How do I deal with my environmental fears?

A question has been presented to me about how to deal with the world and its environmental problems. Your brain-mind may be asking, ”How can I and my children survive the threats from pollution, global warming, carcinogens, chemicals, radiation from electronic devices, warfare, and the effects of capitalism and large governments?” You might understand how you can affect things directly dealing with your own thoughts and actions through the five-step process, but still fail to see how you can avoid being a victim to the mass consciousness and world events.

You project your love and your fear upon the planet. You cast all of this upon “Mother Earth”, but nobody has the power to destroy the earth. The area of concern is not with the earth; it is with you. Nobody has the power to determine the future of the planet for you. That is yours and yours alone. Neither do you have the power to determine the future of the planet for anybody else. Your belief will not change the truth, but it will affect your perception of the truth. No matter what you believe about the world, your experience will prove you right.

Scientists are correct when they tell us that we are undergoing a period of global warming. I don’t suggest that you ignore the warnings. What are you to do with the information? If global warming is to bring about changes that include storms and flooding, you can choose not to be directly affected. It doesn’t matter whether your fear is of drunk drivers, earthquakes, or mass murderers. You can always choose to be in the right place at the right time. If you are suffering significant degrees of fear, or anger – one of fear’s many manifestations, do the five-step process. Global warming could prove to have some positive effects for the planet. Your job is not to judge. Your job is to feel love and choose what you want. Choose what you want rather than choosing the absence of what you fear. If it is appropriate for global warming to be halted or reversed, it will happen. It will happen from a place of love. Perhaps a person, or persons, in the process of following their heart’s guidance find the alternative energy source or channel an absolutely unthought-of solution to the situation. Your job is to release fear and to follow your heart. Do what you came here to do.

I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand and hide from any of the fears that were mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you are concerned that the food you are eating might kill you; of course, you want to change that story. But, you also want to eat to please your belly-mind. Healthy food tastes good. Organic food is more enjoyable than non-organic. Natural foods are more gratifying than processed ones. Eat what truly feels wonderful to you, and release your food fears through the five-step process. If you find yourself in a situation of eating food that you know is not healthy for you, don’t worry about it. It won’t kill you, unless you want it to do so. Survival is not about purity. It is about loving yourself and your life so much that there is nowhere else you would rather be. Enjoy whatever you eat. If you love your food, your food will turn to love within you.

Many of you are worried about the effects of radiation, especially from mobile phones. If the fear is great, protect yourself until the five-step process has a chance to work. Then listen to your heart. If you are worried about your children’s use of phones, I have a question for you. Which is the greater ultimate danger to your child, mobile phones or her brain-mind acting out of fear? Where are your priorities as a parent? You can hardly ask your children to surrender their fears to the belly-mind and to choose always to come from love unless you are making a sincere effort to do just that yourself. Kids aren’t dumb. They’ll smell that one a mile off.

When there is no fear and no denial, your love will create only from your heart’s desire. There is nothing to fear. As you are building your love, take the precautions that you feel that you want. Ultimately there is no order of difficulties in miracles. When you are performing Spiritual Alchemy, there is no difference between creating a state of unconditional self-love (which you have experienced your ability to do, if you have worked with the process), and protecting yourself from nuclear war or a significant rising of the ocean levels. It doesn’t matter where the fear of victimhood is coming from; love is simply the place where you begin. It helps, as you are dealing with what seem to be such enormous issues, to put things in perspective. If you believe that this body is all you get and then there is nothing, terror is more likely to hold you in its grip. If you hold the awareness that none of this is ultimately real, that it is just a big dream that you will awaken from someday, and that you will eventually laugh about it all – it is easier to let go of your brain-mind and find true peace and love in this very body. You are already ascended. Get used to it!

God Blesses You,


How can I get the ying and yang energy in harmony within me?

When most people think of the ”mind” they are referring to the thinking that comes out of the brain. This mind is the part of the human that directs energy and activity. The brain-mind, as we shall call it, is intricately connected with the ego. The ego is the part of you that thinks you are separate from God, that believes in all your stories, and that pretends you are a victim. Your ego is driven by fear rather than love. This does not mean that your brain-mind can only function from fear and can only connect with your ego, but that is its default mode. Your ego does not believe in your divinity or accept the reality of your eternal soul. Your brain-mind will work to validate your ego’s story unless it is retrained. Your brain-mind accepts a story in which you are weak and helpless. If there is a God, it believes you are inferior and at God’s mercy. Sometimes your brain-mind may reject the idea of God, but there is still no room for your divinity. Your “old story” tells how you need to be punished for your wrong doing and wrong thinking, whether that is by God or by the randomness of the universe. Most of the time that your brain-mind is operating, it is creating stories that your heart doesn’t desire. The best thing that most of you can do with your brain-mind in this ego state is to just turn it off, to figure out how to disconnect it. The five-step process has been developed to help you do that.

