Sanhia, how can we trust that the things you are telling us are true?

Wow, that is a question that gets right down to the nub! How can you trust that anything you are reading or hearing from me, or from any spiritual teacher or book, or from your own mind is true? Scary! What if you act as if something is true and it turns out to be a false teaching? Now you may have wasted your entire life or at least destroyed major parts of it for no reason, losing along the way the other opportunities that might have presented themselves. Life as you know it is over. As you may have noticed, there is usually a short answer to the question. The short is that you can’t. As Bob Dylan said, “Don’t follow leaders; watch your parking meters”. You absolutely cannot trust anything or anyone. The second short answer is that whatever you think the truth is, you are wrong. Is it the truth that whatever you think is wrong? No, wrong again. Boy this is fun. We are, nonetheless, winding our way toward where we want to go. I will continue by jumping in with both feet, which is quite a feat because I have no feet, by saying that there is only one truth. That truth is I Am. I would also say You Are, but I won’t because it is not for me to speak for you. I have no idea if you are. You are free to declare the one truth for yourself, I Am.  As you think about that you can ask yourself if there is any way it can be refuted. Can you say I am not? Can you say that you have no awareness, no consciousness? You might think that your awareness is only connected to this physical body and its brain. In that case, when the body dies, which by all evidence will be the case, you will not be any more. Maybe that is true. I guess you will have to kill yourself to find out if there is still an I Am. Or, you can start with the truth of your I am-ness as a working basis for looking at everything else you think is true or that you think is false.

We call this considering of something as true or untrue — belief. The thing that separates I Am from all the other beliefs we are going into is that you do absolutely experience your being-ness. There is no time when you don’t experience your being-ness. A hypothesis for you to test out for yourself is that any qualification you might add to I Am is not true. Again, I am not telling you that everything else is false; I am asking you to check it out for yourself. The hypothesis is that any qualification you might put on anything in the world around you is false. That is what I suggest you test for yourself. You will likely find yourself in one of three places right now as you read this. One place is that you are holding the thought, “Sanhia, you are so full of shit. I can smell you from here.” From this position you believe that there are obviously diseases like Corona, extreme weather, falling rocks, and all other types of things that are dangerous to humans. You can provide endless items to add to this list of things you know are true. A second position you might take is that this is an interesting way to look at existence and you might want to think about it some more and see what you can make of it. In the third position you might think I am correct with my hypothesis, but you still experience your body as very real and have physical and emotional reactions to things going on the world. It makes absolutely no difference where you place yourself on this spectrum. I could care less. It doesn’t matter. All three points come from a place of being asleep and not awake. The question you could ask yourself is, “Am I content with my state of slumber?”

If your answer to the slumber question is that you would like to wake up, the question now becomes one of what you need to do to shake yourself awake. It is likely that if you are still opening these messages you have some level of desire to wake up. On the other hand, maybe you are just fooling yourself. Maybe you like being asleep and it is just a fun game to entertain thoughts about non-duality, but you don’t really take them seriously. That’s fine. As we said, none of these ideas are true. I Am is all that is true. But if you are saying to yourself that you really want to wake up, then my work is done. My only job was to rattle your cage a little to offer you the possibility to make that decision for yourself, or not. I cannot tell you what to do. It is absolutely your job, your responsibility to follow the road to truth. Nobody can do that for you nor can you do it for anyone else. But, you ask, can’t you even give us a hint? Well, if you twist my arm – which I also don’t have, I am unarmed – I will say a few things, but don’t write them down in stone. Don’t make commandments out of them or a Bible or a religion. These are only general guidelines; your truest direction will come from a voice inside of you that will set your course if you allow it to. It will not come from a voice outside of you – hello, that’s me. You can listen to me until the cows come home, as they say, and you will still be fast asleep. You might laugh a bit because I can be amusing, but you’ll be laughing in your sleep, which might be less objectionable than snoring. If you want to fully awaken, the ball is in your court. You make that happen.

Okay, here are some of the promised hints. First of all, keep in mind that whatever you think is true, beyond I Am, requires deep examination. Look at it and look at it and….okay, you’ve got it. Question yourself about it. Ask it questions about itself. Do this in writing if you choose, or maybe speaking out loud. Stay with it until you either can prove it to be true or until you realize it was just an illusion; it is not really true. This truth is to be beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is to rely on no outside “experts” for validation. This can be aided by asking yourself how you can be sure that any “expert” is right. Most of what you believe is something that somebody taught you. How likely is it that one would open their eyes one day, look around, and out of the clear blue say that there is a pandemic around and it would be a good idea to take a vaccination? That is probably not an idea that comes to one through an inner guidance. These ideas of pandemics, disease, vaccinations, and death are all ideas you were taught. Perhaps the “authorities” that you give power to in your life said these things: doctors, scientists, media, governments, or friends.

How do you know absolutely that any part of what you “know” is accurate? If you actually look and look and question everything until you have irrefutable proof for yourself that a belief or statement is true, you will end up finding only untruth. If you commit to follow each trail to its bloody end, I guarantee you will go through terror, fear, and pain on every level. All your comfort areas will disappear. You will find yourself alone. Even your friends who feel like spiritual buddies will not be there with or for you. The cozy, warm beliefs you shared will not stand the test of truth and your co-conspirators will not be willing to walk this path of blowing up truths with you. You will find yourself separating from them and nearly all of society. Perhaps, if you are really serious about your pursuit of truth you will eventually find others who are similarly drawn. This will likely only happen when you have already done the heavy lifting and no longer require outside life support. If you are hoping in any way that your salvation will come from some place outside of you — like the second coming of Jesus, aliens from more advanced planets, or a master teacher – you will simply fall back into deep slumber. If you hold the belief in a savior, look deeply into it until you see your way through. You will have to kill the Buddha. As long as your actions are based on beliefs of how the universe is, you will remain asleep to the truth. On the other hand, if you grab that bull of “truth” by the horns and don’t let go until you are aware of the untruth, these beliefs will one after another fall away until all that is certain is I Am.

When everything but I Am is gone there will remain an inner voice which guides you in each moment. You will be aware of a oneness and a perfection, that there is nothing that needs to change. You will accept your role in the human drama and carry it out without question and without attachment to results. You will simply love the game. Now, perhaps some of you are thinking that these last sentences sound like beliefs. Wonderful! You are on the road to truth realization. I agree with you absolutely, absopositivily. There is no way to jump directly into the awakened state to see if this will be your experience. All you can do is to unwind the untruths to see what remains. Holding these thoughts as beliefs while you are still sleeping will leave you still asleep. I am simply suggesting that as you release all the false beliefs you have and go to your inner core, your Is-ness, your I Am; your experience may be something like that. But it is practice, not belief that will take you there. Look at everything. Question everything. Doubt everything, including all that I say to you. Believe nothing. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

