Is there any place for fun on the ascension path?

The last several messages have been somewhat intense, so I thought we would have a little more fun this time. In this message now we will talk about fun, joy, and play. Perhaps you are taking things too seriously. If what you are experiencing is an illusion, why not have more fun with it? I have an assignment for you. Each time you find yourself being weighed down by the seriousness of your now moment, think up a joke about your situation. Make it so funny that you can’t wait to find an audience to share it with.

You are aware that your divine nature is the truth of you. You understand that you don’t have a lot of control over how long it will take until you fully realize your divinity and leave this physical illusion. In the meantime, since you have nothing really important to do – except, of course, whatever Spirit has in mind for you – you might as well have fun. If there is to be a choice between joy and misery, between fun and boredom… this a hard decision to make?

It is not so easy to have fun when you are feeling like a victim, so those thoughts and feelings will have to be jettisoned. It is also quite a challenge to enjoy yourself when you feel weighed down by lots of responsibilities. It is time to let go of them as well. Perhaps you feel that you have to earn your fun time, so you will work now and play later. Try turning that one around. If you are truly doing God’s work you will be feeling ecstatic. The teaching from the mass consciousness is that this world is a very serious place and that you have to apply yourself, work hard, and make the right choices or life will just run you over. Such a responsibility you have! When you look at that it is overwhelming. Sometimes it just makes you want to lie down and die. That couldn’t be any worse than living with that much pressure. But, unfortunately, it is not okay to die. That is not one of the choices. You have to let God kill you. Am I the only one seeing the humor in all of this? Instead, be counter-intuitive. Decide that nothing here matters, that there is nothing important to do. None of it means anything. You might as well dance and sing and play and do whatever is fun. This leads to the hilarious irony of the human condition. When you want to leave because you can’t take it any longer, you can’t. You are stuck. Even if you break the biggest taboo and off yourself, you will eventually come back and pick up where you left off. But, when you are having so much fun that you couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else, that’s when you might leave.

The world has it pictured that if you want to go to heaven, ascend, or get off the wheel you will have to work really hard. To achieve such a goal you have to pray, be good, and deny yourself. There is so much that is required every day, every moment. It’s impossibly hard. Then you die and you come back and do it all again. The counter-intuitive thing is not to try to do any of those things. You don’t try to be good. You don’t try to be right. You don’t try to do any of the things that the ego says you should do. Instead you ask yourself what would be fun today. What is your play in this moment? Even if there are dishes piled up in the sink, have fun. Maybe you put on earphones and listen to music while you are cleaning. Maybe you play with bubbles. Allow it to be fun. Tell yourself that if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing. Joy becomes your value. This becomes your training. When that voice comes in and says “Yes, but you should….” you jump up and say, “I know who you are! I don’t listen to you anymore.” You can recognize the voice when you hear the devil. The devil’s middle name is Should.

The funny thing is that this is true about everything. Whatever you think it is that you want – let it go. Just have fun. You think you want a relationship. Let it go. Look around at your friend’s relationship. Does that look like fun? Let it go. Have fun. Maybe one day part of your fun includes playing with someone else, someone who wants to have as much fun as you do. But, what is important is having fun, not having the relationship. If you have to give up fun to have a relationship, well that’s no fun at all. Replace the word relationship with anything else…money, dependable car, children who listen – it doesn’t matter what it is. If you really think you want whatever it is, then give it to Spirit. Spirit runs a highly efficient lost and found department. Everything gets to where it is needed. If it will truly increase your joy, it will come to you. If it is something that will end up taking away your joy, that will be a struggle – do you really want that? It’s a strange thing. You say to God or Spirit that you want something. You ask for it because you think it will make you happy. Cut out the middle man. Don’t ask for what you think will make you happy. Just ask for happiness. Ask to be eternally joyous. If you knew how to do that, you would have done it long ago. But admit that you don’t know anything, especially about how to be happy. So who are you to be demanding certain things, thinking they will bring you happiness. Be a happy idiot. Turn it all over to Spirit.

