wait. The illusion will wait with you. It’s not real. It’s not going to do you any true harm. I have faith that you will eventually choose to trust Spirit. Why not do that now? I know that the choice of trust leaves you absolutely safe. In fact, you are always safe. But if you listen to the ego, you will never experience a feeling of safety. Whatever you choose.

God Blesses You,


Why doesn’t money feel spiritual to me?

Michael just pointed out to me that we have never directly addressed money in these messages. Ulla says that money seems to be a problem for everybody. It is funny that even though you have largely done away with physical money in your modern economic system, it remains just as big a problem. When we talk about illusion, what better place is there to look than at money? What value does that piece of paper have? You can’t eat it or drink it. You can’t build a house or take a trip with it. All you can do with it is give it away, or stow it away. Money is an absolute illusion; it has no value in and of itself. Even the coins that once were precious are now made mostly of low cost metals. You often replace money with a little worthless plastic card or even digital numbers in cyberspace. The thing to understand about money in all of its manifestations is that its primary purpose, as is true with absolutely everything else in your life, is to support you in realizing your divinity. You are immortal, divine beings. That is what you came here to realize.

Money is a tool to help you do just that. You may believe that the purpose of money is to help you survive, but your survival is guaranteed. Your ego may scream out that you don’t just want to survive, you want to survive and stay in your body. If you think that money is what allows you to stay in the body, and the ego uses the body to stay separate from God and in pain and suffering, then money must be the thing that keeps you trapped in your earthly hell. If we do away with money, can we eliminate pain and suffering? It is not quite that easy. Ask those who have tried to live outside the financial system.

Let us start with looking at the connection of fear with money, the anxiety that there isn’t enough. Money is the best way that you know to attract what you desire into your life. Whether you are looking at the basics of food, water, shelter, and clothing, or the extras that seem to make life worth living, there does not appear to be enough money. You may decide to sell yourself out. You may take a job that you probably wouldn’t do if fear were not raging in your mind. Some of you have mastered this denial process by finding work that provides some enjoyment and/or pays relatively well, but if you won the lottery, would you wish to continue with your job as it is? For many of you, your story is that your job takes too much time and energy, has too many distasteful qualities, and leaves you with too little money. The choice seems to be between either working harder or being poorer. There may be fear around deservedness, and poverty can be seen as the only route to heaven. Jesus warned us about the spiritual dangers of the love of money. When you place financial success as your most important goal in life, you have chosen a goal that has no value. If you believe that money will bring you happiness, you are deceiving yourself. No matter how much you create, it will not be enough. Which billionaires have said that they have enough and have stopped accumulating wealth (the answer may be those who are beginning to look at their own mortality)? But the deception is equal if you believe that poverty will bring you happiness. Remember that money is pure illusion. What do you value? If your priority in life is to experience your divinity, the purpose of money is to support that happening. Perhaps you wish to attend trainings or workshops, go to retreats, or receive sessions for your spiritual and physical healing. You don’t feel that you can afford them, so your spiritual growth feels blocked off. You can’t afford to ascend. That is quite a story.

We begin the healing of your relationship with money by reminding you that the dollar, kronor, or other currency is the illusion of all illusions. It is not real, but exists simply as a temporary convenience. It is a bridge. When you can fly, you don’t need bridges. Money provides an easy way to exchange. It releases you of the need for barter, where you must find the person who has what you want and also wants what you have. Money provides a basis for trust where you give service one place and receive service in another. Eventually there will be no need for it. Fear of lack requires you to keep score. As you realize that the supply is infinite, the need to keep track disappears. You don’t have to wait for the world to get there. You can go there at any time. You can go there now. You cannot experience your divinity while you are carrying fear about money. Is it possible for God to be unable to generate enough? Is there a limit to the creative power of God? If you believe that you cannot generate enough, you have separated yourself from God. You must not be divine. Part of my job is to shake you gently and remind you that you are divine. Listening to your ego is the only thing standing in the way of manifesting whatever you desire in the moment. You choose to pay attention to your ego instead of to Spirit. Your ego says you are undeserving and that there isn’t enough to go around. It tells you that wanting more is selfish and takes away from what others can have. It warns you about what God does to selfish people. The way to ascension, according to the ego, is to do without, to be an ascetic. On the flip side, the ego tells you that those who have abundance have sold their soul to the devil, and they will burn in hell forever. You will be rewarded for your suffering.