As we let this entertaining discourse draw to an end, I want to again remind you that the words I am speaking to you or that you are reading are never the truth. I can only hint, and talk around the truth, and sometimes speak out of both sides of my mouth. I have said in the past that you are not really in charge of anything, that Spirit is in charge of everything and that all will happen at the perfect time. I still hold with that as I ask you what choice you are going to make here. Mostly, those who feel like they are making the choice to absolutely and fearlessly face the truth are not doing so because they got out of bed one day and said that it seemed like the time for truth realization. More likely they got out of bed (or couldn’t) and realized there was no other choice. “The world is hopeless and useless, and so am I. I have to do something to end this misery.” That’s a common beginning. There is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I’m going to make a slight modification and say that when the student is ready the shit will hit the fan. That is when the student chooses to act. Yes, perhaps a teacher appears at that moment, but it is not the teacher that is important. All depends on the actions of the student. It is all connected. There is a oneness and a perfection as you let go of what is not true and allow your inner guidance to lead you to the truth of I Am. You will find yourself acting in the world in a way that impacts others. You will do this, not because you know the truth, but because there is a perfect plan we are all a part of. When you are truth realized, you would never choose any other course than the one being presented to you. Your part in the perfect plan today might be to continue to play the loyal opposition, holding on to your “truths” and thinking everything else is bullshit. Everything has its purpose. Maybe your perfect place is to suspect there is no truth in your beliefs but you aren’t ready to act on it. Perfect – that is Spirit’s plan for you today. When it is time for you to wake, it will feel like you have no choice. Spirit will provide a swift kick in the ass and you are off to the races.

What is true is true. No amount of belief can make anything true or untrue. What is true is I Am. The rest of it is all illusion, nothing but smoke and mirrors. Within that dream you will awaken. It can be no other way. You will never accept this truth until you follow every untruth to its logical end and destruction. How long it will take for you to choose this makes no difference. Your level of intelligence makes no difference. Your spiritual discipline makes no difference. When the moment comes, it will happen. Is that time now? There is no correct answer to that question. You may make a start and be satisfied with whatever distance you come toward letting go, telling yourself that you are through for now. You may say that you are not ready now and then find things happening in your life that make any other choice impossible. As I said, my only job is to rattle your cage a little, to shake things up. Maybe something falls on your head or your toe stimulating you to take some sort of action. Maybe not. Maybe you are just left with the thought that Sanhia is full of it. I certainly am. I Am.

God Blesses You


How long will the Coronavirus last?

Interestingly, in the past five years there were two messages that drew the greatest attention. First was the perspective on the election of Donald Trump and in a close runner up position (and the polls are still open) was last month’s message on the Coronavirus.  It seems that what draws our attention is the biggest fear, which is not in the least surprising. Fear is mother’s milk for the awakening process. I now hear the question voiced as to how long the Coronavirus will continue to be appearing to run the show on the planet. Is it ever going to fully go away? Will it fade away only to return? Is it just the first in a wave of epidemics still to come? Is this to become a permanent part of life on earth now, like airport security and terrorism? I love these questions. First of all, it is not my job to make predictions about the future. I only predict certainties such as that you, the reader, will wake up. When that will happen is a prediction and that is none of my business. My only job is to tell what there is for you to hear in this moment about the truth of yourself and the events going on around you. The choices that you make with that information are your business and not mine. I know that you are coming home, the timing is not important – unless you are experiencing severe pain or fear. Then it is time to take a bigger step. Thank you, Coronavirus.

We have recently talked about the psychological subjects of projection and dissociation. Projection, again, is where you pretend that what is actually going on with you is being expressed by another. Dissociation is where you have spiritual intention but conveniently live your life as if it weren’t there. You have awareness of the truth, but continue to make the old, comfortable choices that fly in the face of what you want to achieve. Everyone does both of these things; it is human nature. Fortunately, you are not human, but divine, and are thus fully capable of overcoming both of these habits. There is an aphorism which states that there are no atheists in a foxhole. A foxhole is a trench a soldier digs to hide in and shoot out from at the enemy. We don’t wish to argue for the veracity of that statement, but rather to notice its suggestion that when the bullets are flying and death feels near, people tend to look at the subject of God and prayer in a different light, often making profound changes in their lives. So let’s replace foxhole with pandemic. The greatest gift that is coming now is that this virus is forcing each and every one of you to face your fears. Ultimately behind all fear is the fear of God, but that is not necessarily the one you are directly confronting. More likely you may be facing the fear of death, but it also might be felt as fears about financial support, scarcity of food, bad health, or separation from loved ones and on. The greatest gift that you can ever receive is the one that triggers the most fear. Maybe you don’t want to hear that. The part of you that dissociates wants to believe that this world is real and that it can be made livable if not heavenly. You want to believe that what happens here really does matter. The Coronavirus and the election of four years ago are here to remind you that things here don’t matter. If they did, it would all be too hopeless. So, maybe if the scariest thing happens and all of your buttons are pushed, you will wake up and realize that none of this matters, except as stimuli for awakening.

If you are asking the question, “How long is this virus going to last?” you are asking the wrong question. What then is the question? Perhaps the question is, “Why do I fear it lasting?” This is the gift. This is why Corona went viral! Come on, laugh with me here. What most scares you? You can choose to disassociate and listen to the ego. You can try to fight and hide and resist the fear or to pray that God/Spirit will come in and rescue you. Or, you can look at your fear with Spirit, asking for help in staring right at it. Ask Spirit to help you welcome the fear in. Look at all the extra time you are being given to do this. Thank you, thank you Coronavirus for all this time. You just never stop giving gifts. All the things that you thought had to happen every day turn out to not be essential, whether it is your work, entertainment, sports, or whatever else has been disrupted. Yet here you are – alive and still breathing – dealing with your fear. And the illusion of the world goes on. And you go on. Eventually the world will no longer go on, but you will always go on. Even that is a little misleading because going on suggests the passage of time, so it is more accurate to say that you always are. You will always be. Your fear will disappear, but it will persist as long as you resist. It will not leave by pretending it is not there. Face your fear. Go right into the heart of it. Do the five-step process. Embrace your fear. It will dissolve. There is nothing there; there is only love. You won’t know that until you are courageous, until you stand up to it and look it right in the eye. The Coronavirus is here to encourage you to do just that.

Though you share many of the Corona gifts with others, some are special for just some of you. Perhaps you have been working too hard at your job. You have been too busy, too stressed. You haven’t allowed yourself to have the space to be alone, to be silent, and to listen to your heart. There has been no peace and little time to be at home. Now you have this gift. Perhaps this space is terrifying. If so, face it. This is an enormous gift for you. On the other side of the fear are countless treasures. Nobody will go back to business as usual if and when the virus winds down. All has changed. Those of you who have reveled in this free extra time will not relinquish it easily. You may choose to hold on to the more relaxed and free pace, to the peace. Some of you have found value in places where you did not hold it before. All of you have experienced some changes in your values. You may have found that you can live without and even thrive without things you thought were necessary. Spirit is here to remind you that there isn’t anything you can’t live without. You are dependent on nothing. I encourage you to take some moments today to think about the gifts the Coronavirus has brought to you. Feel and express gratitude for those things. Take some time also to acknowledge the fears that remain. Give thanks for being made aware of those fears – they have nothing to do with the virus, you have simply projected your own fears there – and face them. What an invaluable gift the Coronavirus will have been if you wake up on the other side fearless; if you wake up trusting Spirit and willing to listen and follow. What a gift if it helps you give up your addiction to the ego.