This includes ascension. Look at the fuel you have given to the ego when you ask for that. “You think that you can ascend? You think you are good enough for that. Oh, you’ve got a lot of work to do.” and you are off to the races. What you want is total ecstasy. When you experience that in a body, there is an opening to realize ascension. Ascension is not getting out of jail; it is the knowing that there is no jail. When in doubt, laugh. When unable to laugh, cry. Then let it all go. You probably didn’t hear it here first, but “don’t worry, be happy”. Remember always….

God Blesses You


When am I finally going to experience my ascension?

The basic topic of all my messages is ascension, the realizing of your divinity. For some of you, this is a rather new concept or one that you haven’t explored deeply. If that is the case for you, I suggest that you go back and read some of the earlier messages that deal with this subject, either on the website or in the book God Blesses You: Ascension Message from Sanhia.  Some of you who have been working with ascension for some time have the questions “When am I finally going to realize my divinity? How long is this going to take?” For those of you who read the message last month, the short answer to those questions is to give them to Spirit, as you give everything to Spirit. You give it to Spirit in the spirit of ignorance. You don’t know anything about the timing or importance of the realization of your ascension. If you are looking at it from the ego standpoint, your ascension is about you. “When do I get mine? I don’t give a crap about anybody else! When am I going to get out of this hellhole, get rid all of this shit in my life, stop being born again to parents who – well you know how parents are – and bring an end to teachers, police, governments, war, and rape? When do I get out of all of this?” Even though you might deny that you look on your ascension in quite that light, if you are honest with yourself you really do. You might not word things in quite that way, because you want to convince God that you are such a saint, but there is ego selfishness and separation involved in any desire to experience your divinity now. When you feel that urgency, you can never experience your divine perfection, because you are not coming from the truth of you.

We started with the short answer, now it is time for the medium depth and length response. You absolutely need to give the timing to Spirit and give up all attachment to when you will realize your divinity. This is not your decision. That belongs to Spirit. If it were up to you, the choice would really belong to the ego. But, the ego can never choose oneness. Its existence is based on separation. Ascension is about realizing oneness. To demand something from Spirit is an act of separation. This keeps you stuck where you are. You can’t possibly realize your ascension until you don’t care whether you experience it or not. You are absolutely unattached. Some of you have said to me that you really want to heal some problem. Perhaps it is with a health issue or finances or relationships. When these desires are expressed, I look you in the eye (as much as I am capable of doing that) and say, “What do you want more; to realize your ascension or to heal that issue?” If you choose the worldly desire, I encourage you to ask Spirit for support, but remind you that you will continue to live in hell, no matter what Spirit does. Until your desire for ascension is the number one thing in your life, it will not occur. You will continue to cycle through incarnations until your priorities shift. There is no judgment of you involved. You are welcome to take as long as you wish. On the other hand, if you are one who has chosen ascension, and you have surrendered everything else to Spirit, it is time to surrender your desire for ascension also. The realization of your divinity will happen at the perfect moment. Your only job is to be present, to listen to and follow Spirit.

Now let’s move on to the more fully developed answer to this ascension timing question. Spirit has a master plan for you and for every other human. You can choose to play your role in that master plan or you can listen to ego. To fully play your role you give everything to Spirit. You are then told what to do and you do it. Your ego fear is that relinquishing direction to Spirit will leave you forced to go against your own will. Actually, your will and Spirit’s are one, but you are only partially aware of what yours truly is. There may be significant things for you to do in a body in order to support others in bodies in following their part of the divine plan. If you were to realize your ascension today, to leave behind this physicalness, you would be unable to carry out this part of the plan. You couldn’t fully play your role. You could work as I do, but that is not what Spirit has set up for you right now or you would be doing it. Your task is to listen to Spirit to find out what your present purpose is and then do it. In previous messages we have called this Right Livelihood. It is doing what you came here to do, absolutely and with full integrity. The only way that you can do this is to acknowledge that you have no idea what you are here to do. Whatever you think it is, that is at best only a piece of it. Let Spirit guide you. Spirit will present you with what you are here to do and what to say. You have a gift to offer to the other divine beings around you. It is the same gift that Spirit is offering you. First you receive it from Spirit; then you give it others. In fact you don’t fully receive it until you do share it with others. The giving and the receiving are one, as are you and the others, along with Spirit and God. Spirit will let you know when It is through with you, and you have completed your function on earth. It is on Spirit’s time, not yours. You don’t have a say in this. Your say would be from the ego.