What many people are unaware of, or else often disregard, is that the human being has two minds. In addition to the brain-mind which does the thinking, there is what we will call the belly-mind. Your belly-mind is located in your lower abdomen. While your brain-mind is more associated with the masculine yang energy, your belly-mind is more linked with the feminine yin energy. It is your belly-mind that connects you with the earth and experiences the physical joys of being in a body. While your brain-mind picks up energy in the form of ideas or pictures, your belly-mind is more of a sense receiver. It picks up input from throughout your body as well as from other bodies. It collects information from your every cell. Your brain-mind is usually not in touch with the cells in your body. Its primary function is to receive clear light from your higher self and so it deals with the intellect and the realm of ideas. Your belly-mind is dealing with what is here and now.

Most people give their power to their brain-minds. Because the brain-mind is usually guided by fear, their lives are run by terror. People are also afraid of their belly-minds. The belly-mind is not guided by rationality; that is the realm of the brain-mind. The belly-mind has a more intuitive energy. It knows without knowing why. It knows without needing to know why. It just knows. Let’s go back to the five-step process. The first step is simply the recognition of what your brain-mind has gotten you into. Your “old story” is your fear driven belief. Your brain-mind wants to get rid of this story, but can’t because it really believes in it. In the second step, you set your thoughts, judgments, and rationalizations aside and simply surrender to the feelings you are carrying in your body. This is where your brain-mind is disengaged and your belly-mind takes over. This is where the real work is done, where Spiritual Alchemy takes place.

Let’s look more deeply at the second step. Your belly-mind pays attention to the feelings that are in your body. It watches them until your brain-mind fully disengages. Then the true nature of the energy can surface. Love is felt instead of fear. Peace descends where there was tension. Sometimes, your brain-mind is so terrified that it cannot disengage. It may be helpful in this case to have a dialogue with the energy being held in your body. This is more easily done if there is a third party, an outside brain-mind, that can ask the questions. Otherwise your brain-mind will often be unable to let go. A good place to begin the conversation is by welcoming the energy you feel in your body. Whether it is experienced as a physical pain or an emotional discomfort, you have created the energy and have invited it into your life. This energy is your friend. You are not a victim. You didn’t create this energy to hurt yourself. This was the best that you could do in the moment to get where you wished to go. The least that you can do is to make your guest welcome. Then it is time to ask the energy what gift it has brought for you. The answer to that question will only be heard by your belly-mind. Your brain-mind will either be unable to hear it or will be distrusting of the message if it can hear, so the process is one of slowly sedating your brain-mind until it feels safe enough to let go and let your belly-mind work with the energy. Your belly-mind has no fear of the body or its feelings. Your belly-mind has no fear, period.

Your belly-mind is very much connected to the feminine energy. It contains no judgment. It is one with whatever is there. It is a mind of unconditional love. As your belly-mind maintains a steady connection with the energy held in your body and your brain-mind slowly recedes into the background, the energy is perceived for what it truly has been all along. It is felt as love.

Your brain-mind is not a vestigial organ. Its job is to choose the story you really want. Your belly-mind does not choose stories. It loves unconditionally and connects fully with the physical world. When you are here in a body you can do anything that you want. How do you decide just what you are going to do? Deciding is the job of your brain-mind. But, if your brain-mind is ruled by fear, it is unable to hear your higher self clearly and chooses less than what you want. These two minds are to work together. If your brain-mind tries to operate alone, it will respond to fear. If your belly-mind were to work alone it would lack direction. Manifestation happens through the marriage of the two minds.

For millennia, the mass consciousness of the earth has believed that the brain-mind was superior and the belly-mind was inferior, if it was given any respect at all. Actually, it is your belly-mind that is to take the lead. This is not to say that your belly-mind is to dominate as your brain-mind has done. They are to be in perfect balance. The job of your belly-mind is to connect with the physical level of existence, in a harmonious loving manner. You are to love every aspect of your body simply because it is, as well as all of physical reality. Your belly-mind’s connection with the unconditional love of divinity allows your brain-mind to release its fear and to choose its stories out of love and passion. Thus, we come to the third and fourth steps. Third, your brain-mind takes full responsibility for what it has created, understanding its divinity and that it could be no other way. This taking of responsibility can only be made from love. Finally, your brain-mind is ready to choose where it wishes to go. It is now able to hear your higher self and to freely follow it.

The irony is that the brain that has the fear is the one that has to choose. Your brain-mind is interested in the truth. It wants the truth and is drawn to it, but is also terrified of it. Who wouldn’t want to live without fear in a world where you could create abundance and whatever else you wanted? Only a great fear could turn you away from such a truth. Your brain-mind needs its “mother” to hold it and whisper in its ear that it is safe in order to have the strength to choose the truth. Without the support of your belly-mind, your brain-mind will at best choose only a small part of its divine inheritance. It can seem easier to deny the possibility than to take a chance and have your hopes dashed. Your brain-mind may open up to spiritual possibilities but claim that others might be capable of achieving them but not you. ”I’m not strong enough. I’m not brave enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not pure enough”. The list goes on and on. You may fear for your sanity or for being persecuted as occurred during the witch trials.