What a story! When you decide to stop listening to the ego, your experience will change. It probably won’t transform all at once, because it is difficult to stop listening to that lie instantly in its entirety. Ask Spirit to come in and guide you to the truth about money and manifestation. The function of money is as a medium of exchange so that you are supported in the moment as you are following your path or doing the service you came here to do. Money is not a diversion for you. You can be fully focused on love and supporting others to realize their divinity, as you realize your own. Do the work of listening to Spirit and letting go of the ego. Keep your eye on the prize. Whatever is essential for today will be there. There is no need to worry about tomorrow, because it never comes. You are always in the now. You are always supported by Spirit. When your fear about money surfaces, use the five-step process. Go right into the face of your fear. You will never be able to accumulate enough money to lose the fear. If you are working a job or staying in a relationship because of fear of money, fly into the face of that fear. Staying is a slow death that will not allow you the true happiness of realizing your divinity. If you want to do something that supports your purpose, but worry about not having enough – spend the money. Trust. Do the process. Remember that it is all illusion. It is just a movie. Play the role your heart is set on. God is on your side.

God Blesses You,


Can you explain the terms ego and Spirit?

In past messages, we have used the terms ”ego” and ”Spirit”. Perhaps this is a good time to define what we mean by them. Those of you who are or have been working with A Course in Miracles may be familiar with how it uses these words. We will treat them in a similar way. We would begin by reminding you of the truth of who you are, of your personal divinity. You are created in the image of God. You are one with God, who loves you unconditionally no matter what you might choose, do, or think. However, the part of you that we call your ego does not believe this or trust it for a minute. Your ego, in fact, is terrified of God and believes that you are separated from Him. It thinks that God is angry with you for this separation and is going to punish you. Your ego’s agenda is all about protecting you from God. One of the ways it does this is by punishing you, before God can do it. Another way of dealing with this fear is by trying to be ”good” in the attempt to win back God’s love. Your ego is absolutely insane. It’s crazy. Your ego believes that you have to try to do everything right. You have to eat right, wear the right clothes, meditate in the right way and with the correct frequency, have right thoughts, treat others right, and so on. This comes from the belief that you are separate from God, which you cannot be, never have been, and never will be. It is an absolute impossibility. The nature of who you are is a child of God. You are created by God in His image, and there is nothing you can do about it. But, your ego doesn’t believe this. Your ego will do anything to protect you from God.

Your ego is the voice of fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, pain, suffering, doubt, and self-flagellation. None of it has anything to do with God’s love. We would put it this way. God simply does not see your illusion of separation that you have created here through your ego. He does not see it.  God doesn’t see this hell that you have created. He does not even see those moments when this world your ego has made feels blissful, even heavenly. Even the ecstasy you might experience on the physical earth pales in the face of the true joy, love, and creativity that you are. It is but a taste of it. You may have heard that the human mind only uses five or ten percent of its full capacity. What if it worked at 100%? When you experience bliss in your body…enjoying the beauty of the earth, dancing, having sex, eating food, sharing love with another, or whatever the connection might be…you are at best only experiencing 5% of the totality of the absolutely unlimited bliss, joy, and love that you are. Happiness is a very relative term. If you are receiving electric shocks and then they stop, you may feel happy. Happiness can only exist if there is also unhappiness. Divinity is infinite rather than relative. It has no opposite; it is the ”is-ness”, the truth of who you are. Your ego, meanwhile, is fighting like hell for that 5%, while denying the existence of the 95%.