Many of you believe that your ascension is something that you earn, perhaps through good works. Your ascension is not earned. It is extended to you through the grace of God. When you fully receive the grace of God, which comes when you let go of everything else; you realize your divinity. The grace of God is with you now, and has always been with you. But you are not receiving it. It is this process of surrendering to Spirit that allows you to open to the grace of God. It comes to you through the messages and guidance of Spirit. As you share with others what Spirit has given, you begin to realize this grace, not as a learning, but as a knowing. How much sharing will it take until you know? Give that to Spirit. It is none of your business. That is the question of the ego, which only wants to know the answer so it can throw a monkey wrench into the gears to slow down the process. The true appearance of God is the disappearance of the ego. It is not for you to know. It is not for you even to wonder. Your ascension is part of a divine plan. It will come at the perfect time for the ascension of all. Nobody’s ascension is complete until everybody’s ascension is realized. It is not just about you. We are all one. If you are still in a body, that is Spirit’s purpose. If you are concerned about the status of your body – your health or your aging process – give that to Spirit. You can’t choose to leave your body in order to experience your divinity, because there is nothing real for you to leave. The body is an illusion. You can’t leave something that is not there. When your desire can only be fulfilled by ascension, you have given the body an importance that it doesn’t have. You have created an impossible situation. If you are ascended you would have no desire to be ascended, because that is all that you are and have always been. The desire proves that you are in illusion.

The only way to make the jump is to let go of every part of the illusion and give it to Spirit. Receive back whatever Spirit sends you. When the next confusion is felt, give it to Spirit. And on and on until there is nothing remaining to let go of and Spirit is fully directing your life. When the time comes where the Oneness benefits by you no longer being in a body, you will realize your ascension. In the meantime, just let go and enjoy the ride.

God Blesses You,


How do my relationships fit into my ascension path?

Let’s talk some more about choosing your story. If the story you choose is fully grounded in unconditional love, it will unfold as you have visualized it. If your story is based upon fear, you will not create what you want. Let’s say that you are choosing a life full of loving relationships. Maybe it is time for a reality check. Is fear involved in your relationships? Are you concerned that the special people in your life – your partner, your children, your parents, your close friends, or your teachers – might abandon you and leave you alone, either by dying or by making other life choices? Do you want to hold on to them? Do you want the relationships to remain just as they are now? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are being controlled by fear rather than coming from love. We all know where that scenario heads. It’s not a pretty picture. To believe that you can’t live without someone is to believe something that is not true. Your divinity does not need anything to be complete; when you hold on to this fear and yet are asking for ascension, something has to give. Your story cannot contain fear without you losing power over it. There’s a good chance that one of your relationships will change form on you through abandonment, death, or other interventions. If your story is based on fear, you will not create peace of mind or ascension. You will not create what you want.

“Wait a minute Sanhia! Are you saying that I have to let go of my relationships with the people I love in order to ascend?” No, I am not saying that. I am saying that you must give up your attachment to those relationships if you desire to know true happiness and wish to ascend. If your story includes those loving relationships, keep them in your life. All you need to let go of is the neediness and the dependency. Your happiness is not dependent on anybody else’s choices, beliefs, or actions. Your story is not reliant on any other individual’s story. Your relationships are immortal. Give up your attachment to souls staying with you in their bodies. Release them fully. You will enjoy the time with them if they choose to stay with you, or you will enjoy an eternal relationship with them in another form if they choose to leave. If you want your relationships to remain just as they are now, that is based on the fear that you are only your body. When you love another unconditionally, you free them to follow their heart and their path. Release them fully.