Your brain-mind can be aware of these three things: 1. That you could choose anything.  2. That you have the power to choose.  3. That it’s up to you to make the choice. Your choice may not be made with certainty, but it will give your belly-mind the space to go to work. Otherwise your mind brain believes that the only thing holding itself and the planet together is its control. ”If I let go, everything is lost”. In terror, it will not surrender that control and life is lived in some degree of fear and lack.

My job is to tell you that you are in charge of your life and are fully capable of creating whatever you want. It will take some work, but your belly-mind is ready to support you unconditionally. Take the leap. Work with the five-step process. Experience your divinity.

God Blesses You,


What can I do about my dis-ease or ailment?

How are you feeling?  This is a common question that friends ask upon meeting each other. Your response might be, ”Good”, or you might go into detail with why you aren’t feeling well – perhaps giving out more information than was desired. What you are really doing, whether the answer is fully honest or not, is giving your friend a report on how you are doing spiritually. There is no difference between your spiritual health and your physical health, and this can be expanded to include mental and emotional well-being. They are absolutely connected. I want to look at three categories of dis-ease today. The first group consists of those things you chose to bring in with you. The second includes the dis-eases that are temporary and of short duration. The final collection consists of the disorders that are labeled by the medical community as possibly being terminal.

Some of you in your pre-life planning chose to come into this incarnation with certain vulnerabilities or handicaps, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. It might be a challenge with vision, hearing, speech, or mobility. There may be a congenital health issue, autism, dyslexia, or myriad other conditions. It is important to recognize that those were preplanned conditions. Nobody comes in as a victim to blind luck or accident. Whatever might look like fate is simply the way the angels have carried out the plan that you made. The reason for this planning probably had to do with your soul’s desire for spiritual growth and ascension in this incarnation. Sometimes the soul agreed to the specific handicap as a way to support others in their growth. However, since you are reading this now it is clear, if you have such a condition, that you hoped to use the disability to support the possibility of your ascension in this lifetime.

All challenges change your focus in life. Severe challenges cause you to go more deeply within to understand and to work with the ”realities” that seem to be present. Your disability comes from the loving heart of your soul to support you in realizing the absolute truth of who you are. Some of you chose in your pre-life planning to acquire the disability at a certain point later in your life from something that appears to be outside of you. This could come from an injury, from a dis-ease, or from a gradual loss of a sense or mental ability. There is no difference between the natal and the later-in-life situations. In each case, it is seen as something that is chronic and irreversible. Know that this disability is not random; you are not a victim. There is a meaning to this, and, on a deep level the god in you has chosen this out of love. It is important to go to the place of loving acceptance of the disability. You welcome it and thank it for being there. You bless it. You communicate with it. You ask it what gift it has brought with it and you open to receive that present. Know that your disability is always the bearer of an enormous gift. Know that it is absolutely necessary to receive it in gratitude and to open up the gift before the disability can be released. To try to transform the disability without fully accepting it leaves you in a place of victimhood. The god in you has invited it in, but you are refusing to receive it. Welcome it in and love it.

Acute situations are those that are perceived to be temporary, though they may be recurring. You have a headache or a cold. You stub your toe or break your arm. You know that you will get over it, but your story may believe that it will happen over and over in the future, perhaps even in recognizable patterns. Acute situations are usually created while you are in the body, rather than being preplanned, though recurrent, disabling situations, such as asthma, PMS, or migraines may have been preplanned. Many of you have no chronic situations, but suffer occasionally or more often from different maladies. These are chosen on a subconscious level, and they are reactions to what is going on in your life right now. If you are carrying around fear energy in your body, you will have a physical response. Fear and dis-ease are directly related, and they carry a message just for you. It may be as simple, for example, as that there are some foods that do not support your spiritual growth, and so your body has a negative reaction. Your heart wants you to eat the foods that support your spiritual development. If you ignore the message, your body reacts until you pay attention and alter your diet.

Another reason for dis-ease may be that you are putting too much stress on yourself. Your heart wants to be freer and less busy. It wants to have more fun, so the body reacts and you get headaches, a cold, or the flu. You feel there is so much work for you to do that you can’t rest for a moment. Then you get sick, have to rest, and the world does fine without you. And you survive. Why do you create all this stress? It is your mind saying that you don’t deserve to do what you want to do, what you came here to do. Dis-ease is about not loving yourself. If these are new ideas to you, you can explore a wonderful booklet by Louise L. Hay called Heal Your Body. It suggests underlying causes for the physical problems you are experiencing and offers suggestions for new stories.

For everyone, though, I suggest that you use the five-step process to deal with any dis-ease you may be feeling. In the first step, simply describe the physical problem or the discomfort in your body. The second step is straightforward, too. You know where you are feeling discomfort in your body. Shut your mind off and go deep into the feeling. It can be scary. There can be the feeling that the pain is too great, you are afraid to surrender to it. Your job, however, is to do just that, to fully go into it and look it in the face. When you have transformed this energy, go to the third step and take full responsibility. Acknowledge that it was out of love for yourself and your desire for spiritual growth that you attracted this dis-ease. You move on to the fourth step and choose your new story. Repeat this (the fifth step) whenever the discomfort returns.