What is Spirit? Spirit is a little harder thing to put your finger on. It is not physical, nor of the material world. We could call Spirit an intermediary between you and God. Whereas, God does not see this physical-ness, this illusion – in fact you created it so that you could hide here from God – Spirit is able to see it. Spirit is in between; it is absolutely connected and one with God and at the same time can recognize your confusion. You can have a direct communication with Spirit about your inner turmoil which you are unable to have with God, who doesn’t recognize anything about you but your divinity. Spirit can enter into your dream and help you transform it. When you ask Spirit for help – some people use the term “pray” – it is the same thing as asking Jesus or any other ascended master for help. The ascended master is a soul like you, but has recognized oneness with Spirit and can act in this realm while also being absolutely connected with God.

Your job becomes very simple. You can listen to your ego or you can listen to Spirit. You can be guided by your ego or you can be guided by Spirit. You make the decision. It takes a very conscious intention to choose Spirit because the world around you tends not to. The world around you will probably reflect that you would be insane to choose Spirit, even the mirror that claims to be religious. What do you do in the face of such overwhelming opposition? First comes the recognition, the knowing of which of the two you are listening to, your ego or Spirit. If any of the qualities above, which were listed at the beginning of the second paragraph, are present – you are listening to your ego. If you are listening to Spirit, the following qualities might be present: first of all, trust, and secondly an absolute integrity (being true to yourself). Your ego wants you to act in a way that is not in line with your true self, out of fear of what might happen if you are true to yourself. The trust and the integrity fit hand in hand. Meanwhile, your ego is warning you of all of the consequences of going down that road. When you are listening to Spirit there is never a competition, never an either/or, never winners and losers. Spirit always speaks with unconditional love, free of judgment. Your ego speaks from fear and always has limits, competition, and the need for protection.

The next question might be, ”Okay. I know I am listening to my ego, but how do I stop?” First you set an intention and you invite Spirit in. You ask Spirit to guide your life. After you have done that, there are two main things you can focus on. One is to have a constant awareness of when and how your ego is acting. Ask yourself how Spirit might guide you here. How would Spirit choose? What might Spirit say to you? If an answer doesn’t come quickly, ask Spirit to send you support. The second thing is to practice forgiveness. Your ego operates out of guilt. That is its main fuel. Forgiveness destroys guilt. If you could eliminate guilt from your life, your ego would starve to death. It needs your guilt or the guilt of others, which is easy to find. You simply point your finger and say, ”It is your fault”. But we know that everything you see around you is just your own reflection. It doesn’t matter whether you perceive it in yourself or another. Remind yourself that it is an illusion; that person didn’t do anything to you. You haven’t done anything either. You are all innocent. You forgive both. You constantly search for the guidance of Spirit, and you continuously forgive when you realize your judgment is in the way. A good benchmark for telling whether your judgment is in the way is to see if you have any. If you do, it is in the way. Nothing is too big or too small. Choose Spirit. Ask for support. Forgive. Know that you are always loved at every moment. Know that you do not have to do one thing to deserve that love.

God Blesses You, 


What are the real dynamics of rescuing?

Rescuing is a deeply ingrained part of your culture. You were raised with fairy tales about a damsel in distress, who is held captive by an evil knight or a dragon or a witch. The noble, good knight comes in to rescue her. What is communicated by this beautiful story? First of all, we have the hopelessness of the victim. The story does not recognize the victim as a powerful, infinitely creative child of God, but as a mere mortal of limited abilities – unable to help herself. Much can also be made out of the feminizing of the victim, but victims today can just as well be in a male as in a female body – though males may be less inclined to ask for help. Another aspect of the story is that there is some evil force outside of the victim that wishes to do harm to her, to exert power over her; and the victim is helpless in the face of this dark energy. If the rescuer is successful, which of course he usually is in these stories, what he has done is to confirm the powerlessness of the victim. The victim is forever indebted to the rescuer and the rescuer may look forward to a lifetime of protecting the victim. Regardless, the victim will continue to create situations where rescue is is seen as necessary. That is her story. The rescuer, also, will continue to look for damsels in distress.

The first question is to ask whether a great service is really being provided if the relief is only temporary. This is not to say that you are to ignore someone who is in danger or that support is not to be lent when the situation is grave. But if a pattern of helplessness exists, are you providing the highest service by continually rescuing? Jesus said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. When you rescue, you are giving a fish. Teaching victims how to rescue themselves feeds them for a lifetime. Jesus was able to heal others because he recognized their divinity. He did not see them as helpless victims. The key to eliminating victimhood lies in the recognition that you are the creative power in your life. As long as you pretend that you are not, you will always need rescuing. If you believe in victimhood, you will be one. If you think evil exists, it will continue to oppress you.