“Wait another minute Sanhia! Does this mean I can’t have any long-lasting relationships if I want to ascend?” No, you can have the relationships; you just don’t get to decide who they will be with. For your story to work for you it cannot compel anybody else into a certain action or activity. But, it can compel a certain energy to fill that space without naming it. For example: if in your story, you always want to have a partner to share your experiences with, a partner that you feel absolutely aligned with, that doesn’t bind any specific soul to you. You are giving absolute freedom to the one who is able to fill that space. If one chooses to leave, there will always be another who will choose to replace that energy. Your story will always create a perfect partner, not out of neediness and fear, but out of the joy of sharing your love. There will be no neediness compelling those presently in your life to remain in place. There is no pressure for them to stay loyal to you. Only your shared love causes you to choose to be together. If one of you should choose to move on for any reason, Spirit will effortlessly create a continuance of that energy in your life through another vehicle.

No matter what happens, you have the story you desire. As you let go of your attachments to specific relationships, you will begin to experience the immortality of those connections. Your relationships will not become old, or stuck in undesirable patterns, because everyone will be able to change and evolve without having to leave the relationship. When relationships are based on freedom and unconditional love, they are approaching the absolute truth of your mutual divinities. Love fully and completely. Love without measure or expectation. Above all, love yourself. Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.

God Blesses You,


Have you chosen ascension?

If you are not serious about ascension (some call it enlightenment), that’s okay. I would be the last one to try to talk you into it. If that is the case, I sincerely wish that you enjoy your life and suggest you not read any farther now.

Oh, you’re still here! Okay. Some of you have consciously chosen ascension. For others of you, it seems to have been thrust upon you. That is, your life didn’t work out the way you thought it would, or you have had a series of minor to major disasters befall you, or maybe it was just one great shock to the system. Whatever brought you here…welcome. I’m not going to guarantee that your trip will be easy or smooth, but there is an end – or at least the illusion of an end. I want to offer you three simple tips to ease and speed your process.

  1. Give up your addictions. I’m not just talking about substances, I’m talking about any things, people, ideas, activities, beliefs that you think you can’t live without – that are part of your identity of who you think you are.  Let go of the attachments. You don’t have to physically leave everything behind (although you might), but you want to be ready and willing for them to leave. If you are serious about ascension, many of them may disappear. “What!” you say. “This doesn’t sound simple.” Believe me it is much easier to be proactive in releasing your attachments than to have them ripped out of your clenched or grasping hands.
  2. Remember that this is all an illusion. It is a movie. None of it is real. You are doing it to you. Your main order of business is to find out who you are. Everything that is part of your addictions is not you. What is left when the addictions and the drama are gone? Notice that there is no place that you have to get to. You are already there. Just open your eyes to reality.
  3. Face your demons.  Don’t run away from them. Don’t look the other way. Don’t stay busy with all your addictions as a means of avoidance. Most “spiritual” activities are addictions. All drama is. Immerse yourself in your fears until they don’t scare you anymore.

For those of you who kept on reading after my warning, I love you guys, especially those who weren’t being honest with yourself about being serious about ascension. For those who stopped reading, I love you, too, and respect your decision.

The more that you realize that this is one big karmic joke, the more fun you will have with the rest of this life. I’m having a ball.

God Blesses You,


What about the planetary ascension of 2012?

We were waiting for 2012 and the advent of planetary ascension for a long time, but now it has come and gone. Some of you had been consciously participating in this momentous transition since the Harmonic Convergence. A few of you were with me on August 15, 1987 in the hill country of Texas for that event, welcoming in this transition time. Others of you have joined the party somewhere between then and now. As Jesus expressed in his parable about the vineyard workers, it makes no difference when you joined in, the same reward is offered to each. The reward is ascension. The only price that is asked is that you give up all the illusions of who you are, and become willing to accept only the truth. This requires, sooner or later, that you surrender every other illusion about where your identity and your security lie. Money, career, relationships, good works, spiritual techniques – none of these will lead you to ascension. All of them can impede your progress. Even that is misleading because there is nowhere to go. The truth of you is right here, right now.