Countries have had varied responses to the pandemic. You may have found yourself upset with the way that your country has responded. Perhaps you have judgment with the hoarders, whether it is of toilet paper or other products, or with those who are trying to cash in on the virus. I encourage you to let go of that victim thinking. See the perfection of what Spirit is bringing. These actions you judge are expressions of fear. Your judgment makes them real. Have compassion. On one hand trust Spirit to provide you with what you need when you need it. More importantly, remember those whom you judge are your mirrors, your projections. You have taken the last bit for yourself in the past, even if it was just the last piece of pie. You have done something that went against your heart to make money. That is you. Do you want to keep yourself in hell? Ask Spirit to help you forgive yourself, to realize your innocence, and to feel the absolute love in which God holds you. The love is real; the toilet paper is not. Which do you want more? Is it really more important to win a tug of war over toilet paper than to release your guilt, pain, and separation? Wake up. Forgive. Bring everything to Spirit. Give thanks to the virus for encouraging all of this movement.

Some of you are feeling bored with being home, feeling confined and restless like a prisoner. Remember that there are no accidents and there is no such thing as punishment. You can look at this experience from the perspective of Spirit. What does Spirit want to communicate to you? Deep down inside, what do you want to be doing? Now you have the space to find this and to act upon it. What is it that you have denied yourself that wants to emerge? For some this awareness is clouded over by the guilt over not being productive as the ego dictates that you should be. But now you have this gift of time and space. Nothing is expected of you. You are free. You don’t have to prove your worth. You don’t have to earn your way. Be a child again. Before you can unwrap this gift of time you may first need to face this fear, this guilt over being “inactive”.  This is also a wonderful place to use the five-step process. Let your fear and guilt dissolve so that you can hear Spirit’s loving, guiding voice. Imagine the joy in feeling free of the burden of guilt, of feeling your true innocence, of the ecstasy of following your inner voice. That is where you are headed. The Coronavirus is giving you this glorious opportunity to choose Spirit, love, joy, and freedom over the ego, fear, guilt, and imprisonment. The ego is not evil; it is not something to fight. It is simply something to not give energy to because it does not lead you to love, joy, and freedom. There is no better time to fully commit to this choice in each moment of your quarantine. Stay home forever in the heart of God.

God Blesses You


What is the meaning of the Coronavirus?

With the Coronavirus everybody is on the same page. You can search through your memory banks and be unable to find another time when the whole world was on the same page. Americans of a certain age remember the time when all of the country was on the same page following the Kennedy assassination or 9-11. Swedes had a similar unity around the assassination of Olof Palme. However, outside of your respective countries the effect was not so big and it became still smaller when extended to other continents. But here, now, everyone in the world is touched by the Coronavirus, no matter what continent, race, religion, or age. This is, indeed, a very interesting time. Look at what has been manifested here. Everyone has, seemingly, no choice but to focus on this phenomenon. It is affecting every aspect of your life.

As always, there are two voices that you can listen to, the voice of love or the voice of fear – the voice of Spirit or the voice of ego. You are surrounded by the voices of fear. There is no need for me to repeat the fear scenarios that are present. You can turn on the television, go online, or pick up a newspaper and be inundated with fearful stories and fingers pointed at those who can be blamed for causing, spreading, or failing to slow or halt the virus. My job today is to speak to you from Spirit, to remind you that there are no accidents and that everything is in perfection. You have a heightened opportunity now to choose love over fear. We have spoken often of the advice, and you have heard it many other places (thank you Ram Dass), to be here now, to be present, and to be in the Now. When you are absolutely present, you are with Spirit. When you are not present, you are with ego. All that truly exists is this moment. It exists forever. In this moment you are one with God; you are one with Spirit; you are one with me; you are one with each other. All there is is love.

The Coronavirus has been given to you by Spirit as an enormous gift to help you let go of the ego and be here now. Many of the normal distractions of your earthly experience are denied to you in this moment. You don’t feel the freedom to go where you want; you can’t watch the game on television or even read about it. You are likely at home most of the time, some of you not able to go to work. Your opportunities to socialize are minimized. What you do have is this enormous gift to help you let go. You can choose to be with ego, to be lamenting and sorrowful about what you are asked to give up, fearful or terrified about what the future might bring – or – you can receive this gift. You can revel in the stillness. You can take this as an opportunity to communicate with Spirit, to give all your fears, all of your judgments, all of your anger, everything that takes away from the peace that is your birthright – and give all of that to Spirit.

Now is the time to let death die. In the eternal now there is no death. Death is of the ego. It is not real. Yes of course, bodies die. You are not your body. You do not die. You cannot die. Jesus demonstrated that for us. This is a time given to you by Spirit to release and let go of all your fear of death. Give your death to Spirit. Know that if Spirit has use for you in your body to help all to awaken, you will stay in your body. If Spirit says that you have done what you came here to do and now it is time to come home into the Oneness, then you will let go of your body in love and joy, not in fear. That is not a death, but a full awakening. Invite Spirit into your heart today. Use your quarantine to be with Spirit. It is just the two of you; your challenge is to make it the One of you by surrendering your fearful, ego-based will. Ask, “What is it that you wish me to do with this space you have provided for me through the gift of the Coronavirus?” You now have this opportunity that you would not normally have. You would be so busy with your daily life and with what the ego says is important to do. Now this intervention precludes business as normal. Not only is there the space to listen to Spirit, but also the motivation to deal with those fears that the Coronavirus has triggered in you may increase. Besides the fear of death, you may be experiencing financial worries, loss of opportunities, fears about losing loved ones, uncertainties about the future, anger, or blame. This just might be the perfect storm that gives you the gentle shove that encourages you to let go of your attachment to the drama and finally surrender to Spirit. What an opportunity for healing! Now is the time to give all that fear, judgment, and projection to Spirit and listen to the message and guidance that are there for you.

While everything that has been said here goes to the core of what this event is truly about, we don’t suggest that you ignore the recommendations of health officials. Unless you are personally guided in a different direction, quarantine yourself, use proper cleaning techniques, pay attention to your own health signs, and strengthen your immune system. The fear you have may draw something your way, so be conscious in protecting yourself. On the other hand, whatever happens is perfect and is in Spirit’s hand. Trust in God and tether your camel.

I want to encourage you to feel an enormous gratitude for this gift of the Coronavirus and for Spirit bringing this potentiality for awakening into your now. Take this opportunity to hold each of your mirrors, every other human, in a place of loving acceptance and kindness. Part of the magic of this gift is that you are all in it together. When you find yourself talking with another about this situation, ask Spirit why He has brought you together. Are you to receive something from them or is there something that you are asked to give. Allow whatever it is to happen. If you meet your neighbor and they are in pain or fear, remember he is your mirror. He is reflecting that part of you which may be hard for you to see. Give silent thanks for that gift and take your pain and fear to Spirit. Perhaps you have a gift to share with your neighbor about the perfection of what is unfolding, about his divinity, about his safety – but first take your concerns to Spirit and see what you are guided to say to the other. It is not your job to heal them. That is Spirit’s work. If you are to be a tool for Spirit, He will let you know. It is your job to bring all the fears that are triggered by the Coronavirus and others’ responses to it to Spirit to be lifted to love. Always thank Spirit for this opportunity to awaken.