Without victims, there is no need for rescuers. Why would you rescue somebody if you recognized their divine power? Just what is the difference between the rescuer and the victim? They are two sides of the same story. One cannot exist without the other. It is the brain-mind that holds this story of helplessness. The only true rescue that can happen is for the brain-mind to choose to relinquish this story of victimhood. If it gives this powerlessness to the belly-mind to be embraced by its unconditional love, the illusion of fear can be transformed into spiritual gold. That rescue is not performed by another. It is accomplished by yourself. There can be aids or other support. When you create a new story, all kinds of assistance come to bring it into fruition, but those allies come at your order. They come because of your strength, not your weakness.

Rescuers can alleviate the pain, but a healing comes only from the wellspring of your own power and divinity. True rescuing involves supporting another’s brain-mind to take its power. It does not provide solutions, but encourages others to create their own salvation. If the rescuer buys the story of the helplessness, the rescuer does not believe in the divinity of the victim. The rescuer sees the victim as weak and vulnerable. But, you cannot perceive powerlessness in another unless it is also part of your own story about yourself. Rescuing becomes a distraction. Instead of dealing with your own impotence, you deal with another’s. There is a basic denial. But as you don’t truly heal the victim’s helplessness, you don’t handle yours either. You pretend it is not there and project it upon another. This is the danger of being a rescuer. The world wants to pat you on the back, so there is a great sense of security in continuing to go out and rescue others. Your own feelings of weakness can be covered up. It feels safer to live in the illusion that you are strong and rescuing everyone else than to face your own fear. If the rescuer were to acknowledge the strength and divinity in the victims, what is left for them to do? How can you be a hero if there is nobody to save? The answer is that you can’t truly rescue another until you liberate yourself. The task of the hero is to recognize his own divinity and to take full responsibility and power in his life.

Let us not forget the third leg of the victim triangle. We also need the villain, the victimizer. The play can’t go on without one. Remembering that there can only be evil if you believe in it, what is the role of the villain? There needs to be a delivery system for the disaster that supports the belief in victimhood and helplessness.  Without the victimizer, there is no painful “old story” to be freed from. The lack of belief in your personal divinity is still present, but there is no nagging need to release it. The villain is the answer to your prayers. You want to realize your divinity, but you need a situation that is so hopeless that you are ready to entertain the idea of changing your story. Part of the process of reclaiming your divinity is to welcome, thank, and give love to your victimizer. You have asked the villain to be there, whether you are aware of it or not. It could be no other way, because you are the divine power in your life. The victimizer is there to help you take your power. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In this story, it is important for the rescuer and the victim to give the villain his rightful place. The victimizer is showing them their mutual belief in evil. You have all taken your turns as the villain, whether consciously or not. You could not be in judgment of villains were you not also judging yourself. Whatever has been done to you, you have done to others. You are all in this story together, and all the parts are necessary. Embrace the victimizer within you with the unconditional love of your belly-mind.

Who is really stronger, the rescuer or the victim? The victim is confronting fears, while the rescuer may be denying them. Every human who has not recognized her divinity, her ascension, is a victim. That is the role she is playing. Those that recognize their victimhood have a chance for redemption. Those who believe in their role as a rescuer have little chance. Notice that in many of the rescuer stories there is a time of darkness for the hero. This is where the gold is hidden.

Notice when you attend spiritual groups that there are often more women present than men. The illusion of victimhood is more obvious for women in a patriarchal culture. Remember that being a victim is not your passport to ascension, but it often does lie between you and your awakening. Males who are successful in the material world have a particular challenge because they often have not experience themselves as victims. This is what Jesus meant when he said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. There is nothing random in the universe. There is purpose in everything. You are the creative power. Use the five-step process or whatever works for you to let go of victimhood, take responsibility, and recognize your divinity. Be your own hero.

God Blesses You,