The third category is a very interesting one. Life threatening illnesses or accidents can be preplanned, chosen later, or even be a combination of the two. This is where you draw to yourself a situation that the medical profession tells you (or at least believes) could be terminal. The situation is not only chronic but it appears that it might even kill you. Now, your tremendous fear of death is triggered. You may have chronic pain involved. Your whole life is likely turned upside down. Perhaps it is impossible for you to do your work; there may be a great number of medical procedures; you may experience financial strains on top of everything else. Again, you can do the five-step process. In the second step, in addition to paying attention to the discomfort there will also be times to communicate with your dis-ease. There is a question to look at in a potentially terminal situation. Part of you is looking at leaving. Why? Do you wish to stay or to leave? There is no right or wrong answer, but there is your answer. Is it fear about life that causes you to want to leave this body? What old stories do you have? You can have a dialogue with this dis-ease. You can welcome it. You can find out what gift it is bringing to you. You can express your gratitude for your dis-ease. You may have a long list of reasons for why you are ready to pull the plug on this life.

Notice that you created a slow process rather than a sudden event. You are giving yourself time to realize what it is that would make your life worth staying for; you have time for creating a new story. Again, until you choose to take responsibility for your dis-ease, you will suffer under the illusion that you are a victim and that you really want to live. Likely the desire to live is really a fear of death. All death is suicide, but most suicides are unconsciously chosen. When you are dealing with a potentially terminal situation you will use step five over and over. You will use it every time that pain or fear arise. The first time around you will likely deal only with the discomfort in the body. Eventually you will realize that it is time to look at what your pain has to say to you. There may be many issues, and it might take repeated cycles through the process to deal with it all. This may take a bit of time and work, but what more pressing things do you have to do?

If you are consciously on a spiritual path, everything that happens in your life is of spiritual importance. It helps to remember that the bottom line is always love. Love yourself. Love your dis-ease. Love the knowledge that you are the power in your life and that you can always choose to claim that power. Love the fact that you will have as many chances as it may take. Love yourself, no matter what should happen.

God Blesses You,


How does manifestation take place?

You planned this incarnation. You designed your physical type and your gender. You arranged to connect with other souls and to play significant roles in each other’s lives. You came in with the goal of completion. When I say completion, I mean that you plotted things with the intention that you would come into a full conscious awareness of the truth of who you are, the truth of your divinity. This was your greatest hope for this lifetime. You would not be reading this now, were that not your intent. You set things up for yourself as you came into this incarnation so that ascension was a distinct possibility. You still have absolute freedom of choice and you can always decide differently, yet your choices have led you to be reading this now. You have had lifetimes where you didn’t choose the ascension path. In still other lifetimes, you have been conscious of this desire to experience your divinity, but have thought that you couldn’t do it, that you would come back and try again. You may choose such a course again this time and there is no problem with that.

The only thing that is absolutely inevitable is that one day or another, in one body or another, you will have the experience of your divinity. It is the truth of who you are, and you can only hide from that truth for so long. Within many of you is a desire that wants this experience right now, but doesn’t believe that it can happen while in this body. You might try to travel outside of your body. Maybe you don’t want to wake up in the morning. In the physical world, you may have a sense of hopelessness, a sense of futility, of frustration. It could feel like there is nothing but pain and discomfort from being in the physical body – even though it has its moments of pleasure, its moments of bliss. You have felt that way before. That is your story. What I am offering to you – although it is not mine to give, it is yours to take – is the possibility of letting go of that story, forever, and replacing it with the story you wish to have. It is not my job to write your story. You can write the story of what you wish to accomplish while in this physical body.

To help you understand more about why you are able to choose your own story, let’s talk about how manifestation takes place on the physical plane. The vibration that deals with manifestation is that of the number eight. If you look at the shape of the 8, it can explain to you everything about manifestation. It is said about the 8, ”As above, so below” – as it is in the spiritual, so it is in the physical. When you take the 8 and turn it on its side, it is the symbol for infinity. The only limit that exists on the flow of created manifestation is the one you choose to place there, no other. You have been working with the laws of manifestation as long as you have been in bodies. When you work with the laws unconsciously, you create unconsciously. When that happens, you are usually not pleased with the result. It never looks like what you would consciously choose. Therefore, you make the erroneous assumption that you are powerless, that you have no effect or influence over what is happening. If you imagine the creative force that brought everything that is into being, can you visualize a limit to what that energy can create? The truth of you and who you are is that each of you is created in the likeness of the original creative force. You are infinite, immortal, and have no limits as your creator is infinite. You are a piece of the whole. You are a being of unconditional love and unlimited creativity. You are innocent and loved unconditionally by the creator. It is difficult for you to take full responsibility for your life and to assume your full power if you are carrying guilt and judgment.