God Blesses You


How can we deal with the world immigration problem?

I have been asked to say some words about the issues of racism, immigration, and the reactive rise of conservative political parties around the world. There are important questions about how to deal with the people who have been dislocated by wars and abusive governments. There is also the ongoing story of racism, both in the United States and in Europe. We always wish to begin by having an awareness of the illusion. If there is any part of the illusion that is triggering fear in you – whether it be expressed in anger, judgment, or confusion – take that and work with it, seeing it as a gift. The truth is that there are no victims or victimizers. Everything comes out of the creation of the individual.

When one believes one’s self to be separate from God, whether or not the awareness is conscious, there is fear and projection. The projection may be upon the victim and how in some way they deserve what they got. There could be projection upon the heartlessness of the victimizer. People may be seen as power driven, ignorant of what is going on, or stupid. So, forgiveness is called for on both sides. Keep in mind that all of this is about you. If these events and people did not touch on something deep within you, we would not be having this conversation. As long as you believe that this is all outside of yourself and a part of the world, a part of others, it will continue to trigger fear and helplessness in your life. It is not about the events themselves or about the unfairness, the pain, and the suffering. It is about the fear that is triggered in you by these events, by these stories. One way of dealing with these fears, of course, is to use the five-step process to transform the fear that is generated.

The route to spiritual awareness often passes through territory of intense fear and suffering. If your world appears to be okay, there may not be anything to drive you to go past your self-imposed limitations. If the world is absolutely insufferable, you feel a need to find a way to deal with it. The only way to truly make sense of what is going on in the world is to realize that nothing real is happening. If you take it seriously, you will never find a solution. If these racial/immigration situations can help you to face your fear or to realize that love or fear can be chosen as a response to any situation, a great gift has been realized.

If you are choosing to help others because you see them as victims who cannot help themselves, that is fear based. You cannot see another as a helpless victim unless you hold yourself in the same light. You can choose to project your sense of victimhood on others – and the world will be so generous in providing you an endless list of sufferers – or you can deal with your own fear of vulnerability. I am not picking out any group of people and labeling them as victims. To be human is to believe that you are a martyr. Every human does that. You believe in your separation from God. The history of humanity is the history of victimhood. Your job as a human is to realize that you are divine. As a human, all you can do is pick your poison. Which side do you wish to view as the victims, those who have been driven from their homes or those whose homeland is being changed? Either way there are good guys and bad guys, winners and losers. Either way there is separation. Either way there is fear. The only way out of the morass is to no longer see yourself as a victim. You begin by forgiving both the victims and the victimizers, however you may have those roles distributed. You can’t have one without the other. Both are your creations and both represent your belief about your identity.

Let’s look at the Swedish immigration situation. The question is one of how to experience things from a position of unconditional love. If you hear someone state that the immigrants are destroying “our” way of life, how can that be looked upon with love? The bottom line is that fear begets, or gives birth to, fear. When you act out of fear, you create the very thing you fear. Reacting out of fear is always self-defeating. It can never bring a solution; it can only make things appear to be worse. The approach to take with those who act from fear is not to throw fuel on the fire by accusing them of racism, hatred, or selfishness. It is of greater service to acknowledge their fear and to help them to do the same, without judgment. Realize that you could not feel fear in them without holding it yourself. The question then becomes one of asking how this fear can be transformed.

The same question is there for those who see all of the immigrants as victims and those who oppose them as victimizers. What is the fear? What are they terrified of? What are you terrified of? Your job is always to see the divinity of everyone involved. The truth is that everybody just wants to find their way back home and they don’t have a clue how to get there. Back home might look like pre-immigrant Sweden. Perhaps, if we could get back there, there would just be peace, love, and safety. Or getting back home might be possible if everyone just opened their doors to all the world’s victims. Then, everything would be fine. If we all just found a place in our hearts to take care of them, we could live in peace, love, and safety.

In truth, there is no idealistic past to return to, except the Garden and the reality before your imagined separation from God. There was no perfect time in Sweden or in the United States. Every “present” was a time of fear and of longing for an earlier “perfect time”. On the other hand, if you try to be the white knight for all the victims of the world and bring perfection to the now, you will quickly realize that there are more victims than you could ever be able to handle. If you tried to bring all those in need of help to Sweden, the number would be many times greater than the current Swedish population. Are you prepared to invite anywhere from 10 to 100 people into your home? Are you ready to care for all their financial, emotional and psychological problems? On a logical level, this is obviously an insane solution, but far beyond that, it cannot deal with the problem because it does not recognize the true cause.

The solution does not come through changing the outside. It is your inside that creates the outside. If you are placing the blame on the outside and think you can do something about it, you are in denial of your own victimhood and helplessness. How can you save the world if you cannot save yourself? Ultimately there is no difference between feeling sorry for the immigrants and blaming the victimizers than in judging the immigrants and saying that it is their problem and not yours. It is just a different choice of how to deal with your projection. You can blame yourself and believe that you can’t do enough to make the situation right, or you can blame the victim and therefore can’t do enough to eliminate that problem.

The only solution begins with owning and facing your own fear. This requires taking responsibility for creating the world, rather than acting as a victim to your creation. It is not that solutions cannot be found, it is that the answer begins within you. First you find your own divinity and then see it reflected in every other human. You see all as creators and none as victims. From that place you can invite others in love to look within for solutions. Since you know that every apparent outer problem is a gift from Spirit to help you open to your divine self, you can support others to do the same. This is not to say that you ignore the outer because it is only illusion. You support each person in the way that you are guided without taking their problems seriously. You know it isn’t real, but sharing that with another who is not ready to hear it may not be the greatest support you can offer. On the other hand, buying into their story only helps to cement it in place.

If this dance is a difficult one for you, you probably have more work to do with yourself. Silently thank your victim “mirrors” and go back to transforming your fears. Be kind to yourself about this. If you are in a body you have fear and you believe in the reality of the illusion. If you have made the intention to release the illusion and to let Spirit guide you, you still have work to do. It may be part of Spirit’s plan for you to be here to support others. You are not here to help them solve their problems (a Sisyphean task if there ever was one) but to help them take responsibility, to take their power, to find their divinity. Whenever it all feels like too much, remember that it doesn’t really matter. It is truly all illusion. You cannot take a wrong step. Nothing outside needs to change. Within is love and divinity. Ask Spirit to help you find it.

God Blesses You




Today I would like to make some comments on world events, the things going on around you right now. One of the biggest current happenings, or what Ulla’s divine guidance calls “cosmic wind”, is around the energy that has acquired the label “#MeToo”. There are those points in time where there is a shift in mass consciousness. They are unpredictable and always come as a surprise. To those who have wanted the change, it has been much too long in coming. However, then it arrives with such a speed and power that it kind of takes the breath away.

