Why do I have so much drama in my life?

It is time to talk about drama. I will define drama as the belief that the events happening around you are real. In fact, these events are no different from those in a movie. Taking your physical life seriously is like taking a film seriously. No actors were really killed or had their hearts broken in the last movie you saw. They were just playing roles, and will go on to their next one. It’s kind of like your incarnations. All the manifestations of fear that you have connected to the drama in your life will be left behind with your body. Why not leave it behind you right now? Are you ready to say goodbye to drama in your life?  Drama and ascension are incompatible. If you have made your intention to ascend and it seems to be taking too long, maybe it’s time to speed up the process by making the intention to eliminate drama from your life.

Drama indicates a belief that you are your body, that you are limited rather than infinite, that you are mortal rather than…well you catch my drift. It doesn’t matter whether it is your drama or someone else’s drama that you believe in. It’s all one big story and it isn’t true.

Your drama may be about victimhood, not being appreciated, attachment to something you can’t seem to acquire, or attachment to something you are afraid of losing. It may be about love, sex, money, career, or health insurance. Get over it. The only true security you will ever find is in the truth, and the truth is that none of this is who you really are. You are so much more than that.

All of this drama is nothing but a dream. There is no better time to wake up. It’s not about eating right, meditating right, following the correct spiritual practice, or having transcendental experiences. It is about being you, being the real you. It is about discarding everything that isn’t really you until only you are left. It is about waking up. It is about time. Are you ready?

God Blesses You,


November 1, 2011 1984Ascension, Attachment, Illusion, Intention, Movie, Physical Body, Sanhia Message, Story