This is how manifestation (visualize the 8) takes place. You have the spiritual plane at the top of any symbol and the physical plane at the bottom. The spiritual plane you could call your soul, your higher self, or the immortal part of you. The physical plane represents your body and the material earth, that which in truth is not real, is not immortal. You create there in the now for whatever purposes you might have. If the physical should disappear, the spiritual remains. What is in the physical is what you are pulling from the spiritual. You can pull anything out you want. In the middle where the two circles join, or where the flow crosses itself, are the mental and emotional planes of existence. The mental plane decides what you are going to create. As you are telling your story, whatever it may be, that’s what your mental plane has decided to pull out of the spiritual. Whatever limitations you feel imposing themselves on you, that is your story. That is created by the mind.

Some of you have worked with the idea of positive thinking, where you decide to change your mind. How did that work for you? Maybe there were some short-term successes, but it leaves out half of the equation. Thinking is the masculine side of the manifestation process, but by itself it ignores the feminine side. The feminine side is the emotional plane. There are only two emotions. One is called love and the other fear. Love has one name and fear a thousand. Anything that is not unconditional love is fear. When you are thinking positively, but your heart is holding fear, you create from the fear. Your emotion powers your thought into reality. You can only create what you desire into manifestation through love. Fear only brings what you don’t want. It is crucial to get yourself into a place of unconditional love before you can successfully focus on your new story.

Your first step in creating your new story is to find your way or ways to get yourself into a place of unconditional love. Some of you can do this through meditation. However you manage to find that sweet spot, do it before you choose your new story or you will be spinning your wheels. The only thing that is real in the universe is love. Fear and everything else is an illusion. When your mind chooses with a heart filled with love, that is what goes into the spiritual realm and manifests in the physical. It is not your job to make it happen in the physical. You don’t have to figure out how you are going to create this. Your job is to simply give the order to Spirit, saying that this is what you choose to manifest. Then you get out of the way and let it happen. The five-step process, or the process of Spiritual Alchemy, is an excellent way to find that place of unconditional love so that you can choose your new story and bring it into manifestation. It is an easy process, but it requires commitment and persistence. You probably will not change your entire story in one sitting. But, maybe that’s my story and one that you wish to change. Good luck.

God Blesses You,


Are you afraid of the dark?

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, when you have passed the darkest day of the year and have several months of winter weather to look forward to, do you dislike these months? Do you have an aversion to the shorter days, the colder temperatures, the snow or cold rain? Are you already looking forward to spring? I could spend this time speaking of being present, loving what is in front of you, and making the most of each day. Those are all ascension focused points of view, but there is something else I would like to zero in on today. It is a good time to examine your fear and judgment of the dark.

Let’s start with the fear of the dark. Do you experience anxiety being in dark places? Are you fearful walking down a dark street or road by yourself? And what about being in the woods alone at night? What is this fear of darkness all about? Your childhood was filled with horror stories that mostly took place after dark. You don’t worry about monsters under your bed in the middle of the afternoon. To look at what the dark represents, in fact, what it actually is – look at the dualism that makes material existence possible. The first division in the biblical creation story was between the light and the dark. The light was declared as good, so where does that leave the dark? Light represents the masculine, idealistic, mental energy. The dark represents the feminine, realistic, emotional energy. The fear of the dark is the judgment you have for your physical-ness, and for feminine energy. Keep in mind that you all contain both feminine and masculine energy in some balance.

How prevalent is the vilification of the dark in today’s mythology? Think of Star WarsBatman, and The Lord of the Rings. Everyone is always fighting the dark forces, sometimes sparring with their own inner darkness. The yin-yang symbol is not one of combat but of the intertwining and juxtaposition of energies. You did not create your bodies in order to fear them, but rather to learn to love them unconditionally as you use them to realize your ascension. Ascension does not occur by choosing the light over the dark. Such a choice leaves you hanging on the wheel of reincarnation. If you choose to love the light and to hate the dark, earth becomes your personal hell. Then, you can’t wait for the opportunity to leave your body. Leave if you wish. You don’t have to stay in the physical. But, if you choose to stay, why not love your visit? Why not embrace the dark along with the light? You can start this winter. Heal your fear of the dark, of the physical, of the feminine. Give up your judgment of darkness.

The first thing you might try doing is to use the five-step process. This is a powerful and effective way to change your story; and your fear of the dark side is a major part of your story. If you are having any difficulty leading yourself through the five steps, perhaps you can find a trusted friend with whom you can take turns being the guide, so that you can each have a time to simply relax and be led. You can also listen to the recording. This is big. This touches on all relationship issues, especially those involving your sexuality. It is not possible to maintain a deep physical relationship without loving the body. This impacts all health issues and all money/survival concerns. Dis-ease comes out of fear or out of hatred of the physical body. If you dislike the physical, you may have difficulty manifesting your material support. This connects with all mental health issues, especially depression, which becomes a bigger issue for many of you at this time of the year. It is not possible for you to unconditionally love yourself if you fear and judge half of who you are. Spend more time in the dark. Don’t rush to fill all your evenings with lights and electronic distractions. Try a little candlelight, or a fire and meditation, a book, or quiet conversation. Try taking some walks in the dark.