I can give you a partial list of such “cosmic winds” in recent history. First was the civil rights movement in the United States. After centuries of being held down, suddenly those of African descent had the right to vote, to attend integrated schools, to hold higher paying better jobs, and to live in better neighborhoods. Not by any stretch of the imagination were the issues of prejudice, segregation, and inequality solved, but there was an enormous leap. Shortly after that another great leap occurred, this time for women’s rights in many parts of the world. For the first time in history, doors began to swing open to allow women to hold jobs in all fields and to rise to positions of power. This allowed them to have more financial independence and control of their lives, besides making it possible to pursue their dreams. This did not immediately create a level playing field in pay and opportunity, but the change was exponential. Much more recently, there came a rapid change in the acceptance of those who choose same sex relationships. Less than seventy years ago, such actions not only caused one to be shunned in western society, but were grounds for imprisonment. Now, in many places, the right to marry, or at least to enjoy the same legal benefits, is afforded to same sex couples. Again, has all prejudice dissipated? Of course not, but in all three of these cases the mass consciousness quickly shifted. What had not been possible or legal was now protected by law and could happen.

Now we are on the threshold of another “cosmic wind”. Throughout much of history there was little legal or societal consequence for men who sexually mistreated women. This is not to say that there were not convictions for rape or assault, but they were the exception rather than the rule, and there was little to halt harassment. More likely to happen was that if a woman came forward with accusations, she became the “evil one” and her reputation suffered – not to speak of receiving retribution relating to her financial/career prospects – while the man denied everything. Now the tables have turned. It is hard to look at the news in the U.S. without seeing the story of the latest kingpin to be the recipient of multiple accusations of sexual abuse. Women feel empowered to speak up. Many who were afraid to speak out are now coming forward. Men are losing their positions and their reputations. This will make it far more difficult in the future for a man to get away with such behavior. The likelihood of prosecution will deter many from taking such actions. Laws are created to guide the behavior of those who are motivated by fear rather than love. Most people would not choose to do things that would bring harm to another. For the others, the threat of legal problems and of social rejection is necessary. That is what is in the process of occurring. Are women now fully protected? Of course not, but it is likely that safety will continue to expand. A leap has occurred.

Now let’s look at all of this from a spiritual perspective. For you as an individual to progress spiritually, it is absolutely necessary for you to listen to and honor your feminine side. This will guide you to a place of love and safety, a place where you can hear Spirit. The same is true for a culture. A society that cannot respect the feminine energy is doomed to spiritual frustration. The mass consciousness is not a happy one. The old saying “Happy wife, happy life” is apt. If a society serves the feminine, its spirituality and love will bloom. Remember that “feminine” and “female” are not synonyms. All people possess feminine and masculine energy.

There is another side to this coin. Before this “cosmic wind” blew through, the prevailing belief was that women are victims to men. Masculine energy cannot be trusted. If women feel empowered now to speak up so that they can fight the evil power of masculinity, it will be a long battle, one they will be fighting for the rest of their lives. Not all women have experienced “#MeToo”. They have not all experienced physical abuse. Think about what we have said in the past about victimhood and being the power in your life (– select victimhood). Some women hesitated to speak out in the past because they felt guilty. It was not that they consciously welcomed the abuse, but the male energy defined it for them in that way. Some women felt guilty for being unable to say no. Above all they feared that the only way to get ahead or to support themselves and their children was to surrender to this male power. They felt guilty because they had given their power away. Some women, however, refused to give away their power, or did it once and learned from the experience. We would encourage the “#MeToo” energy to be not just, “I have been abused”, but more importantly “Me too! I will take the power in my life. I will not be a victim. There is nothing that I need to do, that I do not want to do, in order to create what I wish to have in my life.” This is not an either/or situation. You do not need to sacrifice yourself to receive what you want. Work with your fears with the five-step process. Give it to Spirit. Ask for the peace you want in your life.

This “cosmic wind” is supporting the release of a great deal of anger, vindictiveness, and judgment toward these male perpetrators. We recognize the pain you are feeling. There is no judgment about it. Feel free to express it and allow it to move. Then let it go. If you hold on to the anger, your blame will eat away at you. If you seek revenge, then as you sow so shall you reap. If you have the awareness that your judgment is always ultimately of yourself, perhaps it will be easier to forgive. The forgiveness is infinitely important. It is not a question of wrong or right. If you hold the energy of judgment, you will be held victim to it. The cycle continues. It does not serve you. You can also work with Ho’oponopono.

We want to remind you that this is an illusion. This physical world, full of drama and stories, is not real. They will become nothing when you leave your body. They are nothing now. Your job is to realize your divinity. Here. Now. God would never ask you to sacrifice your divinity for any reason. The fear of being controlled by the masculine energy is really the fear of God. God is neither male, controlling, nor vindictive. That is only a projection of your fear. God knows only unconditional love, has no judgment, asks nothing of you, and offers everything. Choose love over fear. Come home.

God Blesses You, 


What can I do with the fear I feel over Trump’s election?

As some of you may be aware, there was a presidential election this past month (November 2016) in the United States. Oh! You are all aware of it. Okay. How many of you were pleased and excited with the results? I don’t hear anyone cheering. How many of you were terrified by the results? Wonderful! You see, fear is what this election was all about. It was a thumbs up or thumbs down vote about fear. If your reaction was fearful, you were part of the thumbs up vote. You voted (or didn’t vote) out of fear. You have helped to create this election result. I say this not as an accusation, but as an encouragement to take responsibility for your creations. Fortunately, it is all an illusion…or we might all be terrified now. I’m not. I feel fine. There is only one reason why you are here now in a physical body on the planet Earth and that is to realize your divinity – to know that you are one with each other and with the creator God. He doesn’t care who is president of the United States. It doesn’t make any difference. If it makes a difference to you, you have given your power away. You are claiming to be a victim of outer circumstances, or are perceiving others to be caught in the crosshairs. Either way it is a projection of your own fear.

The reason for voting at all is simply to select the candidates who most embody the love that you have in you, that most suggest that the loving, trusting, divine energy that is the truth of you will be expressed and shared with others. Whether or not the president of the United States seems to embody that energy makes no difference to you. The question is, ”Do you embody that energy?” Are you a being of love, light, and truth or are you a being who is spreading fear and darkness, guilt and blame? It is a very easy choice: love or fear. For those of you who are choosing fear, congratulations. You have elected the perfect leader – even if you did not vote, even if you are not a citizen of the US. The residents of Sweden and other countries feel strongly affected by the election results, also. It is a world event. If you are feeling fear, that is a choice. Nobody is forcing you to be afraid of what will happen because of this election. When you are choosing love, you know there is only perfection, that everything is happening exactly as it should. You trust in what is presented. The plan may not be obvious to you, but that does not mean that it is not present. In the previous message we talked about faith. Faith is where you go forward and act without proof, operating in the trust that divinity, that love is all there is.