Now is the time to realize it. This is the period you all incarnated for. You were all waiting in line to be here. Keep breathing, deep abdominal breathing. Look at each aspect of your existence. Ask if it represents the truth of who you are. If it doesn’t, let go of your attachment to it. Settle for nothing less than the truth. This is the transition point, the one prophesied by the ancients. It is the time of the “hundredth monkey”. The planetary consciousness is here to help you along. Let go of the “news”. The mass media is not designed to be your guide. Shut off the television. Put down the newspaper. Don’t surround yourself with the nabobs of negativity. Get rid of the background noise of commercialism. Ascension is not for sale. If your friends are bringing you down, spend your time alone. If you are confronted by your fears, welcome them in. Open up to them. Surrender to them. Listen to them. This is the time. I am here with each one of you. It is now.

God Blesses You,


Why do I have so much drama in my life?

It is time to talk about drama. I will define drama as the belief that the events happening around you are real. In fact, these events are no different from those in a movie. Taking your physical life seriously is like taking a film seriously. No actors were really killed or had their hearts broken in the last movie you saw. They were just playing roles, and will go on to their next one. It’s kind of like your incarnations. All the manifestations of fear that you have connected to the drama in your life will be left behind with your body. Why not leave it behind you right now? Are you ready to say goodbye to drama in your life?  Drama and ascension are incompatible. If you have made your intention to ascend and it seems to be taking too long, maybe it’s time to speed up the process by making the intention to eliminate drama from your life.

Drama indicates a belief that you are your body, that you are limited rather than infinite, that you are mortal rather than…well you catch my drift. It doesn’t matter whether it is your drama or someone else’s drama that you believe in. It’s all one big story and it isn’t true.

Your drama may be about victimhood, not being appreciated, attachment to something you can’t seem to acquire, or attachment to something you are afraid of losing. It may be about love, sex, money, career, or health insurance. Get over it. The only true security you will ever find is in the truth, and the truth is that none of this is who you really are. You are so much more than that.

All of this drama is nothing but a dream. There is no better time to wake up. It’s not about eating right, meditating right, following the correct spiritual practice, or having transcendental experiences. It is about being you, being the real you. It is about discarding everything that isn’t really you until only you are left. It is about waking up. It is about time. Are you ready?

God Blesses You,


What does attachment mean?

For those of you not familiar with Buddhism, the Buddha left us the Four Noble Truths.

  1. Everyone suffers.
  2. Suffering comes from attachment.
  3. There can be an end to suffering.
  4. This end comes from following the Eightfold Path.

I am not going to go into the Eightfold Path today, but it is similar to things I have been sharing with you for years. Let us talk about attachment. It means having your emotional happiness, your peace of mind, dependent on things being the way that you want them to be, now. It might be attachment to the weather being a certain way or to a friend doing as you wish or to having more money or to getting the job you want. Whatever it is that is not the way you want it to be will bring you suffering unless you give up attachment. I wish for you to be free of suffering.

Giving up attachment does not mean giving up desire.  It does not mean giving up passion. It works like this. You feel a passion for something. This is guidance from your higher self, your God self. You ask Spirit for support. Then you let it go. Your job is over, except for one small thing. You are to trust that the perfect thing is returning to you. It may not look exactly like what you thought it would. If you knew exactly what would bring about your ascension you would have requested it long ago. All you can do is ask for that part that is revealed to you, and let it go. Whatever is in your life today is the perfect response to your past requests. Give up struggling and accept. Trust the perfection of the moment.

Think about what you are doing when you are attached to things being different than they are.  You are affirming your powerlessness and your victimhood. You are expressing your lack of trust in the Divine. This is not only how you are experiencing your present, but it is what you are projecting for your future.

Why struggle? Why make it hard? Just let go. It is so easy. Just let go. Just trust. Just surrender. Just relax. It is all perfect. There is a present here for you now, today. You can’t open it; you can’t receive it until you let go of what you thought would be there in its place. Open it now.

God Blesses You,