It is time to look straight into the dark. Face your fears. See the dark for what it is: a perfect part of the universal, unconditionally loving creator and creation. Notice that all the ascension stories include the ”dark night”, where the prophet has to confront his deepest fears. There is no path around it. The only way out is straight through the heart of darkness. There is only love waiting there. Everything else is illusion. Darkness is love just as light is love. Have your own private marriage ceremony between them this winter. You deserve love all of the time. May the darkness be with you.

God Blesses You,


How do my relationships fit into my ascension path?

Let’s talk some more about choosing your story. If the story you choose is fully grounded in unconditional love, it will unfold as you have visualized it. If your story is based upon fear, you will not create what you want. Let’s say that you are choosing a life full of loving relationships. Maybe it is time for a reality check. Is fear involved in your relationships? Are you concerned that the special people in your life – your partner, your children, your parents, your close friends, or your teachers – might abandon you and leave you alone, either by dying or by making other life choices? Do you want to hold on to them? Do you want the relationships to remain just as they are now? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are being controlled by fear rather than coming from love. We all know where that scenario heads. It’s not a pretty picture. To believe that you can’t live without someone is to believe something that is not true. Your divinity does not need anything to be complete; when you hold on to this fear and yet are asking for ascension, something has to give. Your story cannot contain fear without you losing power over it. There’s a good chance that one of your relationships will change form on you through abandonment, death, or other interventions. If your story is based on fear, you will not create peace of mind or ascension. You will not create what you want.

“Wait a minute Sanhia! Are you saying that I have to let go of my relationships with the people I love in order to ascend?” No, I am not saying that. I am saying that you must give up your attachment to those relationships if you desire to know true happiness and wish to ascend. If your story includes those loving relationships, keep them in your life. All you need to let go of is the neediness and the dependency. Your happiness is not dependent on anybody else’s choices, beliefs, or actions. Your story is not reliant on any other individual’s story. Your relationships are immortal. Give up your attachment to souls staying with you in their bodies. Release them fully. You will enjoy the time with them if they choose to stay with you, or you will enjoy an eternal relationship with them in another form if they choose to leave. If you want your relationships to remain just as they are now, that is based on the fear that you are only your body. When you love another unconditionally, you free them to follow their heart and their path. Release them fully.

“Wait another minute Sanhia! Does this mean I can’t have any long-lasting relationships if I want to ascend?” No, you can have the relationships; you just don’t get to decide who they will be with. For your story to work for you it cannot compel anybody else into a certain action or activity. But, it can compel a certain energy to fill that space without naming it. For example: if in your story, you always want to have a partner to share your experiences with, a partner that you feel absolutely aligned with, that doesn’t bind any specific soul to you. You are giving absolute freedom to the one who is able to fill that space. If one chooses to leave, there will always be another who will choose to replace that energy. Your story will always create a perfect partner, not out of neediness and fear, but out of the joy of sharing your love. There will be no neediness compelling those presently in your life to remain in place. There is no pressure for them to stay loyal to you. Only your shared love causes you to choose to be together. If one of you should choose to move on for any reason, Spirit will effortlessly create a continuance of that energy in your life through another vehicle.

No matter what happens, you have the story you desire. As you let go of your attachments to specific relationships, you will begin to experience the immortality of those connections. Your relationships will not become old, or stuck in undesirable patterns, because everyone will be able to change and evolve without having to leave the relationship. When relationships are based on freedom and unconditional love, they are approaching the absolute truth of your mutual divinities. Love fully and completely. Love without measure or expectation. Above all, love yourself. Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.

God Blesses You,


Why do negative things keep happening to me?

Are there situations that you are not pleased with? Do you feel victimized by others or by life? Do negative patterns in relationships persist in following you? Do you live with constant stress, worries, or fear? Are you looking for a magic pill to make all of this go away? I have just the thing for you. Change your story. Things are the way they are because that is the way you believe things are. That is the story you have been telling yourself all of your life, maybe for many lifetimes. You are the creator of your reality. Nobody else has any control over your experiences but you. If you don’t like what is going on, change your story.

Changing your story is straightforward, but it takes some persistence. To begin with, take absolute responsibility for how things are. Maybe the way you believe things are comes from family or societal influences. Perhaps your parents told you that life is a struggle. Maybe they told you never to trust anybody. It could be that their example taught you that marriage means fighting, lack of communication, and power struggles. Possibly the society you grew up in told you that life is about competition or that you need to deny your desires in order to be financially responsible. You might believe that you are genetically disposed toward certain dis-eases or conditions. Let’s just stop there and go back to square one. You are a divine child of God. You are created in the image and likeness of your creator; therefore, the truth of who you are is a being of unconditional love and unlimited creative energy. There are no more limits on you than there are on the Creator of all that is. The physical world, as you experience it, is entirely your creation. Entirely. It is your story. If you don’t like the story, change it.