How can this election outcome be in service to the planet, when your brain-minds are saying, ”No, this is going backwards; this is not going in the right direction”? Yet at the same time, more and more souls on earth are making the conscious intention to realize their divinity. These beings are giving increasing trust to this process. Trust that this election is a part of that continuity. I will tell you a few things to whet your appetite, but ultimately it is you who are to go inside and ask Spirit to help you release your fear about the election and trust in its perfection. One of the ways that the election is serving is that for some of you it is important to see the world improving in certain ways. It is vital that what you see outside match what you want to feel inside. Actually, you have the process reversed. What you see in the world reflects what is going on within you. All we have at this point that we can look at is an election. Some votes were cast and winners were declared. Yet some of you already are rushing ahead and projecting the most horrible things occurring. Does that come from love or fear?

A great gift from this event can be realized because some of you on the spiritual path are looking to be saved. You are hoping for a great leader to come along to rescue you. You will never be saved from the outside. There is nothing there for you to be protected from. The fear is illusory; it is not true. No matter who is in power in the world’s governments – what they do or how human bodies are affected – they are absolutely incapable of doing any damage to the truth of you or anyone else. The part of you that doesn’t believe that has created this test for yourself. Think back eight years. Remember how excited many of you were at the results of the election that had just happened. What hope you had for the world! How peace would come! How racial equality would be achieved! A whole new period of harmony and love was being ushered in, The Swedish Nobel committee even awarded Obama a prize in anticipation of the great good he would do. Now, eight years later, how did that dream work for you? For many there is a disappointment. Perhaps in eight years you will be disappointed that the Trump presidency was not as bad as you thought it would be. Or would you call that a pleasant surprise?

Now it is time to step up and take control and power over your life. Why give that authority to Donald Trump, especially given what you think he will likely do with it? But why give it to anybody? Except Spirit. Let this election be a great healing gift for you. Give thanks, not only to Donald Trump, but to all those who voted for him as well as those who stayed away from the polls and didn’t vote for his opponent. Give thanks to everyone that you judge for the results of this election. Acknowledge them for giving you this golden opportunity to take your power, let go of the belief that you are a victim to outside circumstances, and know that there is only love, only Spirit acting here and everywhere.  Nothing else is real. Ask Spirit to support you in realizing this. Forgive Donald Trump and his supporters and the non-voters. Forgive yourself. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Love, love, love. You have a wonderful opportunity here. I encourage you to take it. I encourage you to be open to the possibility of love, and see the divinity in Trump and in yourself. It is you who controls your destiny. Your leaders can neither make you nor break you. Only you get to do that. Give yourself a break. Give yourself a hug.

God Blesses You,


How do I deal with the religious conflict in the Middle East?

We would like to further develop the previous message, What is a spiritual response to a world crisis?, beginning with the history of conflict in the area called the Middle East and how it ties in with religion, particularly the three major monotheistic ones: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The story begins with the oldest of the three, Judaism, and the tale, as told in the Old Testament, of Abraham. He was told to take his people to the land that is now Israel, and to begin a new religion that honored the one God. This land was not empty. From the outset we had somebody guided for religious reasons to take over a land that belonged to someone else. This Jewish god demanded obedience; there were severe consequences for breaking his laws. Years later, the story tells us, the Hebrews left and went to Egypt where they became enslaved, then, following generations of captivity, broke free behind Moses’ leadership. Forty years after this, they returned to the “Promised Land” and, again, other people were living there. In the name of god, they fought for and won this land. Over the next 1200 years there was a nearly constant state of war with other religions, mostly not monotheistic, for control of this land.

At times the Jews lost control and were subjugated. This was the case when Jesus was born, with the Romans controlling this land. Jesus was a Jew, we could say a rabbi, and not a Christian. He did not start a religion. But many who were not Jews began to follow some of his ideas, primarily through the influence of Paul. Thus, began the religion called Christianity, which was only loosely based on the words of Jesus. The half of his sayings that were eliminated were partially replaced by the inclusion of Old Testament, or Jewish beliefs. However, the wisdom of Jesus had little to do with the Ten Commandments or the idea of a “chosen people”. Jesus’s message was simply one of unconditional love and of personal divinity, that held everyone as divine. You love your enemy, because in truth you have no enemy. His teaching was at one with my teaching, as he was my teacher. However, historically, Christianity became the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus transformed into a pattern of war and conquest.

Along came Mohammad and Islam, also tracing their roots to Judaism. Jesus was held as a prophet, but not as the son of God. On the one hand they were right; there is nothing special about Jesus over anyone else. What they missed, as did the Jews and the Christians, is that everyone else is as special as Jesus, that we are all sons and daughters of God. So, you had three different groups claiming to have the true knowledge of God, asserting ownership to the heart of their religion, Jerusalem. Over the years there has been a constant conflict over “the Holy Land”. When we talk about this dispute, we are not talking about all Jews, all Christians, and all Muslims. The clash is between those who could be called the fundamentalists of their respective religions. Fundamentalism results when fear is the basis of religious belief, rather than love. They are afraid of God and prostrate themselves before the divine. They do not respect themselves or see that they can find the truth within. Fundamentalists go to the sacred texts and claim them to be direct revelations of the thoughts of God. They try to find in the text the truth of what God wants them to do. They have the fear that the failure to do God’s bidding will bring His judgment down upon them.

Today, Jewish fundamentalism is responsible for many of the policies of the Israeli government and its refusal to provide a home for Islam in the Holy Land. Islamic fundamentalism is responsible for terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Christian fundamentalism, which has a particularly strong influence on the government of the United States, accepts neither Judaism nor Islam as true religions. Even in Europe are found judgments about Islam and Judaism, seeing the former as intolerant and terroristic, and the latter as controlling international money. That is the situation as it appears to exist today.

I am speaking to you as neither a Jew, a Muslim, nor a Christian, but as a divine child of God, because that is all there is. If you look at these three religions, you will find that the majority of their followers are not fundamentalists. They are trying to find a place of unconditional love and acceptance through the tenets of their religion. They want people to take care of each other. We have just heard the Pope come to the United States with a message to share the wealth, to work to end the vast differences between the haves and the have-nots. This has always been the message of Muhammad, as it has been a tradition within Judaism.

All of this comes back around to and hinges on the teachings of Jesus. Yes, Jesus said to take care of the poor, but his deepest message is the one that is the key to the whole situation in the Middle East. This was to love your enemy, and in fact to see, in truth, that you have no enemy. He was talking about the concept of the “mirror” as I have shared with you on many occasions. What you judge in another is what you judge in yourself. It can be no other way. To bring peace to the Middle East you first find it in your heart to love every single person there unconditionally. Let go of your judgment. Let go of your belief that any child of God could be a victim – not the refugees, not those who are imprisoned or tortured or murdered, not those soldiers who have been physically or emotionally damaged. There are no victims here. The way you care for people is by seeing the divinity in them. When you see their divinity, you cannot see them as a victim. You don’t have to travel to the Middle East to accomplish this peace. At the same time, as you hold on to your judgments, you are feeding the fire there.