Once you have taken responsibility for your experience of the world, you are ready to change your story. Remember that all manifestation happens by focusing on the desired reality with your thoughts and powering them into manifestation with the fuel of unconditional love. If you are feeling fear, doubt, or any other emotion besides love, it is not time to focus on your desired reality. You will not succeed in manifesting your passion if you are not in touch with the love that is the truth of who you are. Use whatever techniques you have learned to get back to that sweet spot of unconditional love, that place where you love yourself without judgment. For some of you that might be through meditation, walking in nature, doing the five-step process, visiting with a trusted friend, or simply getting a good night’s sleep. If you don’t have such a resource, finding one becomes your primary goal. Spirit responds to your instructions. If you don’t treat yourself lovingly, how can It? When you find yourself in that sweet spot, take a look at what isn’t working in your life. What story have you been telling yourself to create such an outcome? What results would you rather experience? What is your new story?

The last part is the one that takes persistence. Become aware of each time you start to let the “old story” into your mind. Stop those thoughts cold in their tracks. Forgive yourself for letting them in. Go back to your new story. Slowly, the “old story” will stop appearing in your thoughts. Gradually you will notice the new story manifesting in your reality. Over time you will likely realize that you want to modify the new story as well. You are operating under a myriad of stories right now. It is not possible to change them all at once. Start with the squeakiest wheel. One or two or even three stories are all that you want to deal with now. The most important thing is for you to begin to realize on a cellular level that you are not a victim and have never been one. That is a tremendously freeing awareness. That is a major step toward realizing your ascension. Imagine a world where everybody is living the story of their choice. That’s my world. That’s my story and I’m not changing it.

God Blesses You,


What am I to do with death?

We know that there is only love or fear to choose as a reaction in each moment. It is understood that love is true and that fear is an illusion. Knowing these things, what are we to do with death? If we choose to fear death, we would be choosing a reaction to what we know is an illusion and we are left living every day in fear or in the denial of our fear, for death could strike at any moment. It might be our death or it might be the death of one we hold close. Our fear tells us that death is final, that we don’t know what lies beyond it, and that the separation brought about by death is total and irreversible. What a relief it would be if we could be certain that death is an illusion.

Let us go back to square one. You and everyone that you know are immortal, innocent, unconditionally loved and loving children of God. You have always been and always will be. Death, as you fear it, is an illusion. It does not exist. You are not your physical body. Your physical body is merely something that your divine self is doing right now. Death is just a change in form. Someday you may choose to leave this body. Yes, I used the word choose. There are no accidents in the universe. Every death is a suicide. This choice may be conscious or unconscious; that is up to you. If you commit to taking full responsibility for what is happening in your life and choose to face your fears when they arise, there will be no surprises. But remember, there is no judgment about suicide. There is no punishment. You are just as much you, with or without your body. And so is everybody else. You do not really go anywhere. Some of you know this because you have developed your ability to communicate with those souls who have chosen to make that transition.

”But, Sanhia,” you may be asking, ”even though I know all that is true, I still miss my loved one so much.” Feel that sorrow. Feel that sorrow without assigning any meaning or judgment to it. Separate your mind from it and simply feel the energy. Where in your body is it being held? Simply experience that energy. Let it grow as large as it wishes to and move in any way it wants. Stay with it until the feelings begin to calm. Then, slowly move the sensation to your heart. Finally, open the door to your heart and let the energy release as a beam of light off into space. Now we are ready to talk. You are not the victim of another’s death. You chose it, just as they chose it. This death is a gift to you. Receive it. You came here to realize your ascension. You came here to experience the truth of yourself, to awaken to the total love that you are. Could unconditional love and total creative power ever lack anything? Can God feel abandoned? Of course not. You are Gods. This feeling of loss is an illusion, one that you wish to release. The death of another that you have chosen to experience is there to help you release the illusion and to choose the truth of your love and power. This is a co-creation of you and your loved one. They chose to move on. You chose to use their transition to help you find the truth of yourself, to find love.

A Course in Miracles states that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. In other words, it is no more difficult for you to understand the true nature of death than it is to give up your fear of not having enough money or of being late for your appointment this afternoon. Give everything to God. Let go of everything that is not love. You know that the alternative is to live in pain and fear. There is nothing to fear. There is nothing that can be lost. We love you. You are surrounded by loving support. Ask and it is yours. The fear of death is the fear of life. Let your fear die a quick and joyful death.

God Blesses You,


How can I change the world?

For many people, the spiritual drive began with a desire to change the world. You looked out at the many problems afflicting the planet, maybe racism or sexism, homophobia or pollution, global warming or poisoned food and water, inequality of income and opportunity, or political corruption, and you said, ” I have to do something!” Some of you spent years fighting battles against seemingly unstoppable forces. Some of you gave up; some went into cynicism and depression; some are still fighting the ”good fight”. This message is for all of you. It is time to stop fighting; it is time to let go of the cynicism and depression. It is time to claim your full power.