Drop all stereotyping. If you notice that you are having thoughts about a person because of their religion, let them go. Let your thoughts be about the individual, rather than the group they represent. Then, look into that individual’s heart and see who he or she is as a unique child of God. If you find that there is a part that you have difficulty loving unconditionally, that is the part of yourself that you judge. Do the work on yourself, not on them. This is how you bring peace to the world. You don’t have to leave your own living room. It is not about arguing with others or convincing them. If you hear prejudicial statements, notice if they upset you. If they do, the healing is to take place within you, not within the other. Use some process to move the energy. It can be the five-step process, Ho’oponopono, A Course in Miracles, or whatever works for you. There is no one way. The belief that there is one way leads to fundamentalism. If you think that your spiritual techniques are superior, you are feeding the flames in the Middle East. It is okay. All on earth is illusion anyway. However, you  will not experience your own ascension while holding feelings of superiority or inferiority.

Remember that it isn’t real. In the atrocities that you hear or read about, no souls were injured in the production of that movie. These are all divine, immortal, eternal children of God. There is no damage. The part of you that feels that there was damage is the place to begin your healing. It is the place within you that doubts your own divinity and what Jesus taught when he said, “This and more you shall do”. This and more than what Jesus did. Let the peace begin with you. Know that it is all perfect. It is all as it should be, exactly what you need in order to experience your personal divinity.

God Blesses You,


What is a spiritual response to a world crisis?

As you are working with your own spiritual healing, realizing your personal ascension, and perhaps using the five-step process, there often seems to be a stark contrast between the spiritual work you are doing and what seems to be the “reality” the world is presenting you with. One of the current “realities” is connected to the situation in Syria. This appears to be a complex political situation. The Mideast was destabilized by the Afghani and Iraqi wars instigated by the United States. This led to the formation of terrorist groups in the former Iraq. These groups spilled over the border into Syria. The long-standing dictatorship in Syria began to experience a civil war. Of the groups opposing the regime, ISIS emerged as the strongest. For those of you who are intent on rescuing to make the world a better place and to supporting the “good guys”, it is hard to find a champion. In addition, an extremely large number of Syrians have felt that there was no choice for them, in order to protect themselves and their families, but to flee the country and to seek refuge elsewhere. Many of them have fled to Europe, because there were few good options in the Middle East. That is the stage that has been set.

The situation tends to trigger extreme reactions for some people. One response is, “How can we take care of all of these people? We have our own problems. We don’t want to accept more Muslims in our country because their ways and beliefs are so different. We would have to take care of them, which is expensive, and they don’t want to follow our laws or respect our way of life.” On the other hand are those who say, “Oh, these poor people. We have to do everything that we can to provide them with a safe haven, to help them to get there, and to assist them in starting their new lives.” Oh, and another response for many people is one of hopelessness. The inner voices might say, “What can I do? This is all too big for me to make a difference. It just isn’t my problem.” All of these viewpoints come out of a place of fear. For those who do not want to take on the responsibility of helping there is the fear of lack and the fear of becoming victims to the refugees. For those who want to take care of the refugees there is often guilt, which is a manifestation of fear. It is the belief that you have behaved badly and that you will be punished if you don’t somehow make up for it. This all comes out of the illusion that there was a “wrong” and that it, therefore, can be corrected. Hopelessness is the fear that one is powerless. The ultimate fear is of death. You can also reread What am I to do with death? for help in dealing with this issue.

It is time for us all to take a deep breath and to collectively take a giant step backward. Let’s look at this whole situation in a different light. First of all, it is absolutely essential to remember that whatever you see in the world is a projection of your ego. If you see chaos, if you see victims, if you see people who don’t deserve help because they are responsible for their own troubles, this is a projection of your ego and how you perceive yourself in the world. The first step to take in healing what feels to be enormous world problems, and specifically the situation in Syria with the refugees, is to look and see where your fear is attached. Take responsibility for it and realize that this is about you, not about them. Looking at the situation with unconditional love, taking full responsibility for your own life, you might consider Syria and say, “My, this is an interesting opportunity for healing that they have chosen for themselves.” You would not see victims. You would see powerful children of God who have collectively chosen to create a situation that forces them into enormous change. Such change always leaves wide open the opportunity for healing. In your own life, your greatest opportunities for healing often come in the face of what appears to be adversity.

Deal with your own fear that is triggered, perhaps using the five-step process, and see this as an enormous spiritual gift for the Syrian people as well as the people of all the countries that are also deeply affected. Then you can look at these people freed of your judgment, guilt, and the feeling that you have to do something to help. Rather, you can see their divinity and the opportunity they have created. You can go into a place in your heart and see if you are guided to support this healing process in some way. Only from this place of unconditional love and acceptance can you be guided to an action that will truly support the spiritual process of another. Remember that the solution to a problem is never about changing others or changing the outside. It is always about taking responsibility, about looking at the situation and acknowledging, “This is me”. The solution lies with healing yourself. If you absolutely succeed in that, your personal ascension will change the world.

This is an enormous challenge. It is one thing to choose to be a monk and to go into solitude to work on your spiritual process. It is another thing to stay in your community, your family, and your work where you are dealing with the energies of others and are exposed to much of what is transpiring in the world. But, this is the challenge that you have chosen, to be in the world but not of it. You might wish to go back and read two messages that dealt with world problems for further support: How can I change the world? and How do I deal with my environmental fears?You have created Syria for your own healing. This a great gift and an opportunity for you. We encourage you to make the most of it and to find that unconditional love within you. And to live there.

God Blesses You,


How can I step out of the mass consciousness?

We have talked a lot over the past messages about the five-step process, of your old stories and the changing of these stories. We have communicated that you are the power in your life; you are divine and create everything, whether consciously or unconsciously. Today let’s focus on that part of the unconscious that we call the mass consciousness. These are the beliefs that permeate the culture in which you live. Most people simply accept these stories as true without questioning them, as if there is no choice. If you do question the mass consciousness, people might look at you as if you are crazy. You can travel to another culture and find differences in their mass consciousness. Some beliefs are nearly worldwide, the inevitability of death and taxes – for example. Health concerns are also part of the mass consciousness, such as the flu season or allergies. You might believe it is that time of year, so you are likely to catch something. Though many mass consciousness beliefs are universal, some ideas are narrower in scope, such as those running through families. There may be familial beliefs in good health as the standard, but other clans might hold illness and infirmities as often occurring events.

What we want to address today is the importance of being aware of the mass consciousness energy. Otherwise it will be running large parts of your life. Be particularly sensitive when you hear people, or perhaps even yourself, making statements that limit your spiritual power. Examples might include: ”You just can’t do what you want to do.” ”Nothing comes easy”. ”You have to fight to get what you want.” ”Money is evil.” ”You can’t trust men /women.” ”Sex is bad/dirty/unholy/going to get you in trouble.” ”I am getting old.” ”Don’t rock the boat.” I could go on and on. I won’t. You already have available to you an overabundance of limiting mass consciousness beliefs. Notice these ideas as they come into your field of awareness, and instead of agreeing with them or promulgating them, ask yourself if this is a story you want to be true. If it isn’t, you have your work cut out for you. Let go of that “old story” and choose a new one.