The attempt to change the world comes from a place of love, but it is driven by fear. Like everything that is powered by fear, it is destined to fail because it is built upon a false foundation. When you remember that the world is your creation, that it is a reflection of your own consciousness, what is it that really has to change? Two thousand years ago, Jesus changed the entire world. He changed things not by attacking the Roman Empire or the Jewish religious and political power base, but by becoming his true self, by recognizing himself as a child of God, by seeing the divinity in every other soul, and by sharing this message with those who chose to receive it. There was no force. The only battles were internal ones. Those battles were won by letting go, by realizing that all is one, that all is divine, that all is love.

If you insist on seeing good guys and bad guys out there in the world, you will always experience a world of good guys and bad guys. If you fear that the rich will always control things, your experience will prove you right. If you love everyone unconditionally and see them each as innocent children of God, created in the image of their Maker, you will see joy and peace on earth. You will experience the bliss of ascension. You will provide the greatest gift to your fellow travelers that you could possibly have to offer.

Where do you begin? You begin by loving yourself unconditionally, by loving yourself no matter what you have done, felt, or said. You take responsibility for the faults you find in the world and recognize them as judgments you are holding against yourself. Then, let them go. Love yourself to heal yourself. Heal yourself and you will heal the planet. Transform your fears. Trust in the perfection of everything, of every action, of everyone. This is the only way that the planet moves forward; progress in the human spirit happens because of the internal work of one individual. The progress is magnified geometrically as two or more souls heal themselves. To heal is to become whole. The truth is that you already are whole, so healing is just a matter of realization – of seeing the truth about yourself.

I am not asking you to bury your head in the sand and to ignore what is going on in the world (though you might want to skip the evening news). Notice, but don’t judge, realizing that you are looking at a mirror. The more you notice, the more you have to work with in your internal healing process. Where you see the illusions of pain and suffering and victimhood, remind yourself that what is really there is divinity. Love, love, love. All you need is love. The Beatles were right. You are loved beyond measure. You will realize that. You will love yourself beyond measure. You deserve to experience that now.

God Blesses You,


Is it possible to ascend and be in a relationship?

Relationships are central to the healing process. Notice that when you created planet earth as the set for your personal movie, you filled it with many characters. You did not choose to heal alone. Each other person acts as a mirror to you, reflecting back clearly who you are – or at least who you feel yourself to be. When you love something about another, you love that same quality in yourself. When you are judging another, it is over something that you judge yourself for. Ascension is that place where you unconditionally love yourself and others, having no judgment, seeing only divinity. It is easy to hide your feelings from yourself, but difficult to mask your reactions to others. When you recognize this truth, you welcome all experiences with all people, knowing that being triggered by the words or actions of another is a gift that can help lead you to the truth. If you are willing to fully accept the experience and the feelings, take full responsibility for them, and choose to move through the fear – you will find love and peace.

The committed love relationship can be central to this process. This is where you choose to be with another from whom you can see a great amount of love reflected. You may choose to live with each other or simply to be in regular close contact. Sexuality is usually a part of this relationship. What makes the committed love relationship most powerful is when both partners have made a clear intention to themselves, to Spirit, and to each other to use the relationship for ascension. We will call this an ascension relationship. Such a relationship provides a ”home” energy that is safe and nurturing to help empower you to see with unconditional love your more challenging mirrors in the other parts of your life.

In an ascension relationship you take full responsibility for everything that happens. You do not hold your partner responsible for anything that takes place. You do not take personally what your partner says or does. When you feel yourself challenged by judgments, blame, fear, or guilt you talk about these things with your partner in a spirit of love, asking for support (or giving support if your partner should be the one coming to you). An ascension relationship is not chosen to fulfill a need or a lack, but to accelerate the process for two people who have already chosen love over fear, who have already committed to realizing their divine nature. It is a relationship that sprouts from the desire to love the other unconditionally and to be of service to the partner. Of course, the love is returned over and over, but to seek another in order to feel loved will not result in an ascension relationship because your partner will have to respond in certain ways in order for you to feel fulfilled.  This is conditional love, and you can be sure that it will not lead to ascension.

If your partner is not in conscious agreement, you can still use the relationship for your ascension, but it is a slower and more difficult process. You love unconditionally and have no expectations of your partner. They probably won’t be there to support you when your stuff comes up, so you take responsibility for doing that yourself. It can be easier to be alone, than to try to heal through such a relationship. You may also find that healing through an ascension relationship has become too hard. You may simply have evolved in different ways. It is always alright to leave any relationship. Trust your heart. Your commitment is to yourself first, to your passion, and to Spirit. The commitment to your partner comes next.

Remember your most important relationship is with yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. You deserve everything. You deserve love. You deserve your perfect partner. You deserve ascension. It is your birthright to be free from fear and limitations. I love you.

God Blesses You,