This is the place to use the five-step process. Your brain-mind is likely to cave in to some of these mass consciousness ideas and say ”That is just the way things are.” “People age.” ”Life is about suffering.” It takes the second step where you confront the fear energy held in your body, before your brain-mind can successfully choose differently. It is not just a question of choosing a new story. It is a question of facing your fear of holding yourself up to the potential ridicule and anger of those around you. You will deal with the voices that say, ”What makes you think that you can choose differently?” or ”Who made you God?” Of course, the answer is that God made you God. You were made in the image of the infinite. You are divine, and, you don’t choose to have these old stories anymore. This is not to say that you are to share the new stories you are choosing with everyone. In fact, it is probably easier if you don’t. It might be best to only disclose your new stories with those you trust to support you, until you find yourself strong in your divinity with confidence in your ability to choose your own stories. One of the great fears of stepping outside of the mass consciousness is that you will be crucified for it. That is an important story to change right away. Meanwhile, hold your cards close to your chest. Find a support group, even if it is but one person – ”Where two or more are gathered in my name”. Claim your divinity.

Walk away from the mass consciousness, whether it comes from religion, parents, governments, the media, science, or your own DNA. Change your story or it will run your existence because you are giving it permission to do so. Let’s say a little bit more about the genetic coding of your DNA. There is the belief, greatly supported by the mass consciousness of science, that who you are is determined by what is in your genetic code; that your DNA is all-powerful. Your genetic code will be left behind in mother earth’s compost pile while the truth of you goes on eternally. The immortal divine truth of you is always a greater power than your DNA. Your genetic code was created by the timeless truth of who you are. There was certainly purpose in that. You set things up in this life in order to have certain experiences, but you did not set yourself up to be a perpetual victim of those circumstances. If you have a situation that the mass consciousness says is genetically disposed – this is an opportunity, a spiritual gift, a place for you to say ”I want to change that story”.

You are all now having the opportunity to experience the changing of mass consciousness. Mass consciousness is not a static thing. It is not the same today as it was a thousand years ago, or even a hundred years ago. When a critical mass of people hold a new story, the mass consciousness begins to change. It requires only a small minority of people holding the new story to effect this transformation. It was such a critical mass that brought the earth into an ascended state, and that ascended state now allows the mass consciousness to change more quickly (What about the planetary ascension of 2012?). It is easier now for people to choose a new story than it was fifty years ago. There is less resistance. Not only are you altering your stories more easily, but you are replacing more stories and more people are choosing to convert their stories. This has a snowball effect. Changes in mass consciousness that used to take a century can now occur in five years. The current change in technology is mirroring the change in mass consciousness.

Perhaps the greatest block remaining for you in the mass consciousness is the fear of your divinity. You believe that to fully claim your divinity, and, therefore your power, is blasphemy. There is a belief that such a desire is evil or satanic, that it is of the ego or a sign of mental illness. To claim your divinity, to realize you are the power in your life and can do whatever you wish to do, is a heresy. That is the greatest fear. People are terrified of taking their power, or of even asserting they have a divine right to claim it. This is the mass consciousness promulgated by most religions. It was not the teaching of Jesus. He spoke of his achievements by saying ”this and more you shall do”. The truth is out there in many published books. There are people talking and writing in the mass media. There are workshops and classes. This energy was almost invisible fifty years ago, but it is everywhere today. The energy supporting the recognition of your personal divinity is there. The critical mass is close. It is becoming easier, but nobody can make the choice for you. Ultimately, you, yourself, will come face to face with your fear and find the love behind it. I’m on your side. I’ve got your back. But, you have to be brave enough to claim your freedom. Choose to unlock the shackles of mass consciousness.

God Blesses You,


How do I deal with my environmental fears?

A question has been presented to me about how to deal with the world and its environmental problems. Your brain-mind may be asking, ”How can I and my children survive the threats from pollution, global warming, carcinogens, chemicals, radiation from electronic devices, warfare, and the effects of capitalism and large governments?” You might understand how you can affect things directly dealing with your own thoughts and actions through the five-step process, but still fail to see how you can avoid being a victim to the mass consciousness and world events.

You project your love and your fear upon the planet. You cast all of this upon “Mother Earth”, but nobody has the power to destroy the earth. The area of concern is not with the earth; it is with you. Nobody has the power to determine the future of the planet for you. That is yours and yours alone. Neither do you have the power to determine the future of the planet for anybody else. Your belief will not change the truth, but it will affect your perception of the truth. No matter what you believe about the world, your experience will prove you right.

Scientists are correct when they tell us that we are undergoing a period of global warming. I don’t suggest that you ignore the warnings. What are you to do with the information? If global warming is to bring about changes that include storms and flooding, you can choose not to be directly affected. It doesn’t matter whether your fear is of drunk drivers, earthquakes, or mass murderers. You can always choose to be in the right place at the right time. If you are suffering significant degrees of fear, or anger – one of fear’s many manifestations, do the five-step process. Global warming could prove to have some positive effects for the planet. Your job is not to judge. Your job is to feel love and choose what you want. Choose what you want rather than choosing the absence of what you fear. If it is appropriate for global warming to be halted or reversed, it will happen. It will happen from a place of love. Perhaps a person, or persons, in the process of following their heart’s guidance find the alternative energy source or channel an absolutely unthought-of solution to the situation. Your job is to release fear and to follow your heart. Do what you came here to do.

I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand and hide from any of the fears that were mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you are concerned that the food you are eating might kill you; of course, you want to change that story. But, you also want to eat to please your belly-mind. Healthy food tastes good. Organic food is more enjoyable than non-organic. Natural foods are more gratifying than processed ones. Eat what truly feels wonderful to you, and release your food fears through the five-step process. If you find yourself in a situation of eating food that you know is not healthy for you, don’t worry about it. It won’t kill you, unless you want it to do so. Survival is not about purity. It is about loving yourself and your life so much that there is nowhere else you would rather be. Enjoy whatever you eat. If you love your food, your food will turn to love within you.

Many of you are worried about the effects of radiation, especially from mobile phones. If the fear is great, protect yourself until the five-step process has a chance to work. Then listen to your heart. If you are worried about your children’s use of phones, I have a question for you. Which is the greater ultimate danger to your child, mobile phones or her brain-mind acting out of fear? Where are your priorities as a parent? You can hardly ask your children to surrender their fears to the belly-mind and to choose always to come from love unless you are making a sincere effort to do just that yourself. Kids aren’t dumb. They’ll smell that one a mile off.

When there is no fear and no denial, your love will create only from your heart’s desire. There is nothing to fear. As you are building your love, take the precautions that you feel that you want. Ultimately there is no order of difficulties in miracles. When you are performing Spiritual Alchemy, there is no difference between creating a state of unconditional self-love (which you have experienced your ability to do, if you have worked with the process), and protecting yourself from nuclear war or a significant rising of the ocean levels. It doesn’t matter where the fear of victimhood is coming from; love is simply the place where you begin. It helps, as you are dealing with what seem to be such enormous issues, to put things in perspective. If you believe that this body is all you get and then there is nothing, terror is more likely to hold you in its grip. If you hold the awareness that none of this is ultimately real, that it is just a big dream that you will awaken from someday, and that you will eventually laugh about it all – it is easier to let go of your brain-mind and find true peace and love in this very body. You are already ascended. Get used to it!

God Blesses You,